Life fulfillment through past life lessons

  1. Why, despite my past successes, do I feel unfulfilled in both my business and personal life?
  2. Why do I not push myself forward and be more assertive?

JANU:    We do know you, dear one, and have observed your record and your heart and your passion. We see one who knows a great deal about life. We see one who embraces life successfully but with a certain reticence. We see one whose passions run deep and, with others of this pattern or ilk, prefers the serenity of the beauty of life.

The push forward, as you put it, reflects the model for engagement of a life finding or searching for success in action. This is the “doer” consciousness or pattern, which is only a component in that which completes the experience in your world. Each one has their affinity in life and yours being more of the pattern of pure being. The challenge always, for those of your center in interest and preference, is the action portion of the engagement of life. This channel understands this well and remains on the path of mastering the integration of which we speak. It appears, to those of your pattern, that those who push forward into action of expression somehow lack the serenity of the essential nature of life and these patterns seem not in accord.

You have known, for some time, the range of life expression. Your purpose here, dear one, is not so much to become the aggressive pattern of action but to understand it and value it for its service to the completion of life. Consciousness has its own field of expression that initiates precipitation into manifestation that which the doer has compassion to do, bringing them their sense of fulfillment. See, then, a model within your growing awareness of how consciousness and active creative thrust serves to fulfill those who must, by their own commitment, lay the bricks one upon the other. You are a part of, as are they, a cooperative team of life, orchestrating its magnificence.

For some, frustrations within find their root in ancient lifetimes and past associations. This is not the case with you, dear one. That which is of importance for you at this time is what we have described. You are the culmination of all your experiences. Be at peace in your perceptive powers to appreciate the range of life, including the range of human expression. The theme of ‘pushing yourself forward’ might best be restated as ‘allowing yourself the fullness of who you are.’ And through that, gaining the fullness of who everyone else is. You have nothing to prove in this lifetime, dear one. Not to yourself, and certainly to no one else.

You have the capacity for global consciousness, that which can embrace all of humanity but all of the world as well. Measure not your successes by those who measure those in only a physical way of business and materiality. For what you take with you in future adventures, and what you leave behind, is consciousness and understanding that assists others into their freedom.

There is one here who knows you, dear one, and would speak at this time.

***:            Greetings, my brother. My time in your world was one of what you might call intense assertiveness, for many to their dismay. I achieved this experience to learn balance as you must. But without leaving behind you, as have I, a wasteland of those who endured my learning. My time in your time was in 792, and I walked your land in the northern regions and along the coast. I was a Viking and, in some ways, am still. In my time, was the tradition of the culture that honored both the spirit and the physical mastering of life although never fully integrated as you have been guided to a moment ago. We were brothers and you knew this life well but were troubled in your heart and not understood by me. I do so now understand. The mastering of the Earth life no longer is justified by those times. Your world will become, through your understanding, and that of others, a world that no longer needs to force the unification of the physical and the spiritual life. We have done this, dear one, and that time is over. Yes, you were married at that time, but I was not. And I saw this as a weakness in a certain way, for it pulled you from that which I endeavored to achieve with such zeal, the glory of dominance and control.

So, you see, my brother, even at that time you were pulled into the direction you now experience. We shared many victories but where mine were complete, yours had a certain hollowness. The successes in your world in your time give you that same small sense of empty victory. Heed the words of our brother who speaks to you this day, and find a new kind of victory that is larger still and will bring you fulfillment.

Enough of this, my brother. We have spoken well and your time will come to speak of your victories of a larger nature. It is good to share with you once more. And I remain by your side as brothers do.

JANU: I am Janu once more, speaking on this matter of some importance to you, dear one. We felt a visit with an old friend might bring some memories and understanding. We thank you for this opportunity to speak with you this day. And encourage you to have a full and brave heart as you travel into the full embrace of your new victories. Namaste.
September 30, 1998 A                                                 Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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