Seek in consciousness for service to life

This is an excellent example of very specific questions being responded to by gently advising the individual to seek within, open to the larger life, and make his own choices.

  1.   What is my origin? What is my mission in this life? What have I accomplished on this path and what still remains to be addressed?
  1.   In what ways would/might my current significant partner play in my path in the future? I have some reservations about this relationship.
  1.   In what ways might a special person of my life 34-40 years ago, for whom I hold warm, deep feelings, play in my path in the future?
  1.   I have recently had the opportunity to discuss and learn about the production of black pearls in the Cook Islands. In what ways would my participating in the worldwide marketing of black pearls affect my progress along my spiritual path?

JANU:    We see one who at this time looks to shape his future in this life, opting for optimal choices, troubling possibilities and options. This one would do well at this time to seek more within the confines or recesses of conscience and consciousness, in the direction of service to life.

We see at this time the image of a bee insect, the stinging or business end, if you will, that looms forward. This symbolizes your fear of being stung by some possible choices you may make in the future and have made in the past, dear one. We see a leeriness here. Thus the suggestion for the shift in priorities of perception and motivation and values. When contemplating the engagement of these choices you have presented, your question being: “What benefit exists for these others with my involvement?”

You ask of origins, dear one, and missions, and stages of performance or fulfillment. Your origin is unremarkable in the sense of grand or special station in life as compared to others of your knowingness. This does not mean insignificant beginnings. What this suggests is a concentration on what lies before you in the moment, with all of its potential, and all of your capacity to embrace it. A mission, if you will, for you is your growth in this area of the refinement of the perception of the range of nuance of interaction with life, your creative abilities, and the quality of your embrace.

This adventure you speak of, this business opportunity, can be approached on this same premise as you would–or might–the two women you express concern for. We are not at this time engaging in any speculation of possibilities of outcome in a mundane way for these involvements, you see, but the growth in the direction of self-mastery for you, if engaged with this in mind. Your accomplishments in this direction in this embodiment will serve you well in adventures yet to come. Become the master of the power of perception, sensitive and wise engagement, holding dear the enriching outcome for others as you proceed. The success you envision or you anticipate will be best realized on this course, dear one, not through clever manipulation of relationships.

Another level up the ladder, so to speak, in this course is to embrace, acknowledge, and attune to, in these processes, the source and sources of support in understanding, in sensitivity, in perception, within you by the authority of the core truth of your being, and through that the support of the rest of life. This solid, well-founded, balanced, and healthy foundation will open many doors for you, dear one, many opportunities and they will accelerate. You will find yourself busier than you can imagine, having to select from many wonderful choices.

You are developing, through this activity, spiritual character, consciousness well prepared for the challenges of larger adventures. Enjoy every moment of these opportunities. Savor their depth and their richness. Connect with them with the depth and richness of your true being. And you will find that you cannot imagine not engaging life in this way.

This is the sum and substance of our message for you by the authority of your inquiry and your current consciousness. Much joy awaits you, dear one. We wish you well and encourage you on your journey. We are the Brotherhood of Light serving in this way of understanding, wishing you every success and happiness.
January 14, 1997                                                             Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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