Frustration with physical life

Q:   Rather than focus on life, I prefer to seek knowledge of work that I might do on the next plane, freeing others and myself from attachments to the physical. But I know I’m “here.” Is it only to serve? To grow? When choosing this life was there a specific targeted condition or fear to be overcome? What is the source of my anger and the rejection of the physical?

JANU: Yes, we acknowledge this one’s frustration and desire to leave this plane, as one of frustration and anger experienced by so many finding themselves trapped in the muck and the mire of the human condition, having arrived from a more enlightened state of identity and purpose, and desire, and intent. This one is such.

Dear one, understand that your situation, your feelings, and your anger, are not uncommon. They are experienced by many. As your soul and your spirit, your true nature, compels you from within to engage once more for that fulfillment of expression in this life, there is one who you’ve known as a companion in other lives, other existences. His name is **, and he will assist you in recapturing your conscious awareness of your true nature and identity. You can accomplish this by acknowledging, with love and enthusiasm and warmth of expected familiarity, this awakening, your true identity, and the loving assistance of your companion.

We describe your sojourns in other lives and other worlds as arbiter, counselor, enthusiastic bringer of new ideas and understandings to many species in other worlds. Your skills in this direction are infectious to a degree, from your enthusiasm and commitment and the thrill you gain from these challenges of bringing others into new understandings in practical ways. You have been teacher at times, counselor, negotiator. Your Earth sojourn has the potential to be one more such involvement, bringing understanding to others, in practical ways, not with the sometimes described “airy-fairy” approach of so many. These skills, experiences, and strengths we have described from other lives and sojourns, is not to describe your choices here, dear one, but to describe what you can draw from when making your choice.

** will assist you by means of holding the focus of his presence and your true vitality, energy, beingness, in the forefront of your awareness while challenged by your old patterns of anger and frustration and wanting to leave the physical to get on with it. There is no need, dear one, to leave your body to “get on with it.” Apply your enthusiasm and commitment for practical application of new understanding to “getting on with it” right where you are. Do you not see how this can benefit others who experience your frustration and your anger and confusion?

We see, even if you do not, the beauty of your potential, your background, and your character. We have ample reason to encourage you in this way of understanding. You and ** are of kindred spirit and enjoy these journeys, these adventures. And yes, “being stuck” is an excellent way to describe the feeling of being in the body without the connection that brought you here.

When the awakening fills you and you grow into this, the way you see the opportunities of life around you will change. You see with new eyes and new consciousness and new intimacy into the depths of what you observe, whether in others or circumstance or conditions. You will see practical ways to apply the larger understandings and truths you have known so many times before. And you will regain the enthusiasm and commitment to move forward and to inspire others.

We of the Brotherhood of the Light encourage you in this way. ** has been with you for this embodiment and is part of the reason for the pressure you feel to get on with it. He reminds us that your agreement prior to embodiment was one that, should you get stuck, if you will, for him to give you a nudge, which he has done. So, get on with it, dear one! And enjoy your life and feel the thrill of the challenge and the victory. We hold you in the Light of your union and your adventure. We are the Brotherhood of the Light. Good morning, dear one, and namaste.
January 16, 1997                                                 Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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