Well-being by allowing the Truth of Life

Q:  My health status and needs

JANU: Her needs are understood as well as her situation of engagement in this life. We would counsel in this way of understanding. This one reveals a deep desire for connection with the Orders of Service, both inner and outer, and the traditions of lineage, or connection, of life.

This richness, dear one, is yours. When the intensity, strength, and depth of connection with the larger life exists in an individual while in embodiment and the veil renders a lack of clarity of connection, the frustration is great and the anxiety and the push to breakthrough.

As we have counseled this channel through whom we speak at this moment, facilitating this breakthrough is enhanced by a perspective of seeing it, feeling it, allowing it to enter your consciousness, more than struggling and pushing for it. The struggle and the pushing becomes an impediment or blockage, if you will. Love with expectancy. Love is a great attractor. It is the great connector and bridge to all of life. Love this return to your former state of conscious connection and knowingness into your experience. With the utmost of calm and gentleness, love it, allow it. Allow it to embrace you and become your experience. Let go of the doubt, and the second guessing, and the “what ifs” and the “maybes” and how it must be.

These struggles in perception and embrace are a product of the conditions of disconnection throughout a society, you see. All that you envision, and the beauty of the larger life, is true and far more. But there is a grandness in the magic, in the wonder, and in the experience of living this grandness, this beauty, while in your world. Your world needs this, dear one, needs those as instruments, vehicles, channels if you will, living examples of the grandness and the beauty. You will find, as your connection, knowingness, and resolve solidifies into this reality, the ambitions, the struggles to teach and prove this will soften and others will benefit from your growing consciousness emanation of peace, of connection, of the full support of life, and of the beauty.

We tell you these things not to fluff you, so to speak, in any way. But that this is possible for you and it is needed at this time. The more enriching example of the truth of life expressed through another is not one of special gifts, demonstrations of tricks or magic or unusual powers, but one of love, the presence of peace, the sense that another understands and loves you with patience and gentle wisdom and that you can touch the truth of life through them and that it can be your own, as well.

Breathe this truth into your body. Relieve it of the fatigue and stress of the struggle to know the truth. Allow it to let go of any sense that it has failed you in any way. It only expresses your frustration and your concerns and has been faithful to its assignment to do this. Let it now begin to express to you your loving, allowing embrace of the fullness, of the richness, and of the beauty of life which you have known deeply for so long. This merging has great power to change the course of any condition.

When one lives centered in the truth and the love of life, they cannot fail. They cannot miss the mark. And the course that outer so-called spiritual or metaphysical activities takes is no indicator of success or failure in that way of perceiving life. Measure your worth and your success by the truth of who you are, not by activities in the outer. They will unfold as they should, as they may, as imperfect expressions of your true being, which is your worth, which is your life, which is your greatest service to another.

We find nothing at this time to correct in you in any way. Your confusions, your concerns and doubts are understandable and are born of the darkness, if you will, experienced by countless numbers. Let them go and invite the alternative to all of these to fill you. And they will. There are those around you who will hold this ideal for you, that you may draw upon for strength while challenged with the infirmities of the body. These messengers are being dispatched at this moment.

See this truth, this light, this resolve riding on every breath you take. Charge your lungs and your body in this way. See your lungs filling with light, more light with every breath. And then carried throughout the body, entering the blood stream, every cell filled with this truth of your being and your decision that even the body as well will be an example of this awakened reality.

A hand made of pure Light is placed directly over your chest. It is a hand made of the truth of your being, of your soul, of your spirit. It places its mark on you, dear one. It is the open hand of truth. Claim it as your own. Blessings and rich journey, and much joy. Your work will continue, but now, with the mark of the hand of truth of your true being placed upon it. We seal this decree in the Golden Light and the Ruby Flame and the mark of Zoroaster. Peace be yours, dear one. Greetings and namaste from the Brotherhood of Light.

January 17, 1997             Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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