Connection to Hathors & Sirius

  1. What is my connection to the Hathors and Sirius?
  2. What am I here on Earth, at this time, to do?
  3. Can I serve in any way I’m not aware of at this time?

JANU: The Hathors, dear one, are an interesting group indeed. For they have divined the meaning and the purpose of the progression through sojourns. This focus or principle or understanding, as you will, is your connection to them at this time. There are many lesser purposes for living, dear one, for taking these grand journeys in and out of your octave. And there are greater understandings that apply to all adventures of this type. Your capacity to understand and implement this understanding, even in this sojourn has been established long ago. For they and you have seen, through many experiences, the connection of any sojourn to the rest of life and to the purpose of creation in the first place, you see. This understanding they have achieved–as have you, dear one–is one of many but this focus would settle or resolve many of your questions or concerns at this point in your adventure. Join them once more, if you will, to reaffirm and bring to the forefront of your awareness this principle and this truth.

Sirius is an adventure, one of many, or a number of adventures, where you exercised this understanding. You knew of the Hathors at a distance, not known by that name at that time, and their movement into enlightenment and were attracted to same. These are in the early beginnings of even their adventure, dear one. Sirius was your locale for mastering the entrance into the denser dimensions without the challenges of the forgetting and of the societies of the flows of those who have forgotten, that you find in the Earth at this time. You were daughter or offspring, spiritually speaking, of one who prepared these densities for this experimentation of involvement, and volunteered for the experiment, you see. Your sound recognition or name pattern was *** of the Wind, for you moved through the densities as the wind moved.

Your experimentation was one with the elements, experiencing and mastering the nature, so to speak, of those denser realities. You may, if you choose, revisit those experiences that you mastered at that time, in the elements of your world at this time, and they will give you much uplift and sense of freedom to come and go, to move as the wind, and briefly touch or embrace whatever interests you. This quality, this area of experience, was one new to the Hathors and they have yet to master it, even as you have.

You speak of other services you may offer you are not aware of at this time. Consider the freedom you mastered at that time, inspiring others to embrace life with such ease and grace. You discovered at that time that your intent to embrace an experience of the elements of that reality was effortless and uniform throughout the experiences, realizing that all of creation is equally accessible to one who is free to acknowledge and embrace any reality. This is a great understanding, dear one. You transcended those who perceive some elements as difficult and some as easy. This is the freedom we speak of, not only in embracing of reality but in understanding a quality in the life of another and any dimension, and the creator, as well.

You see how easy it is in the darkness of so many, that the impositions of the world convince you otherwise. This is a grand and wondrous service, to open the eyes of another and their heart and their hopes and their dreams into the freedom of unlimited possibilities. This you can do, dear one, for this is your heritage. And this you brought from Sirius, at the behest of the Hathors, to give to the Earth, for they recognized its value to lift a species, a race, into the Light, into their full potential and into the rest of life. We encourage you in this way, dear one, and stand by you without hesitation or interruption. Feel free to embrace this truth with the same freedom you’ve mastered so many times in your origins of embracing life. Namaste.
January 20, 1997                                                 Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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