Growing in understanding True Nature

Q:        I’m wondering why I have a tendency to increase the stakes, no matter what I am doing? I take it to the edge, sort of.

JANU: What we see here, dear one, is a tendency to crowd, if you will, the return to your former estate. To challenge the being in this lifetime, your current personality consciousness, into a level of reality acceptance to your true nature and your very diverse and, some might call, intense preoccupation with life. That push comes from deep within and is the pattern of recognition of that who you are in a much larger truth. The avenues of application of these extensions, if you will, is not as important as the fact that the thrust is there. This comes from who you are, dear one, and communicates the promise of much to do and experience and give to life. There is more here but we would continue with the next question at this time.

Q:        Could you tell me a little bit about my fiancee?   What level is she at?

JANU: She is known in the inner realms or world by the name of ***. Her gifts are many. She comes at this time bearing some light as representative of a wing or division of a larger organization having to do with interstellar navigation, communication, and pattern recognition. Establishing links, if you will. She brings that to the Earth at this time and will be employed in this capacity–and we should say, IS employed in this capacity, although not always aware by her–by authority of the hierarchy of this world. She comes alone from her connections, her associates, to this planet. The challenge, and the opportunity, for her in this sojourn is to translate or transform this experience and ability to individuals in establishing inner connectedness and linking up with their many inner realities of being. She can help you with this, dear one, in your own re-establishment of your fuller awareness that you seek. She does not know this yet. She has many other gifts, but this one relates to the two of you more clearly.

She is used to journeying alone, so to speak, to many worlds. This affords her the opportunity to establish new links on their own merit, without the coloring or distraction of former ones, you see. She, in infancy, had full recall of this. But it was parked, so to speak, until the time was right, which is the case for so many at this time, making life a bit of a strain: feeling the call that never leaves without the clarity of what it is calling for. The Earth at this time is in the midst of many changes and many have been called to this theater, so to speak, waiting for their cue to come on stage. As it is with you, dear one, and your curtain call is coming.

Q:        Tell me more about myself. Why am I here?

JANU: You are an apostle, dear one, in the truest sense. You come this lifetime to bring an inner joy to those you meet and, in time, to groups and organizations, on a level and on a scale they have yet to know. You are the Peacebringer, that peace that unites the elements of life and being into unified purpose and fulfillment. In time, you will gain memory of your true estate and your long history of this service. As many struggle with many avenues of interest and diverse activities and creations, yours will be the theme that reveals the truth and the larger moment of understanding and worth to all of them. You, in large measure, are the creator’s finger keeping in touch with his creations.

Do not let the scope of this overwhelm you in any way. It is your nature and your offering, of your choice, from a reality of being that knows of such things. It is time and well that you prepare in this way of understanding and openness within your being to this grand and wonderful simplicity of the beauty of life.

Needless to say, there is much more to understand in this direction but it would be a disservice to not offer this in little doses at first, for your consideration.

Q:        How could I help my family understand certain principles?

JANU: As with any, touch within them that which you know. Be in harmony with the truth of their being in such a way that they see only their light, that their experience and their openness is of their own ownership. The greatest service one can give to another is that the other find their own truth in their own way. We can inspire this in each other without demonstrating that we are really doing anything at all. This takes patience, sensitivity to them, insight, a loving heart that lives in peace, and a profound knowingness that the unfoldment in another has no timetable and has no regimen of how it will unfold. Allow everyone their truth and be at peace in your own, and that will inspire them to their own peace. You will know, in each moment, with each individual, the truth of this in that service when so attuned and so committed to their joy. Begin in this way, dear one.

Q:        What’s my name?

JANU: You have many, as do all. There are, across the history of each one’s experience and being, many identifications and involvements. There are, of course, focus patterns called names that best serve a current experience. For you the name at this time to best attune to for your recall into fuller awareness is the Earth name “**.” Understand that this is a temporary pattern, but it will bring to you, as you study the history of the meaning of this name, much memory.

This is a temporary pattern, but you need it at this time. Do not see this as a name, as people refer to names. It is a pattern-holding structure and influence, to organize your consciousness and being for access to what you seek. Names serve many purposes, dear one, and this is a useful one for you at this time. There are others and we can see them, but they would distract you from the beauty of this moment and its rewards. Be patient and grow into ever larger understandings and beingness.

Q:        Could you tell me about my friend ____? His pattern, or his mission.

JANU: This one has a Trojan background, symbolically, of course. This one breathes humor and light into situations with people. This one knows the dance of life, the rhythm and the cadence, the symmetry and the balance. This one is an artist in that sense, lives and moves in the flows and the currents. This one abhors sameness and lives within the ongoing changing currents of life. This one can bring a freedom and, through that, a balance to unbalanced consciousness and situations. This one has been a composer, in art and music, and has constructed great symphonies. This one understands the language of life that has nothing to do with words. This one has been employed by the designers of worlds and the courts of evolution of beings, of races, to bring this element into the symphony of ongoingness. This one is a magician in the truest sense and sees life in this way. This is his inner knowingness pattern, dear one, and this is what we see.

Q:        What is my nephew’s goal? This is my question, not his.

JANU: We assume from the nature of your inquiries and interests that this question relates to his inner purpose. You must understand that to describe an individual’s purpose in life seldom is as simple as one single focus. There are many choices made and modifications of intent and association, as the life unfolds. This one’s purpose began before incarnation as a healer of those in distress. Even the pattern of nursing was in his intent and desire. This has changed somewhat as the understanding of service grows broader and deeper in the life. The compassion of the heart and the true being reveals many opportunities for the central thrust of involvement to find diverse expression. We do not see this one yet realizing full potential. There is much to be remembered and explored in new possibilities from the perspective of the incarnating consciousness. He needs some time yet.

It has been our pleasure and our joy to be with you this morning. We see and hold great promise in service to many through you in this lifetime. You are held and guided by many and there are those very near you at this time. Their identities will be revealed in due course as your time draws near for fuller expression of why you are here. You are welcome to return to this attunement at any time, realizing of course this is not your only source of understanding. The greatest one for you lives within you. Please be at peace and patient and grateful for what you have brought and what you will bring to many. We are the Brotherhood of Light, serving in this way of understanding. Namaste, our brother.
August 23, 1998 A                                             Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions of an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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