Live in the Now

Q:     Regarding the development of my healership and my new love interest, both of which are relatively recent in my life, I would love any advice you may have to give in approaching both of these from the highest way that I can. But how do I do this on a daily basis, regularly?

JANU: This one has a heart center that serves her well. She need only operate, perceive, and care for these expressions or experiences from this place of love and unity or union within the being.

Understand, dear one, that there is what some would call a magical quality or reality to this heart center that embraces and touches and inspires this quality in the rest of life. Your love interest and your healership, as you put it, are not immune to this reality. The best and the highest approach to all of life’s opportunities and challenges is to see them, relate to them, anticipate their best outcome through this understanding of the heart. The success of a relationship with another is not measured by its duration but the quality of the embrace, exchange, the interaction for its duration, you see. Your best path for success in these areas is the day to day quality of embrace and consciousness involvement or exchange. And the model for that quality is your true heart center.

You may anticipate there will be competition or challenges between the two interests for your time and your attention and your commitment. Heart-centered involvement is inclusive and not competitive when two are responsive in this way. Each realizes the support of the other benefits the other, for their happiness or satisfaction is in the success and growth of the other partner, you see. You can inspire this in another and in your healership practice by example, if your partner does not own or possess this perception. You cannot manipulate them into it. It is their choice and a product of their maturity.

So the regular basis you speak of is the regularity of your standing in your truth. The challenges to this, the details will vary from day to day, for each one you encounter has a different perspective and make up. The one thing that stands true for each of these is your steadiness in your truth, centered in your heart. This perspective applies to you as well, dear one, not just to your relationships and paths of service. Stand true in your heart as strength for yourself as well, keeping your direction clear and focused that your perception of the opportunities for expansion serves you well.

When a child stumbles and falls while learning to walk is this child a failure or somehow judged lacking? Of course not. This is the natural process of development. See yourself in this same way as you endeavor to grow in this process of service and ownership of life. Others may judge you in this limited way but their judgement is irrelevant. Your perception of your growth is what carries the clarity and the strength to proceed. You may well find that as you move through life there may be more than one love interest, for each of you gain what you may choose to for a period of time and move on. This is a healthy and natural process. A life expression or experience lasts as long as it supports your desire for this experience, as long as your desire remains.

Your question may arise, “Where does all this healership and love interest lead to in the long run?” It leads wherever you choose, dear one, for as long as you choose it to be. Be in the present or in the now, as some might term, in your consideration of these paths of experience for the revelation of their worth and possibilities lie there. For the “down the road,” you see, does not really exist. The “now” of these paths does. So live in what is and not in what might be. For the “is” is where the “might be” comes from. You are in mastership and complete dominion in the “now” of any path choice. Mastership or control of what “might be” is an illusion, dear one. As the choices in the involvement of the day reveal a direction or outcome, at that time make your choices for new direction or continuation.

Enjoy the wonder of discovery as life unfolds before you each day, ever ready to exercise your authority for your life to continue or to change. Experiencing this reality makes it easier to understand and allow this in others as well. Notice how your energy confidence shifts from perceiving in the moment to projecting to a distant future. The confidence for command or living slips through your fingers in the latter, feels illusive and lacks substance and presence.

Your answer is in your question, dear one. You deal with these paths in the highest way possible with your attention on today. For your strength, your guidance, your mastership and the rewards of involvement are today and in the now. Trust, dear one, in the power of your own resolve and the strength that lives in your heart to guide you always. Namaste.
August 16, 1996                                                                   Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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