Fulfillment and service

Q:        What changes should I make to become satisfied in my work?

JANU: The changes you ask for, for greater satisfaction in your work, extend past current employment or conventional engagement, although this is the field of opportunity for you, dear one, at the moment. And we would have you examine its richness by reflection of self-examination. Many look for work opportunity seeking fulfillment and meaning within that opportunity, or by its nature. These are transitory, very temporary fulfillments, dear one, but they do mirror a larger opportunity for more complete fulfillment in the larger scheme of your life.

What we see in your pattern is one who perceives smallness of opportunity, of fulfillment, and of investment of self. Even in the smallest opportunities, dear one, there lies before you connection to the larger life. When one chooses to engage in their work, no matter what it is, within reason, in such a way as to enrich it, not necessarily by its design but the life within you and its design. Then can you find satisfaction, if you will, in a growing awareness of the nature of the self and its magnitude, as well as in those you associate with in this setting.

What then of these changes, dear one? They are the discovery and the knowingness that you are a powerful being by nature of your heritage of the larger life. Another is that through this awareness you gain the courage to initiate new understanding, and encourage this power in others. Creative genius issues forth. See balanced solutions to the challenges of the workplace. Your insight runs free of established patterns that contribute to the limitations of the workplace. You gain insight and resolution of existing memory patterns limiting your courage to proceed and believe in the self. You discover that your contemporaries function with their set of limited perceptions as well.

Always, you advantage your position by a larger perspective and, therefore, a wiser one. Your health improves by the zeal to live life more fully and the confidence in the power to do so. You cease placing the timetable of the conventional lifespan on the projects you engage. You see the same wisdom and opportunity in service that extends well past this sojourn that you would for those opportunities of shorter duration. In other words, dear one, you move into the truer reality of your nature that is limitless being. Realizing that the only confinement on any interest of yours is one that you choose to place upon it. And you may have your reasons to do so, dear one, but you are aware that you have done so and can undo this, should you choose.

So you see, dear one, the subject of improving your satisfaction with your work takes much into account. Never underestimate the naturalness, the power, and the magic of loving yourself. It opens your heart, lifts your spirit, and returns you to your full estate. Be grateful, dear one, just for being.

Q:        I would like to be in a mutually fulfilling long term emotional relationship. Is this likely to happen as I am at the moment, or else can I do anything to help this happen?

JANU: Part of what we would suggest, dear one, has already been given in this area of self-discovery. Another element is the examination of your motivation for a relationship that you describe. Many reach for another to fulfill their need as primary motivation. And we understand this. But the emptiness within is best filled from within and the relationship of meaning with another is the joy of serving their life with yours. Seeing them prosper in their happiness, in their self-realization, in their successes in life, their joy becomes yours. And allow them to offer this service to you as well. So the motive that initiates this elevated and harmonious relationship, dear one, is the heart’s desire to bring joy to another. Not that you are the source of this joy, but you inspire it in them and you find completion together. It is a wonderful journey of service and exchange, of commitment and of true love that lives to serve life in another as you explore and realize your true feelings and their origins. Life knows this, dear one, and is eminently capable of bringing two people together.

This is essentially the direction we suggest for development. We wish you well, dear one, in your adventure. Namaste.

October 12, 1998 AE                                                                        Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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