Life Purpose



Life Purpose deals with questions of relationships, career, personal origins, and future well-being. Occasionally, health or more general questions may be addressed within the context of a conversation and thus presented here rather than on the Health or Miscellaneous pages.

Please note that all health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional. These are presented for research only, not as solutions for individual or general maladies.


Fulfillment and service

Well-being by allowing the Truth of Life

Life focus, gender duality & unity

Clarity in vision for the future

Trust in your integrity

Appreciate the gift of giving and receiving service

Life fulfillment through past life lessons

Seek in consciousness for service to life

Frustration with physical life

Connection to Hathors and Sirius

Live in the Now

Past lives and future path

Life of service has no limits (NEW)

Transformation & Prosperity  (NEW)


Destiny, spirit guide,& relationships

Non-human past life effect upon current life

Life purpose is larger than one sojourn

Growing in understanding True Nature

Family, relationships, contact from prior life

Service through awakening to who you are 

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