Clarity in vision for future

  1. I had a recent dream. (She relates the dream at length and interprets it as) a symbol that the past figures strongly in the direction that my life’s work is to take and that it is time to quit covering up. What do I need to know at this point in time to help me gain clarity in the direction of my life’s work?
  2. Is there information about the shared lifetimes of me and my husband that I need to know that will shed light upon the present stage of growth that we are experiencing?
  3. What, if anything, should I do to assure my financial independence so I can move in other directions?

JANU: As to this dream symbolism and interpretation, let us continue with this in this manner. What we see here embraces to a degree your interpretation. What you have yet to see here, dear one, is the symbolism of your current responsibilities and the practical nature of such relating to the integrating of larger responsibilities of a different venue, coordination of the efforts of many, the holding of a vision to fruition with its many challenges, and the timing of such, you see. Your “covering up,” if you will, interpretation was an appropriate and natural occurrence guaranteeing the time needed to develop your current skills in a practical way in your current world and the timing for emergence into a new threshold of, as you put it, life’s work. Now, timing in such matters include a variety of levels of reality, one being your preparation for and acceptance of an opportunity. Another being the timing and availability of such opportunity. We would have you know that the time is at hand shortly for the coming together of these preparations. The opportunity for you that is to arrive soon includes the coordination of other group activities into a larger vision. You now understand in large measure the group dynamics and challenges that other groups are currently involved in. We would have you see that there will be coming to you an opportunity to manage the visions of others into coordinated purpose.

This will be coming about in the next year or so. Needless to say, this timing is fluid, based on the choices of others. However, this is the current pattern and trend. This will come to you in an unexpected way, or from an unexpected source, partly from within and partly from another. Watch your dream times in about six months hence. They will begin to prepare you for this transition in life’s work.

Be mindful of the finishing touches of opportunity in your current relationship with your organization. There are some areas of completion yet to be achieved. One being in the area of a more fluid and freer relationship emotionally, attitudinally, with the flow of finances. The other being encouraging others in their confidence, self‑confidence, through your trust and guidance, as to their creative abilities and follow through in their tasks and responsibilities.

We will not, at this time, engage speculation or description of that which is to come. As always, there are advantages in your personal growth to sharpen and refine your pathways of intuition and understanding. To add further complexity to matters, there are certain forces at play, in effect, that will attempt to distort these projections. Leave that for the time being to this side of life. Be open to assisting when needed.

Switching then, now, to the focus of your second inquiry, that being your current and past relationships with your current mate and where this may lead to in that which is to come. May we say this: This one will support you. This one’s contribution will be in the area of being a mainstay, an anchor, but you will lead in this, dear one. We scan now for specific accountings as to the nature of these relationships, past and present.

This mate of yours at one time was an artisan who crafted fine objects in precious metals for the privileged in the public life and for the enlightened and their esoteric or hidden activities in private. This one knows well the ability to juggle the outer and the inner, the apparent and the esoteric life. This is the area of anchoring this one will provide in times to come. Your skills in this area will be refined in the coming months and will be needed to contain in your understanding and consciousness the larger vision to lead others and their groups into the future. Your current organization will be a continuing model for you to develop these skills. Your best service to this organization is to guide it into an activity that can be part of this larger vision as it becomes clear to you. Not to manage it in the physical, as you have been. You will know when it is time to make the change in your connection.

Now as to your concerns financial: needs in this area will be met through a new venture of yours, that will in some ways be modeled as joint venture with a number of organizations. Not drawing, then, exclusively on the result of your services to your current involvement, your current organization.

You are on the cusp of change. We encourage you to consider a much larger view of life and your relationship with it. We will bring more to this understanding as time progresses and you inquire. We are your servants in this and remain so. We are the Brotherhood of Light of your understanding. Namaste.

May 8, 2000 AE                                                  Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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