Appreciate the gift of giving and receiving service

Q:        I despair of finding personal happiness. I have always worked to support other people and always seem to have responsibility for others. I now have the material wealth that my work has brought and am proud to have attained that by applying Christian principles. I enjoy reasonable health, too, so feel guilty that sometimes I want something more. Sometimes I have felt that all the people making demands on me are like vultures feeding off me. At other times, I am pleased to do all I can.

Perhaps I am not destined to have someone on this Earth take care of me for a change. If that is the case, please tell me how to be content. What am I destined to do? I ask that because I feel sure there must be another purpose to my life. I meditate and am quite spiritually attuned but feel a void. Perhaps I am just being selfish. Please help.

JANU: The loneliness, dear one, is brought with you from another time. The pattern of which finds its root in a time when you were once catered for, looked after, but did not appreciate it and saw it as an opportunity of power over others who attempted to meet your needs. It is one of these “turning of the tide”, so to speak, of life lesson learning. You have chosen this, dear one, to ingrain in you the appreciation of the service of others, the goodwill of others, the patience and the love. Your caring for others in this lifetime you have chosen in such a way as to leave you with emptiness, not appreciating the gift they have given you by the opportunity.

What we see here is a pattern of perception that is not uncommon, dear one, whereby changing your point of view reveals everything in a different light, moving from frustration and bitterness to the inner joy of serving life whether rewarded by that served or not. The reward is within, dear one, and this is known to you in an inner way.

This lifetime we refer to was in Constantinople about the time of King Edward V. The guilt you speak of, for wanting more of life, comes from having more of life without satisfaction at the expense of others. The path of resolution for this pattern, dear one, is the understanding and forgiving of the self for that earlier pattern and find the joy that others knew in serving you without appreciation and acknowledgement, when you serve others in this life without their appreciation. For, you see, the act of serving life is its reward, for it connects you spiritually, as you have inferred, with the oldest tradition of life itself, and that is of giving to the ongoingness of life, requiring nothing in return. This simple foundation, lived in your heart and in your deed, will free you and gain you everything your heart desires for expansion of meaning in life and diverse involvement. Your associations with those in this life and in spirit will expand in your knowingness and you will be grateful that it is so.

The purpose in life, dear one, is of your choosing. And by you we mean the larger you. The greatest happiness and harmony in your life is a flowing, balanced, harmonious relationship with the fullness of your true being. Gain this perspective in your meditations and set a purpose for them that they reveal this to you, for you choose with all your heart and all your spirit to be one with your true being, your true nature, your true identity. Through this will come the understanding of your intent in life, born of your true nature and every day of your life will be richer still. For you will connect with life, and the lives of others, in a new way, knowing that life flows through you into theirs and you have left them the richer for it, and that is all you need to know. You will find peace and the strength it brings that is stronger than all others. Love issues from this peace and draws its strength from there. The peace of which we speak is the core nature of life itself, the life that created this universe.

You may perceive yourself as alone in this lifetime, but it is an illusion and only a moment in your larger life. You are surrounded by, and assisted by, many and always have been and always will be. You live in the family of life, and the family of life forsakes no one. Be about your joy in living and find peace in the knowingness of it. Look for rich opportunity, each day, with each encounter, to place the blessings of life in the lives of others through you. Your wisdom will grow and your understanding of these many lives. Life itself awaits your call to serve in joy. Namaste.
September 23, 1998 A                                                  Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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