Service through awakening to who you are

JANU: It is a pleasure to be with you today and to hear your heart song. Dear one, so many come at this time looking for words of encouragement and clarity of vision and purpose. It is not uncommon at all, for it is the time, you see. Understand this, dear one, this quest of yours, this longing for this understanding is not your call alone but the call of your entire being and life has answered and will answer. What is your desire?

Q:        My desire is to help people, to work with them, to help them get through the things that they need to get through to prepare themselves for the coming.

JANU: This you have done in many times, dear one, other sojourns as well. In some as medical assistant, nurse if you will. We even see a time on a battlefield in time of war or struggle. You assisted many with much suffering and witnessed frequently the loss of life. The compassion is honorable, dear one, and the commitment.

Q:        Should I just continue to do what I am doing now, in support of my husband and the people that I come in contact with, and just let it flow out?

JANU: This you may do if you choose, dear one, but what lies before you is the opportunity to embrace the larger understanding of the conditions people find themselves in and not be only aware of the relief of suffering. The understanding of how they have contributed to their condition, you see.

You can do this by, as you have described earlier, quickening your awakening to the many levels of reality of existence in your world. So that your perception of the needs of another embrace the many dynamics of that need and not just the suffering.

Q:        I guess part of what I am making my problem, is I’m not certain how to bring what I can do for people, and what I do do for people, more out into the open.

JANU: The best path at this time for you, dear one, is to come into ownership and connection with the full range of your being. For your service to others is from that foundation, so does it not seem appropriate to build that foundation to serve from?

However, the foundation already exists within you, dear one. No need to create any of it. What we refer to here is your return to, in your conscious awareness and in your connection, your knowingness with this foundation you have utilized so many times in the past.

Q:        And I have so many questions, I can’t–there’s like no question to ask.

JANU: Then let us speak, then, dear one, and this is the manner in which we would speak to you at this time.

We offer you a heart place filled with the joy of remembering who you are. We hold this for you, encouraging you to return home, dear one, not in the sense of travel but in the sense of identity. Your struggle is resolved in the heart. Take a moment at this time and we will journey with you into this reality….So many await you there….The long journey is over, dear one….Let the light in your heart fill you….There you will find your family, who understand. Peace be yours….You are loved very much, dear one.

Q:       Sometimes it is hard to allow that love to come in.

JANU: Then allow a little, and it will get easier. Love is like that, you know. You give it an inch and it takes a mile! And then pretty soon you wonder, “What was all the fuss about?”

Q:       Yes, I know. Sometimes we make it more difficult on this plane that we need to.

JANU: Does this not help you understand the plight of others? This is the reason for your journey, dear one, in this world at this time. Much, much more yet to be discovered and unfolded. But a good beginning at this time. Namaste.

After the attunement ended, energetic healing continued, helping to balance the energies of the bodies.

JANU: Just a moment more. We are examining the vital bodies….There is one who has been placed near you to assist in this slight reconstruction, if you will, for the time being. This one is with an emphasis on the male counterpart for balance but not exclusively (a name is given). This one is not here to guide you with discourse, dear one, so much as to facilitate the balancing of your energy fields around and within the body. A temporary assignment.

Your truth will be known to you, dear one. Be assured of this, for in the peace where the balance is achieved do you find the truth. You are on your journey for this is what you have requested, in your heart’s desire.
December 10, 1996 B                         Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a conversation with an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more persontal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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