Life of service has no limits

Q:     I feel that I should be doing more, that I should be more definitely in service to others, but I don’t know what the “more” is. Should I be offering some kind of service, such as teaching or counseling? Or is my “mission” to be a White Magician?

JANU: We hear your searching, your looking, your longing for a focus of direction to install or invest your energies and that you’ve gained into. Your options are many, dear one, and they are options. Even, as you might put it, the most rewarding choice is an option like the rest.

The best service, the most rewarding, is the consciousness that you put into any endeavor to help another, to advance the cause of human understanding and evolvement in consciousness, you see. The richness, the fulfillment and the rewards are born of your own beingness. The form of the expression matters little compared to this. The beauty of the understanding is that any choice can and will be the best choice. And where is it written that only one choice is the best choice, dear one? The adventures you have specified are not exclusive of each other. Nothing is exclusive.

Many ponder this question in dismay for they seldom find the answer posed by the question or intent of same. For they think the answer lies in the chosen path of service. It does not. It lies within you. You bring the life to, the beauty, the wisdom, the unfoldment, to the path choice, you see. You make it magical and rewarding and a blessing to those you serve. Yes, the challenges and opportunities vary from one choice to another. But these differences aren’t the magic, they are only varied opportunities, options. You will bring life to them all. The full force of the support of life is yours in any of your choices. They are not available more in one than another.

The best choice, dear one, is the one in front of you. The one most immediate and at hand. And if others appear in similar fashion they are your choice as well. Not necessarily one at a time. All service, all paths have beauty and support and blessing and enrich both the server and the one served. Have no preference. The preference is a distraction and an illusion, comparing one over another in this way. Structured service in what you call forms or types can be an illusion and a distraction as well, for your greatest service today may be to serve the understanding of another solely through concern and caring and counsel or just lightening the burden a little. But lightening it with wisdom and insight and the benefits of your life’s understanding and experience. Not that they see your enlightenment, dear one, but find joy in the burden lifting that they see more clearly now.

Every day is filled with opportunities of service that do not require the hanging of a shingle, so to speak, the declaration of “I am this or that qualified servant…this is my service,” you see, to be noticed. ‘Tis not the way of the master, dear one. It is and can be a glamour. You understand this, we know, for you are well trained and well versed in these areas of understanding. As the phrase goes, what you do with the little things is the measure of your character and your vision and your service. Be not concerned whether the larger things will be added; they will be. Life is mindful of all of its elements and its realities.

This we have spoken of today you already know. It is only offered as a reminder and encouragement. You have known these things for eons of time. The time has come to see yourself in a larger way. Unlimited in perception, capacity, and the ability to deliver that needed in any situation or opportunity of service. Perceive yourself and embrace your larger reality. Leave behind this old pattern and shell of limitation. Your spirit is grand indeed. Leave behind the old patterns. They serve you no longer. Step into now the light and the grace of your beauty. This done with dignity, humility centered in peace, yes, and even pure being. Attainable, dear one, for these realities you already are and have been ere so long.

Your service will not be pigeon-holed into one form or another. It will not work for you. It is not your nature. It is not your memory or your historical pattern. You are universal being and your service is universally adaptable to the moment. Be an example of this for others as the time arrives for them to leave their limiting patterns behind, the ones they have outgrown. Show them there is a larger way with greater freedom and joy.

We gently enfold you and support this reality for you. Service, yes, dear one, but with new and larger understanding for that is the service that is needed in this time of change, this movement into new ways. Leave behind self doubt. Define and identify limited thought and perception and deal with it successfully. Your victory in this way speaks well of the movement of human consciousness on the path that lies just ahead for humanity. Humility does not mean minimizing the reality of who you are and your contribution to life. Humility speaks more of being in harmony with the flow.

We are the Brotherhood of Light, saluting you and honoring your inquiry and your journey. You are loved without ever a pause. Namaste, dear one. Janu and the Brotherhood of Light speaking as one once again.
May 18, 1996                                                    Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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