Life purpose is larger than one sojourn

Q:        My inquiry is regarding the opening and connecting with my True Nature and the being connected with all the possibilities, whatever it is that I’m supposed to be doing in this life. I have a hunger for wanting to know Truth, to know my own being, to know whatever my part is in helping with the process of the awakening of humanity. I want to feel love easily and compassion and how to be of service and enjoy doing it in the process. What is it I need to know? What needs to be shifted? Can it be shifted? Can I get help in getting it fixed, to put it bluntly, for that to happen?

JANU: Sister, let us walk together. Let us take your hand, so to speak, and take a journey. We walk with you on the shores of the Nile. There before us lies, steeped in tradition, the Order of Ra, baked in the desert sun, revealing to you the passion and, at times, lust in the heart for the freedom to be linked with the past traditions spoken of so freely in this tradition. This desert sun shines upon you relentlessly. And you think, at that time, if only my heart could know this light and be opened. The truth of the tradition of Ra, dear one, is that you are one with this tradition in such a way as to bring about the announcement of that source of light being echoed once more at the heart of your being. The love of which you speak at this time would portray this, should you but dance that dance once more and come to know who you are.

We shall further this journey, taking another step to another time, revealing to you, through your own memory, that which brought you to that we have just described. This time we place ourselves on the shores of another reality, where discernment was the key to grasping the understanding you seek. This discernment enveloped the focus of your true light where it languished for some time.

We withdraw further in time to the beginnings of culture, to a region known as the Aquifer of Life, where you issued forth the knowingness of what some call the Central Sun. The path of Light, dear one, is clear. And what you seek in this lifetime is the continuation and fulfillment of this journey of light. You are older than Ra, older than worlds, older than traditions. You are birthed from the original Aquifer of Life and we would have you know this with a certainty, bringing about within you a focus for continuation. None of your current episodes of journeying fulfill this destiny. As with so many who struggle to realize their purpose, the attempts at manifestation seldom complete this, you see.

Now, then, the realization of that which has been offered remains to be seen and we will discuss this further at this time. Please be advised that the Path of Light is but a footstep and the holding of your hand on this journey is an embrace signaled by the Light of your being. At this moment, the next step in this journey of Light is not just one of yours into your True Light, but one of your True Light into you. Hold, then, dear to your quest for freedom and true being and in this moment there will be orchestrated the co‑joining of these two steps in the light of your truth.

Hold fast as this begins in this moment. The doubts and the fears are easily replaced by the clarity of your Light. This is marked for all time as a permanent change in your journey.

There is a brother for you, who knows your light. The hand you hold in this walk, in this journey, is your own. Your brother walks in this way in his light. This brother is not of your plane at this time. His name at this time for you is “Peace.” Call him this….and he arises to you in this way, on the wind of peace. The flow of spirit, the breath of his presence, is this nature. There is much for you to awaken to in this partnership.

The purpose of his presence is to encourage and support your embrace with your True Light, for he lives in this way. And when there is doubt and concern, and the distractions of the life away from this presentation, he is there to return you to your true connection, you see.

At the request of your True Nature, we have placed around you a shield, so to speak, to guarantee the continuation of this which has been set in motion to its completion. We will watch over this and continue this until we meet once more to explore further. We are the Brotherhood of Light wishing you namaste at this time.

August 17, 2001A

Follow up several weeks later:

JANU: Your life appears, dear one, to be one that has been one of, shall we say, a zig and a zag but when viewed from a larger perspective heads in one direction. For the lure of that compelling force within you draws you ever to the proximity of which we have spoken earlier, that being the melancholy and the peace of the knowingness. We shall, at this time, attempt to demonstrate to you the purpose of these twists and turns in your life for one must come, at some point, beyond the vision of these changes to where they lead.

The moments in the early life which led to the first twist or turn in your life were brought about by a need to find a connection, as you term it, with your true path in this life. Now, we say “true path” realizing that there are many levels of understanding of this reality, not unmindful of free will and destiny, you see. The reason for these many twists and turns was for you to find the anomalies of life that present themselves in such a way as to bring about what you have called the many so‑called personal disasters. The reason for this is to juggle, so to speak, that which you brought with you into some order for your well‑being. Let us clarify, then, at this point, for this can seem uncertain in its meaning.

What we see in you, and for you, dear one, is one who must master the many comings and goings of a fertile imagination and grasp of life. Sorting these many interests has led you to this point, but they are not the object of your purpose. Your many resources of experience and understanding have become obstacles to the reason you have them, you see. They have taken on a life of their own in what you call “purpose” and are the distraction.

Now, leaving that aside for the moment, let us examine what they serve. They are resource for you to achieve a victory of understanding that you are endowed with the ability to walk in the shoes that you have filled before of greatness in the area of a destiny for your life that exceeds this sojourn. Your purpose on this world, dear one, is not primarily to raise its consciousness. That is a byproduct of a purpose that carries you beyond. Therefore the frustration of finding your niche of fulfillment here is understood from this larger view. Your journey here is primarily to sort out your many gifts into a cohesive symmetry leading to a purpose yet to be fulfilled at another time.

This is no small pill to swallow, if you will, for it requires that which will be achieved through this sorting, meaning patience and the longer view. This does not suggest a life this time devoid of grand opportunities of service. But there are those of you in your world at this time so burdened with the confusion of a purpose that is not described by the purposes of others that do not engage such grand design, you see. Having said this, you may ask “What can assist in achieving that needed by this sorting?”

Your brother named Peace is there for this reason, for this one has achieved a small measure of what lies before you. Many who serve other worlds and other realities experience protracted courses of preparation. Enjoy your life here as you may but your life, dear one, is described by a much larger scene. This is why the comments of so many who attempt to assist you in your understanding seem ineffective, for they do not have reference to your destiny, you see. We understand that your mind desires to know it all, this moment. But it is not ready, dear one, for the sorting must continue. The brother Peace will assist you in the recall of that to be sorted, that to be understood, that to be embraced and integrated, bringing to you the truth of the moment of light described earlier. Your brother Peace is so named with great wisdom and care, dear one, for you will achieve, through this integration, a peace and a strength difficult for you to imagine at this time. The peace we refer to is one that embraces such a diversity of understanding and wisdom that the human use of this word cannot embrace. Spend time with the longing in your heart and the struggling quest of the mind in the company of your brother Peace.

Q:        I think I need help in opening up my hearing and communication abilities.

JANU: Yes, using your developing ability with your muscle testing, we see two fingers here, connect with your brother Peace. You will know the beginning connection through the response, you see. This will assist you. Let this be a point of familiarity for immediate connection for you. Use whichever fingers you choose, dear one. This is symbolic. This will bring you together and, as you acclimate, it will become virtually instantaneous. But he is your partner on this journey that is larger than you are currently aware. But you will come to know.

We choose, at this time, to indicate that we prefer to take these journeys one step at a time, encouraging you to take these steps and return as needed. We will defer questions at this time for there is much for you to begin. The understandings will come. Assistance will always be there. Be at peace and namaste.

September 7, 2001AE                                                            Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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