Trust in your integrity

Q:        Is there any question? There are always questions and so many answers. At the moment, I am mentally exhausted.

JANU: We have this one whom you have presented before us today. She is alone in her perception of her difficulties, challenges of living. Certain assumptions of hers perpetuate this environment in which she finds herself.

These perceptions come from a long standing pattern rooted in medieval times, when hopelessness was the root of perception for so many. She was, at that time, a noble woman under the king of France and the responsibilities of the court. She had martyred herself in her own mind and emotions, giving up her life, so to speak, for the service of the King. The many messengers of the day overwhelmed her with the needs of the country.

The issue for her at that time, that resides in her still–and now we speak directly to you, dear one–was one of trust in the integrity of your being and your own capacity to carry on. The order of the day, at that time, was the complexity of the court and you succumbed in that lifetime to those pressures. Delegation of decision making and responsibility would have served you better. The martyrdom in your perception of your life, is one of perception that your worth is based on your success in these complicated matters. Your worth is intrinsic, dear one, and is not subject to the demands of living and the demands of others. Through this shift in perception of the nature of worth one is not daunted or enslaved by these many demands.

Develop the ability to wisely, gently, but with great wisdom, return the demand of another to its source, in such a way that they can achieve that which they seek without draining you. Life will become a series of joyful experiences of successes. All who come with questions and needs are capable of, under proper guidance, answering their questions and meeting their needs. And so are you, dear one, capable in this way. The call and the challenge for so many in these times is to return to the fullness of their true being and their knowingness, to return to their true estate of the freedom of power over all circumstance and reconnect themselves with the unlimited resources of life available through their divine connection with it, and that is their true being.

All of the fields of creation of life, dear one, await your command. The wisdom and the balance and the harmony and the love needed for that command exists in your true nature. Identification with the pressures of external life bring confusion to one’s perception of their true identity. This can end the moment you decide, with inner conviction, that this be so. Questions turn into understanding and understanding opens the way to serving life and its ongoingness. The power that lives in the heart of your being is grander and more permanent than any you will ever find in life and its expressions outside of you. No circumstance or creation will bring you more joy or happiness than the freedom and the love that is your nature. For in the larger truth, dear one, your nature is connected directly with the rest of life and the source of it.

Spend much time discovering the truth of your being, forsaking all tuggings of life at you for the moment you are in attunement. As you achieve the inner connection, peace, and knowingness, you will discover your true connection with these other things and command them, instead of them commanding you. Love yourself ceaselessly and without limit or reservation, for only in this light and truth of your nature can you truly love another. You know these things to be true, dear one. Reclaim your power and your freedom that has always been yours and can never be taken away, except by you. And even then it is only an illusion.

We love you more than you know. And life in its beauty has never left your side. Open your heart to that life that is you. It is our honor and our privilege to serve you ceaselessly and encourage you into your sovereignty, into your freedom, into your joy. Trust in yourself and find true fulfillment, our sister in the light of understanding. Namaste.
September 20, 1998 A                                                  Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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