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Q:        What is my purpose during this lifetime?

JANU: Ah, yes. A grand subject, requested by so many. Your purpose, as a matter of record, recorded by you at an earlier time and continued even unto this moment, appears as a retrograde to an earlier time, summoning those forces that best serve in the heralding or pronouncement of the beckonings to those souls or beings in your environs that relate to their memories of earlier times in their journeys of life. What we mean by this, dear one, is that you portray to others, in keeping with your earlier traditions, that which bestows upon them their freedom to be. The queens, the royalty, the exquisiteness of being that is their heritage and divine right. And what we are speaking to as well is the female gender of the population, you see. Unlike some others, your gift of service and fulfillment are combined in the release of the obstructions of social pressure and convention in your sisters of life in your world.

We begin by examining these elements of your capacity to do such, as having their roots in a secluded area of your universe as compared to conventional understanding, in a dark sector or cloud region known as the Entropa Region. The significance to you is that this region, once known by earlier cultures of your world, has put forth many such as yourself into the environs of worlds in the need of such service. There is great inequity in your world at this time as to the free expression of spirit, the divine integrity, and the completeness of the human journey for the female gender. You have known this and accomplished this task for many other worlds, you see. Your reference to the angelic principle is of that which is known to you. And it is that quality that you have employed at other times and is needed in your current world. This is not to suggest that your service to the collective female consciousness of your world is designed to raise them to an exalted state above the male, you see, but to bring them their due. For the whole of humanity and the completion of its destiny is served by the balancing of this duality of existence.

You might well ask, how does one accomplish such a task? It is accomplished in great measure, dear one, in the impersonal service, acknowledging the collective consciousness of the female human spirit, not just individually, you see. For the lives and hearts of many will be touched all over your globe, for the hunger is there, the time is now, and the need is universal.Your destiny, dear one, not just in this sojourn, is to free the spirit or assist in doing so for those who are so starved in this area of life.

There are those who assist you in this and have for eons, and initiating their involvement once more brings life once again to this grand journey you have undertaken so many times. The Host of Angels are one part of this enterprise. And there is one who sit above and to your rear, and she is one whom the Mother Mary of your scripture holds in high esteem. And for you, her name is **, for it is your name as well, dear one, in a higher understanding of life. Call to her and she will answer you, for you have worked together before and will so again.

Q:        How do I best call upon **?

JANU: With your heart, dear one, and your openness to the memory and the tradition, life and the power of what you have been and still are. For that is your bond and your connection.

Q:        How do I best serve my immediate and prospective family?

JANU: First and foremost, dear one, is to be true to who you are, for with that comes the strength and the vision and the wisdom to engage each moment in a more refined way. Serving others is a balance of not only your understanding but theirs as well. Their understanding may seem, at times, lacking a certain clarity or depth. But that is only part of their understanding, dear one. Help them awaken to that which is greater in them. The needs of the moment, the details of the day, the structures of the human existence and relationships fall more easily into place when seen from this larger base of understanding. As you reawaken these capacities in you that are latent for the moment, the answers become quite clear and as varied as each need.

One ingredient in this transition for many, and is startling for many, is the awakening to a larger identity and the releasing of the previous smaller identity, you see. Is not always easy. As you begin the awakening process, which is not that far away, dear one, you will see everything, including your own life, with new eyes. And it will be an unmistakable experience.

Q:            Currently, I’m pursuing a marriage, mate‑ship relationship with _____. Does this serve my greater unfoldment?

JANU: As we have stated, your current vision, your perception of your life will change with these new eyes we speak of. As with so many, your desires with one set of eyes look quite different with another. However, we suggest that the larger view understands fully the smaller one, you see. For they are connected.

To answer your question more directly, we would begin by saying the choices between you for relationship will evolve, as each of you allows this, into something somewhat different than you currently anticipate. We do see opportunity here for mutual benefit in the area of mutual awakening, you see. What each one chooses to make of this is the power of choice, dear one. Outcome is in motion and never stands still.

What we see here is the alignment of, the co‑joining of mutual awakening. Allow this to be, without forced expectations and enjoy the naturalness of it. It is a time of freedom, sharing, and mutual growth. The elements of which are the journey, are for each to choose. We do see mutual benefit. Let there be, at the core of this, the freedom of each other to honor, love to be the reason. A love that does not possess or require, but the love that encourages and supports.

Q:        I want to be encouraging and supportive in my relationship with _____, and I get very nervous and afraid. What can I do to resolve this?

JANU: Find your security, your peace, and your source of love within the awakening of your own being. All you truly need is there, for your wholeness and your peace of mind. What lies beyond that is the joy of sharing with another. But your sharing, dear one, on that level of being, is not limited to one other person. Let each find their own level, so to speak, and flow as they will. Let naturalness and ease prevail. The love of which we speak requires nothing of anther, for the love of which we speak is owned from within, and it is the love that is nourished by all of life. And that love, dear one, will always find opportunity to give.

Q:        My concerns with what I perceive as financial inequity within my family’s business, important to my greater unfoldment?

JANU: Here we have, once more, the mixture of that which belongs to Caesar and that which is of spirit. In the eternal values of life, that you carry with you always, success is not described by the symbols of power in your world. If you find not peace of mind and of heart in these pursuits, choose to elevate them to a higher level of understanding bathed in the light of the awakening you. This might sound vague and nonspecific to many, but the power of this to clarify your perception and bring you to satisfying conclusions and decisions is beyond measure.

Be the light, then, dear one, as we have encouraged you to be, in every element of this concern. Take each one as it comes and answer your question through those new eyes, for the old ones, dear one, will still see the same question and the same answer. It is not our prerogative to design your life for you in this area of concern, but to encourage you in the direction of your authority for your success.

Q:        Is there any other guidance that you wish to give to me at this time?

JANU: ** will speak at this time.

**:       Sister, dear one, how your light shines as we have journeyed so long together. I await your call and bring to you the joy of so many opportunities we have served. There waits for you richness in your life you have yet to see. You are one who is known to many. And there are those in your world who have known you before, yet they do not have the eyes to see your light. Your choice in this sojourn, to strike the light in the hearts of your gender, is one that is honored by so many who serve your world. I am ** and I am your sister. And we are the light. And you will find me in your heart and in your highest thoughts of love. Greetings, sister, until then.

JANU: We are the Brotherhood of Light once more, and we honor you and the one who is with you, for your light is our light and we serve your life. Be at peace, daughter of light. And we bid you namaste.

August 13, 2001 B                                               Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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