Agricultural Science: Work with Nature

Q:     Primarily, I’d like to know about the ESP water and its connection with the Bio-ionization Fertilizer System. Also, its connection with the radionic machines and the Cosmic Pipes and agricultural production.

JANU:    This ESP device, as you term it, has an operation format somewhat different from these other approaches, you see. It’s capabilities and potential capabilities are such that synergism between other technologies and this one will seem almost unnecessary, for its strengths and impact in its area of influence are unique to it, dear one.

What we see here are systemic approaches to the synergism of which you speak where there are focuses of technology for atmospheric improvement and support for your vegetation, fluid manipulations and improvements as a unique field, soil conditioning, and the plant/insect interface. The synergism is not so much in the interconnected influences of these approaches but in the balanced application through your determination, you see. Making those necessary adjustments for outcome. We do not see at this time, in current understandings, one machine or device serves all needs. Now, in some instances, the experimentation of one discipline can serve to analyze another. So what we suggest here is a compartmentalizing approach to specific systems of support for your agriculture, you see.

Q:   The way I see this, then, the application would be that the ESP is kind of a synergistic effect to energize and the bio-ionization fertilizer is to feed and to create balance and the radionics machines then are, in the synergistic effect, to analyze and treat and the Cosmic Pipes are to apply and energize. So, then, in the fertilizer approach, what we are doing is that the proper approach in this, with the water and the radionics and the Cosmic Pipes?

JANU: What we see here is the need for some evolutionary development in the ability of this fertilizer to recognize and assimilate this ESP condition, the water, you see. The fertilizer is not acclimated to that at this time, cannot take full advantage of. We would suggest taking the approach of, as you would creating a new hybrid, condition the fertilizer with the treated water, not yet applied to the soil, you see. Creating, in an energetic sense, a refined strain of fertilizer. These technology approaches of energy manipulation and conditioning of these systems attempts to combine these systems in a cooperative relationship, not generally found in nature as it stands today. So, an understanding of helping one approach acclimate to and accept the influence of the others is in order here. This resultant combined influence in agriculture is more hybrid in nature than, at this time, returning nature to what has in the past been established over eons of time.

Understand this, then, that the operation of these systems need not necessarily be seen as being returned to earlier natural states, for those states are evolving anyway, as a result of planet-wide change. The interesting approach and projection here is: what the new balances will be on a planet-wide natural order, and anticipating this with your designs at this time.

Q:   I’m left a little puzzled. The energies that are involved, that are being used with radionics, the Cosmic Pipe, even the ESP water, was I getting it accurately that those energies are not natural in the environment at the present time?

JANU: In their alignments and configuration and in their complex compositions, they are not.

Q:     So is it kind of a violation in nature to utilize those, or is that more something that’s coming into being now?

JANU: Understand this. Nature, as you put it, is already violated. These approaches you are experimenting with are not the final word, so to speak, but transitional approaches to improve conditions, attempting to communicate cooperation and mutual support between these systems of nature in the area of plant production. See them as transitional approaches, not the final word. A necessary step with current understandings and technology but what you build today with these approaches is not how things will look in years to come.

Q:     OK. So, we’re on the right track for transition. Are we leaving out anything or are we just missing stuff that we should be working with, along with the water and the fertilizer and the radionics and the Cosmic Pipes, and keeping things in balance as best we can, or at least working to create that?

JANU: Your approach at this time, when monitoring effectiveness by the quality of the product of the fruit of the plant, does not reveal the whole picture of what is taking place. For you are producing crop yield that is in some ways a forcing of a natural response to your inputs. The plant is aware of this but is compelled to respond, giving the appearance of ‘everything is A-OK’ if you will. Everything is not A-OK. However, the short term benefit is obvious. What we are suggesting here is a larger and longer range view. Realizing that your approaches are interim and necessary but you will learn much if your view and your attention is on how nature will do this in the future without the instrumentation, you see. You are not designing, at this current stage, permanent approaches to crop solutions. These are to carry you through the changes, you see.

Understand this as well, dear one, that as the human evolves in the years to come, there will be significant change so that the nutritional requirements then will not be the same as they are now. But this is not seen in its detail yet. Things are in flux so cope as well as you can during this period, with your artificial, in a sense, approaches.

Q:  I think that is all the questions I have right now. I really thank you for all this.

JANU:  Understand, dear one, that the need at this time is better communication between these systems of nature so that the reconditioning of one system is acceptable to the other. There is a tendency to push or force influence or change in these systems through these energetic approaches, without enough consideration of whether these changes are acceptable to those systems. This can be developed and let us examine one system at a time with the energetic technology that is applied and examine what is more acceptable.

We would like to see more agreement here between your approaches and these natural systems. A partnership, if you will, with sensitivity. This approach to device improvement and effectiveness is of central interest at this time. The understanding of these cooperative interfaces will be the impetus for understanding the redesign of the equipment, you see. First you identify the need and then develop the approach. Let us continue in this way and proceed as you require.
May 8, 1997 B         Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

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