Transformation & Prosperity

  1. How may I assist myself, my clients, and the planet heal and transform?
  2. How can I unlock my full flow of prosperity on all levels?

JANU: This concern for the transformation for herself and those whom she contacts as well as the world is an interesting point of view. Transforming then moves into the area of consciousness raising not limited to the healing of some disturbance here and there or anomaly of self-creation.

Transformation, dear one, is a life supported endeavor of awakening to the return to full consciousness as a true being of life, the life that transcends the structures of creation. This is a process that unfolds, not a single giant step. This process of awakening and realization has its beneficial or productive aspects to the contributions to life as does the journey into the deep, so to speak, of density involvement. For the mastering or mastership of the levels of reality produces quickenings across the spectrum of creation that can be felt or experienced by others keeping vibrant the reality of the richness and the brilliance of life.

On one level, dear one, assisting the transformation of others and the world is best accomplished by your own. And how does one accomplish this, you might ask? The beginnings of this process are initiated and nurtured by a growing depth of unconditional love for yourself, for who you are, for the reality that you love and are part of life and the offspring, so to speak, of the love that binds us all. As the realities of your own beingness and life around you reveal themselves to you more and more, this is a catalyst and encouragement to continue the process. You will experience firsthand the challenges and opportunities to rise above, overcome if you will, patterns of self-creation, a product of the journey into separation, the forgetting of oneness. These patterns support continuation of separation and are brought to the surface for resolution by this transformational journey, dear one. The journey reveals and reinforces the true centering which is your anchor for reference of your patterns of the old to see them for what they are and the power to resolve them.

To transform oneself is to relocate your identity from that of separation to that of complete oneness. The oneness that embraces with love and understanding the realities of all journeys, including those yet to transform themselves. The appropriateness, the timing, the wisdom and the love to assist another and the world is revealed more and more in harmony with your growing process of self-transformation. Your assistance for others is a product of encouragement, example, and inspiring them to approach what you’ve gained and own. To perceive to lift them beyond that is illusion, dear one. How can you example what you’ve yet to possess through conscious ownership?

The flow of prosperity you speak of is a byproduct of this journey. For many, prosperity is tied only to financial reward. For those awakening and facilitating their transformation, prosperity takes a larger meaning and moves in the direction of the reality of the ownership of all life, ownership founded in harmonious oneness. Not for the advantage over others, but for the love and support of all life. When your focus is prosperity through the power within you as source for all you need, all of life understands your desire and supports it. And your needs will be met for the flow you speak of is now merged and at one with the flow of life. This is freedom, dear one, and the freedom you can offer others in the sense of demonstrating that they too can realize this inner source of prosperity, that their lives need no longer be a manipulation and a drain on others, but an inspiration and encouragement and support to others. What prosperity can another offer you in an ordinary way compared to the unlimited bounty of the life within that is all life?

Consider these understandings and listen to your own truth within you. You may find that the symbols of prosperity so cherished by so many no longer attract you in quite the same way. Identification with these common symbols have their influence of holding you to the illusion of power from without, prosperity from without. It is illusion, dear one. Sufficient for the game that they are a part of and for those who desire this illusion experience.
August 19, 1996                                                   Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only.

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