Life focus, gender duality & unity

Q:        I believe I have been given many gifts, skills, talents, but it is a continuing concern as to how I can use them to the full. There always seems a multiplicity of negative or obstructive forces impeding my progress. Financial constraints continually get in the way. Although I have now over a period of time developed a much more simple life than previously experienced, it is still cluttered with unwanted activities and assumed responsibilities. I need to find a way to successfully target my talents and energy to achieve success and fulfillment in my life. Having achieved much in my life, certainly in the view of others, it is not sufficient. I have still to find my real purpose and most important how to achieve without being slowed down or stopped by my own weaknesses and inabilities as well as the demands of others. There is, or has been, a problem of gender identity which I recently came to terms with, but still begs the question of how far to follow the solution.

JANU: What we see here is one who focuses on opportunity and recognition of ability coupled with, or inspired by, interest. The reason the life is filled with so many demands, as you put them, is that the need to focus and contribute to life to express purpose has not had the benefit of clarity in overall intent for this lifetime. Therefore, as with so many, one fills the life with shadow or secondary opportunity to try to satisfy the drive from within to complete original intent. Realize this, dear one, that as you achieve clarity, you will focus your attention and energy in agreement on those opportunities that are aligned with that purpose, and the others will be left for fulfillment by others who follow their interests. See not the abundance of involvements in your life as any permanent arrangement, remaining as obstacle to the time and energy needed to focus on your true hearts desire. These things will pass in a moment, once you achieve connection with, through your heart, the desire of your true being.

The gender issue, as we see it, will enhance your opportunities rather than complicate them to the point of obstacle. For your destiny is in the direction of compassion for the achievement of gender duality harmony within the being. You have the capacity to instill in others a unification of the extremes of gender in your world into a united truth that makes one complete in heart and mind. Your gender solution, as you put it, is not to identify with one or the other, but to unite them both into a larger truth that draws on the strength of the full range of the world of duality and through this universal identity. That is your true nature and your true identity. You are universal being. Help others find peace in their struggle with duality through emergence into universality. Your awakening to your diversity of being will provide connection with the elements of truth and issues at play in many others, helping them see that the circumstances of life, that they have created around themselves, can be best understood from neither the male or female perspective, but from a unified perspective.

Your talents are not limited to your current world of involvement. They can serve, when honed into balance, the world at large and be a source of enlightenment to those who come from other worlds to observe Earth’s emergence into a more universal role in the system of life. Humanity must step into this position and you can position yourself well to serve humanity in this way. We would have you understand this and gain clarity on this point. Many at this time are awakening to the fulfillment of their reason for being in this Earth environment at this special time.

This achievement in inner unification is not for you to achieve in a vacuum. You have your entourage to assist you in this. You may speak to them and establish more conscious communication through the recognition pattern of the OM mantra, with your consciousness focused on the balance of duality into the universality of your own true nature. They will answer the call and communicate with you, assisting the bridge in consciousness between you and your true nature into full remembrance of your chosen path. None who seek the truth of their life and the service to life ever do so alone. All of life in its ongoingness is a symphony of cooperation and tradition and excellence in ideal. You are part of this, dear one, and it is time for you to know.

Have faith and trust in who you really are and your capacities that are larger than you currently know to achieve much, in a much larger way. We commend your commitment to your true path. Be well and at peace in your grand journey. Namaste.

Sept. 29, 1998 AE                                                       Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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