Non-human past life effect upon the current life

Q:        How may I best proceed toward my evolvement?

JANU:            Understand this, dear one. Evolvement is an ongoingness of living, of life, if you will, filled with a seemingly infinite array of potentials and possibilities. No one array, no one part of an array or possibility is your only opportunity for evolvement, as you put it. These choices are endless, so to speak, and, as we have outlined before, the awareness of what you might call best opportunity, what we would call fullest possibility for conditions of the moment, is achieved through your inner response to your awareness of any possibility. When a chord or note is struck in your feelings, in the excitement in you for the possibility of engagement and outcome, when the doors of opportunity open and the path is made straight away for you in this direction, this speaks to you of what you might call best opportunity or path, dear one.

Q:        I would like to ask if there was another lifetime experience that I brought to this lifetime with me that now cause such pain in my sciatic nerve and joints and legs and cause the debilitating fibromyalgia?

JANU: The sojourn or life experience you seek was not in human form, dear one. What we see here is a reluctance to engage the human form, from a memory pattern of a form that was not ambulatory in the same way. You were more of an air creature in that life and soared mightily in the skies of that world. This was not an animal form, as you might term it in your world today, but a sentient form of life. What you object to in this life is being limited to what you perceive as a painful limitation in your ability to move about.             This world of which we speak is in the Hectar sector of your known universe, tucked neatly behind the Andromedan area of your understanding. (Name is given) You were a master and teacher of skillful and graceful excursions through the atmosphere of that world at that time. And you can soar once more, dear one, even in this world of your current experience.

This condition remains as a symbol of the draw in you to be free of the constraints of your current experience. Your departure from that existence was by choice, but the arrival in your world at this time was not anticipated at that time by you. An opportunity for you in your life at this time is to once again find the modality to teach grace in living and in movement and engagement of life. The challenge for you is to accomplish this with the tools at hand, meaning your current physical experience.

You are one who moves from world to world teaching grace, flow, and symmetry in style of living and understanding and evolvement, as you put it. You bring character and finesse in the style of people’s embrace to engaging life. You understand rhythms and overlapping interactions and the power and purpose of flow. Many learn from you through these forms of motion and approach to understanding, not realizing at first that the mastership is not of the forms and the movements but of the beauty of the flow of life.

Reclaim your heritage of grace and symmetry. You are master here, dear one. Look around you. It is not difficult to perceive the need for this in your world today when so many irritate each other, bump into each other, so to speak, not only physically but in their lifestyles, in their cherished notions and concepts, and in their quests for power and position.

Q:        You say that I have the opportunity to once again find this modality to teach in living and to reclaim my heritage by doing this. But I don’t fully understand how.

JANU: Aside from the obvious benefit of others reminding you of these things, there is a core connection within your being that is alive and well and present with you. Hold this understanding, to the degree that you may, in your thoughts and in your heart and in your feelings in the moment, and allow this holding to grow and connect with the memory and the fullness of its parentage. One connects with realities, dear one, by emulating those realities. When you desire to know love in a larger way, embrace a portion of it in your being and allow it to expand by the authority of the larger reality. This we see for you in this same way to achieve this return to what you have known.

Q:        Is there something in particular, or what do you see, that I need to know more?

JANU: As with so many, dear one, at this time, to touch within you, even at this moment, the presence, the reality, the power, the beauty, and the freedom of who you really are. This is not a technique or series of techniques, dear one, this is preferring and allowing freedom while still perceiving limitation. This is identity shifting, from the life you have known here to the life that you are. You are a larger life experiencing living in your world. Allow yourself to experience more than this.

You are the first of your world to come to this one. And you chose the journey without entourage. Many come with a group who assist each other in the remembering. Introduce yourself by your name and your heritage to the orders of service in your world at this time. We do not see anyone in the vicinity at this time ready to make contact with you in a singular way. But the call is going out, if you will, even as we speak. Your heritage of mastership of grace in this way is unique to your world. There are those who are studying this in this moment.

We are examining your world of origin for connection. There is one who remains there, with whom you have a close connection, the name being**. She has not communicated with you for eons. She will help you with the memory, dear one. Understand that the “she” gender terminology does not apply in this case as you are used to in this world. You were more androgynous then. You come from a pattern of strength of knowingness and true self identity, whereby you engaged this journey on your own authority. Your friend in that world observed this but has not made that choice. You are here, dear one, on your own authority. Others in the realms around this world of yours will work with you, cooperate, but you are not here by their authority. You are on more equal footing, if you will. An interesting situation.

Q:        It’s a very interesting situation. Like we all choose to come, you mean I came on my own authority. I chose the time and the purpose and all of it. Oh. That explains a lot. And when I introduce myself, when the time is right, to the others I use the name that you gave that I was known by. Correct?

JANU: Yes, in your world of origin, dear one. We support your life path. But you are somewhat unique in the conditions or parameters of presence in this world and engagement that you have chosen. We will examine this further and welcome the opportunity to share your growth and the manifestations of what you have set in motion. Proceed with this in your own way.

We would encourage you, at this time, to be of good and strong heart. To avoid the frailties, appearances of such, in your world, to cast any shadow of doubt as to your true beingness and your authority in the accomplishments of living you may achieve in this experience. You are complete unto yourself, in your knowingness and in your authority for living.

Your presence and your authority, your mastership and your integrity, have been noted and registered at this time with the Hierarchy of this world. Your destiny you have chosen is now in full support of these hierarchies of life for this Earth, if you will. From this moment on, according to your determination, your full engagement in this life lays before you. We are honored, at this time, to witness and be part of this ceremony. Good morning and namaste.

April 22, 1997                                                                 Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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