Connection to Galactic Council and other ETs

  1. Can you comment on the nature of my mission here on Earth, the intense energetic shifting in my body and the ET contact that I have had? How are these things related to each other?
  2. Is there specific information that needs to come through about the healing room I am creating in my home?

JANU: What we perceive here is one who journeys in this area of the universe on a mission of orientation for the Galactic High Council. Orientation, then, in terms of producing feedback, if you will, that conforms to the requirement of progressed understanding of the human envelope to the thrust of life in this region. Dear one, as we have your ear at this time of your reading this discourse, please make note. You are destined to become as a communication beacon, if you will, for this Galactic Council and the subsidiaries operating more closely to your world.

The healing room you mention is a wise choice in the sense of your quickening, your awakening, through the manipulation of these triggers for consciousness awakening. An adjunct to your primary service, but by no means primary itself, you see.

The extraterrestrial contact is of your own design and choosing, dear one. There is one who would communicate with you by the name of **. He speaks of this communication channel, link if you will, that needs be established with you at this time. He is as envoy of the Galactic Council, a point person, if you will. Your movement into this arrangement will progress over the next few years, always subject to your acceptance and commitment. There are others you will become aware of. ** is not alone in this. His influence is germane to this assignment as a result of his background in the area of intergalactic communication. Another, named *** has a parallel operation. ****, another.

These beings arrive from different sectors of your universe, each with their contingent. There is a vast network of communicators in your world, of which you are one. This Supreme Council coordinates many such activities from other worlds. Our role or mandate, if you will, is as coordinator of those influences and elements of the organization of worlds not seen as, from your perspective, spirit per se although multidimensional. This coordinated effort brings balance to the cooperative interests and desires of those in spirit and beyond.

Your journey of exploration and service finds you at this time in your present locale. A diversion, to a degree, from other pursuits. But it is time, dear one, to embrace this one. And there is supportive relationship to your other interests as well by taking on this assignment.

What then would you communicate, dear one, in your position on this team? Among other things, the impact or acceptance of the growing awareness of these realities as you perceive them in your world and in your contacts. Your primary role is not to herald this coming understanding but to be monitor of it. There will be times when you will be called on to be supportive in an outer way, but wait on and follow your impressions to do so.

You do, in fact, have craft at your disposal, involved in reconnaissance, energy manipulations for balance, and corrective support for the Earth. ** will assist in your communications in this area. **** is more as back-up support. Another named ***** is involved as well, a team member. So you see, dear one, you are not alone in this.

Now, we have given much at this time for you to consider. Digest it slowly so as not to be overwhelmed in your clarity of center and ownership of purpose. Come into the truth of this as you will. We will tell you this much: although you have much extraterrestrial connection, your path, your being, and your truth lies beyond this. You come as assistant to their function and their need to serve. Your origins lie far beyond this domain. You come from a sun known as “Xeros,” in the nebula known as “Pedantus” in the Novirian Sector, thirteenth planet in that system. You are given this for perspective, dear one, not to attract your attention so much as to broaden your sense of perspective of who you are and that you have reason for being here and much to offer.

We of the Galactic Council salute your willingness to serve and coming at this time to assist in bringing order to this system of life evolvement. Grow into this at your pace, dear one. As you choose assistance it will be provided. Further contact, for the time being only, will be primarily through **, and others he may bring into your communications. Claim the truth of your being, dear one, own who you are, stand in that truth in all of your endeavors, your communications, and your service in the Light. Through this understanding and reality are you so prepared to be of service.
December 1, 1996                                                                  Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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