Past lives and future path

Q:    What are my past lives in reference to what I am now? What do I have to look forward to in the next two years?

JANU: Past life interest and connection, sought by so many, comes to you at a time when the hastening of your development in consciousness is clearly at hand. Many come to this pursuit, this quest for understanding, that seems to hold within it the answers to your dreams, your wishes for fulfillment and your destiny.

This one’s past lives are constructed in such a way as to bring into the consciousness that known beyond incarnations. This one once a soothsayer, a foreteller of inner things of the future and of conditions for others. This one respected in that lifetime, for her gifts were many and her accuracy well known. These gifts and the practicing thereof set her apart in her community and among her friends and relatives. No one really trusted or was comfortable in her presence enough to be a friend, a companion without uncertainty and concern. For this one seemed to know many things. This one took on several names in this incarnation to shift identity on the persona to begin anew in each locale. Amsterdam and England, 1847, were a few of the focuses of her endeavors to serve.

Your sensitivities in this area extended past and before this incarnation we speak of. A line of experiences built within the soul to draw strength from and continuity. Such it is in this time, dear one. Your past is frequented with this inner ability many times.

Your connections and influences were not limited to this planet, this world, during those sojourns. The Brotherhood of Space, so to speak, and of the Light knew you well. Your quietness in this incarnation comes from a time when this was the rule of the day to survive in society with these gifts, not to draw attention, you see. This became an automatic pattern of conduct deeply imbued. Another such experience, in the Samoan Islands, as a native of this region, 1607 here, a brief lifetime. Life cut short through dysentery.

The influences of these existences in the present time arrives as needed for the progression into your fulfillment of purpose for this sojourn at this time. The qualities of a long deep line of insight and inner connectedness with the ability to be comfortable in any locale, in any setting. Diverse background here, you see.

Use the quiet manner with wisdom but don’t be owned by it as patterned, unalterable. You choose the wisdom of its use in any situation. The speaking out, you see, is called for upon occasion. You will know this. Be free enough in your inner flow to recognize this time and respond appropriately. You can do this. You have this knowing. You have done this many times. Your wisdom accumulation through varied experience is a great resource for you to tap at this time. You have invested much to gain this foundation and foothold into the flow of universal understanding.

The next two years for you, our dear friend, holds for the promise of fulfillment of this investment over the years, over the sojourns. As always, the choice is ever yours. The opportunities though may be presented to you by many who know of your gifts and your potential to expand understanding in the lives of others. Two years is a significant number for it holds for you the promise of a shift in your embrace of your full command of that you are. Two years here to look forward to. Two years of opportunity to allow this blossoming. This coming into view, into fruition the connection with your long line of knowingness. The focus then for these two years is the awakening of the true self into your awareness.

An opportunity of service awaits you at this juncture in the form of teacher of the humanities in the sense of the course, the lineage, of human experience and the course it sets for the fulfillment of the soul of that one. Understanding the course of human experience not only from the personality perspective but from the soul as well. As one casts their gaze down the record, so to speak, of sojourns of their soul and takes a long view one may reverse the gaze, so to speak, and see the purpose of that course and where it’s heading and the opportunities that course presents for the future. The future being a limited term here, please understand. For the Now exists in the future as well and vice versa.

You have alluded to this opportunity for experience two years hence many times in the past. Veiled reference of understanding. The beginnings of knowingness of what lies ahead. Bits and pieces of musing from inner understanding confusing to those around you. Not altogether clear in your own mind, you see.

This next two years is a gathering time for the council of those who walked with you and walk with you in this culminating opportunity. There is a gathering afoot here, to use your terminology. Your opportunity in this time period will be part of this gathering, this circle of those who’ve walked the journey with you. Your recognition, your knowingness of this coming to the surface will be from within more than outer recognition or sign.

Two years is not rigid here. Two to three the opportunity but the movement will become quite strong in two. Definitely something changing for you. This may be a bit much for you to embrace at this time but many have confidence in you and of course are available to you for support.

We would suggest at this time that you look inside yourself and begin to, through loving embrace, claim ownership of your power, your beauty, your peace and your long history of inner strength. No need to create any of these, just draw upon what’s already there.

These wondrous times ahead, truly joyous service revealing many things. You will feel the glow in you as the power returns and your connectedness with all you’ve been and all you are. There is a peaceful strength that each must discover for themselves. Be of strong and steady faith in your destiny, in your future, in the beauty of your past and in the life and Light that you are. Namaste.
April 14, 1996          Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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