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Q:   My question is: Since I have set my intention that, if it be for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned, I would be presented with the necessary situations and conditions to allow me to secure ownership of my home. Is it not appropriate now for me to accept this situation that has manifested in my life as being in total harmony with that request and creation? Is it not appropriate now for me to literally ‘let go and let God?’ I am at this time assuming this stance and attitude in all areas of my life: That where the desires of my heart are felt I will have trust that it is correct for me to base my decisions and actions on the assumption that all is in order and in accord with my highest good, if I will remain in a consistent state of cooperation and faith in all that comes before me, which appears to be and feels to be in resonance with my needs, hopes, aspirations, and dreams. Is this approach perhaps naive and lacking in the full extent of what I should be aware of or is it perhaps, after all, truly this simple and uncomplicated: trust and gratitude, release of fear and doubt, acceptance of love and blessings?

Can you also offer some guidance and comments pertaining to my relationship with **?

JANU: We would like to begin at this time with the suggestion and offering of the guidance and comfort of a sister in spirit for you. She is one you have known and you have crossed sojourns before, whereby you assisted her many times. She has a name for you to connect with. The name is *R*. You are as sisters might be in your world, sharing confidences, nurturing each other, and laughing together, laughing at the absurdities of life.

As to this companion or potential mate of yours, *R* is not deficient in observation on this point. It would seem that the issues of relationship you carry with you will play out in the field generated by coupling or sharing time together. But this field will not resolve those issues for you. These are accomplished more successfully within. The time together should prove enjoyable. Stand in your truth, dear one, in any relationship.

As to this adventure of liquidation, we see many lessons inherent in this activity. The one who conveys your possessions to the north will face challenges in these transactions. Lessons that face him are in the area of his commitment and follow through to make the best effort for you. We are not suggesting that he will not, but it will not be a ‘walk in the park,’ if you will. As to your ‘letting go and let God,’ when is there ever a bad time for this, dear one? Is the confrontation of crisis the only reason for it? We think not.

*R* has come with you from afar. You have had many sojourns together. Not in this solar system, though, but from a world that, for the most part, was a carefree existence. The journey to this world of yours has brought challenge to the development of your ability to handle more of the business of living in a society with far more varied opportunities and challenges. Your current business endeavor affords this. *R* faces the same challenges and learns from assisting you. We would suggest at this time that your current issues in partnerships of a romantic flavor, until resolved through the experiences gained, will likely lead you to multiple relationships, meaning one after another.

Q:        Are there any suggestions on how I can assist *** with this mission that he’ll be on, in going to the north with my possessions?

JANU: Your assistance is in the form of trusting him with this assignment, therefore placing him in the position of his choosing of the challenge of fulfilling it, you see.

Q:        And would it seem to be for my highest good and a necessary step on my path to me stepping forward into this relationship with **?

JANU: We see nothing objectionable here, dear one. However, the conditions previously described stand. In other words, dear one, do not see him as solution to your issues. He has his own.

Q:        Is it a possibility that we could have a healthy, loving, lifelong relationship?

JANU: It is always possible, dear one. The challenge here for you, dear one, is to honor the needs and the integrity of another, while maintaining your own. This is the fine line. As you honor your needs and integrity ever more fully and they become clearer to you and a comfortable part of your perception of relationship, they will afford you the clarity, the strength, the right perception to assist him with his. Without the strength and the centering in the needs and the integrity of each one, there is vagueness and confusion in maintaining each one’s integrity, merging then into a relationship whereby you share as one yet each remaining unique. How do you honor the truth of another who is sincere in their truth, yet remain in honor of your own, in a way that is mutually beneficial?

Q:        I guess by allowing total freedom and unconditional love.

JANU:            Unconditional love, dear one, does not demand the acceptance of another’s outrageousness. Unconditional love never negates or dishonors one’s integrity and sovereignty. For unconditional love is not focused on another and denied of the self. Understand this clearly, dear one. It is not a preferential reality.

Q:        Could there be a purpose stated in this relationship? Would it be of any value to understand things from the past–have we been together before in the past? Are there things that we’re come together to gain a fuller understanding of, or to continue growth in?

JANU: What we see here, dear one, are two who are crossing their sojourn paths, without the benefit of many previous crossings, to explore what we have just described. This crossing can take a lifetime, if you both choose, and benefit from it. Change is not a guarantee, dear one, or the direction it will take. It is an opportunity. And both are free to embrace it or not.

We see a gentle spirit here, with some vagueness or lack of clarity of focus as to purpose and direction in the areas of which we have spoken. Together you might assist each other in that way.

Q:        In other words, the vagueness and lack of clarity and purpose is on both parts?

JANU: Yes, dear one, but not exactly the same route of getting there. Different elements. We see opportunity here but what we are suggesting is the opportunity is not one that lends itself to abandon in terms of engaging without sensitivity and consideration and thoughtfulness. Much care needed here, and patience, and a good measure of insight. But there is opportunity.

Q:        Could there be seen to be any certain, specific purpose that I have come to fulfill in this lifetime that would be for my highest good and my offering of highest good into the oneness, that I could understand and focus on, as the center of my life mission here?

JANU: The focus, dear one, is as suggested or inferred in the beginning, with *R* as your companion, to fulfill and complete your consciousness from the carefree existence and joyous existence of the previous world in which she shared this with you, into a more complete being operating on many more levels than before. It is fulfill, to fill out, to round out so to speak, your consciousness and your experience and your mastership of far many more elements of life experience than before. The business venture you are currently in provides some of this opportunity. Relationships that have challenges afford even more, dear one. The negotiations of your liquidation afford yet more still. You are completing yourself in the field of opportunity called Earth that has so many more opportunities and levels and involvements of those in and out of body, who have paths of experience and development very diverse. This is a busy time for you, dear one, spiritually speaking of course. So to look at a purpose that aligns itself for clarity with one particular Earth opportunity is missing the point, dear one.

Q:        I feel a question now pertaining to my children. <names requested and given> I have felt that I have perhaps not been as fully of a motivational influence as I might have been. They’re very bright and loving souls, each one of them, and yet I sometimes have a sense that they’re a bit lost and wandering and I wonder now, at this point, what I can do to help them, to help guide them in the ways that maybe they need to become aware of.

JANU: There is a twofold course here in action, dear one. One is: children benefiting from a conventional close family unit experience and a mother who has a soul purpose and journey into completion of being which does not include the isolated perspective of family only. Your motivations for life include more than this, leaving the children somewhat confused as to their connection with life in this outer world. As you gain clarity and ownership of your larger reason for being, which includes them as well, you may help them understand their worth in life as larger than conventional family. This does not mean they do not need the support of the environment of family stability. Children need a sense of security and ongoingness in their early development. So there are two tacks to explore here, dear one. The one of the stability and direction of the family unit and the reality of the individual soul completion and finding a perspective that embraces them both, with such a comfortableness in you that they are encouraged that all is well. Does this make sense to you, dear one?

Q:        I guess it does. Although a large part of me feels like I can easily drop attachment to holding on to this house, I believe that a lot of my drive towards wanting to keep it is for the purpose of keeping that stability intact in the form of a home, for this family that I have with my children.

JANU: Realize this, dear one, that the family experience that we speak of, from the child’s point of view, is not house based. It is being together with daily explorations of continuity in anticipated events and duties and relationship. The children have no concern or need for one house over another. If this house is important to you, then pursue it with vigor and command that it be so. And engage honorable ways to allow this. But do not place the justification for this on the needs of the children. That is not their motivation.

Q:        We talked of daily interaction with the children. They are all getting to the place in their age now where, well, (the two eldest) have both been on their own for a number of years and (another) is about to take flight, it seems. (The youngest) is not far behind.

JANU: More the point, dear one, on the pursuit of this particular building. Settle where you will. You and whom you choose to share your life with are their family. Taking on the responsibilities of a house that brings undue stress to the ease of living, in terms of maintenance and economics may not be the wisest choice.

Q:        I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you just said then. Everybody has to have a place to live.

JANU: Yes, but there are many opportunities in that area. We are not suggesting a departure from this current course. We are suggesting an examination of it, understanding with clarity the motivations on many levels. This helps in making clear choices.

Q:        Well, in the past years of my life, I have considered a lot becoming part of a community with other people. And then the experiences have led me to a place of almost feeling like I’m more comfortable choosing this independent state. And then again, it seems that my own home has become more and more a place of community for others, a place for them to come and be and have a home, use as a home base at times.

JANU: Does community involvement, in the sense you have described, require it to take place in your home?

Q:        No. I just seem to consistently have people that come into my life that don’t have homes themselves and it’s in my heart to open my home to them quite often, so I find myself repeatedly in that circumstance.

JANU: Does this distress you?

Q:        Not really. There’s good benefits on both sides of this. Although I have found in the last few years, since I have become familiar with aloneness, that I in fact enjoy opportunities of aloneness with myself and the privacy and peace in that situation. So, at times it feels a bit of trade off for that.

JANU: You might suggest, when engaged in these arrangements, that there be a reasonable time limit of offering your home to another. Giving incentive to the one who enjoys your hospitality to eventually make it on their own. It is in their interest to do so, dear one. Not to become an enabler of their circumstance of lack. Just a suggestion.

Q:        I guess I can only think of one more question that’s coming to mind. I had, about a year ago, one come to me and offer me a glimpse into what she saw as this connection from the past with **, in which she thought it was the time of the Civil War and that I was his mother in that relationship. Do you see this as being valid?

JANU: We do not see this one, dear one. We see, distantly, a connection of this nature through what we would term a parallel life existence, but not in the sense of individuality of this one you consider at this time.

Q:        What is the meaning of that “parallel life existence?” What does that mean?

JANU: We are moving in the direction of the exploration of multiple lifetimes of simultaneous existence. This is another whole field, dear one. Multiple existence. This is a stage beyond the current models of understanding of individual lifestreams. A product of the insistence by many, not fully awakened, that their uniqueness is limited to one series of lifetimes. This multiple path experience of this one does not appear as issue for this life; therefore, not addressed.

*R* draws near to you, dear one. She is your sister and companion, “buddy” if you will, from before. And she enjoys your company and would enjoy your interaction with her. You are good friends of long standing and, as she brings to you the memory of the gayer times in another world, for lightness. We are honored to have served you in this way of understanding this morning. We wish you well in your choices, and in your journey, and in your relationships. Be true to yourself, as we have suggested, and it will serve you all your life. Good morning, dear one, and namaste.
Mar. 5, 1997 E        Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a conversation with an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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