Connection to Hathors and Serapis

Q:   What is my connection, and that of my spouse, to the Hathors and to Serapis?

JANU: The Hathors, dear one, are a collection of consciousnesses that have transcended time and space as you know it. They have sojourned and have assimilated the essential understandings of other races and cultures, one being, yes, the Egyptians, as has been suggested by another. For the Egyptian understanding and pattern of perception of the nature of life was one that had many similarities to another culture of their reckoning. This fueled the attraction, if you will, for the study. Their primary existence and purpose for being comes at a time when discrete or finite cultures of worlds run their course and must evolve into a larger understanding that embraces the collective consciousness of other cultures, you see. Their journeys have been connected with your system of planets or worlds for approximately thirteen millennia. This episode of current involvement passes them through a portal or window of opportunity to not only engage other cultures but to add to their membership rolls, if you will. They have grown in number in this way.

As to your involvement or connection, as you put it, dear one, and that of your mate, you are a “drop off,” so to speak. One who has remained behind, if you will, for further journeys of exploration of your choosing. Your mate’s relationship to this is one of fascination or interest in your connection in these ways, dear one. You are known as “***, the one who lingers and embraces for understanding.” This brings you intimacy of awareness not gained by those who hurry on to further adventures, you see. Your connection with this collective is described as “passing through,” making connections and alignments. This collective is a local nest, or hive if you will, of a larger conglomerate of those similarly predisposed to engage cultures and societies and species in this way.

Your home world of origin knew of these in advance of your passing through, so to speak, and you determined that this was a journey of your desire. You are daughter of a group or council of Kreeks situated in the ninth realm of the Hermides Cluster or collection of worlds. Your time here on Earth is well spent in the sense of stabilizing or focusing your attention or interests.

Serapis, dear one, Lord and Master of his dominion, has his connection to this Egyptian culture, as well, you see. The Hathors were serviced by this one during their more direct involvements in this culture. Our brother and Lord of the Rays has touched your shoulder, so to speak, from time to time. You being influenced by the qualities of that ray and his stewardship. We see a time when you held a sacred and high regard in your thoughts and in your heart for this brother and lord.

You and your current mate were in association at that time; however, his position in society placed him in a class structure or level that did not make it socially and politically acceptable for the two of you to be so embraced or engaged as you are at this time. He was as overseer of a body of worker slaves in construction and in the maintenance of fields for agriculture and irrigation, you see. You were more attuned to the finer points of the cultural philosophies of the nature of life and the gods and goddesses of the time, you see.

You remained behind when the others moved on by choice, dear one, for you enjoyed the sojourning. And you were female at that time, although we see you in a young and slight male embodiment in that culture, as well. One somewhat overly sensitive and fair and fragile for the male role in that culture.

What of all this connection and history, dear one, for your considerations of your current position in life? Let us take this a step at a time, if we may. You are here at this time to embrace or engage in the assimilation of cultures of philosophies and perspectives of understanding in preparation for this new millennium. You are as ambassador and envoy for those who would envision societal structure yet to come. There will be the need, in times to come, for diverse cultures to find common ground in the sense of cooperation. You will be able to see through these differences in traditions of thought and societal structures and contribute to agreements in how to proceed to meet the demands of the times to come. The Hathors perceive this end game, if you will, of new beginnings, when engaging in other cultures, you see. Beloved Serapis, dear one, has supported this vision and it is one that is appropriate to this forthright quality and contribution for completeness in the range of potential for life.

The Hathors are known by another name, for the Earth is not their only experience, dear one. They are the Kreiga in another understanding. This service they provide as a product of their journey through life is one suited to acknowledgement and implementation by designers of worlds and societies, not so much by individuals. You have a standing invitation to sit in on the council of those who make such decisions even at this time, dear one. Make this connection through your inner knowingness and your role and contribution will develop and be shaped as you proceed. *** is your name and it is your rank, as well.

We see this coming together for you in the next six months, your choice, of course, dear one. The implementation of your service is still several years down the road but you would do well to entertain these possibilities, even at this juncture. Watch your health, dear one, and that of your mate. These things can interfere with opportunities that lie before you.

There is one who will reach out, in a manner of speaking, to assist you in this journey of remembrance and reconnection. His symbol is a golden rod of light for you to grasp. And you will merge, then, becoming one with this rod of golden light. And then you will understand. His name is **.

Good journeying, dear one. All is well and it is a good time to awaken more fully. Your path is held in trust by good hands, well chosen stewards. Namaste, dear one, and good afternoon. We speak to you as the Brotherhood of Light.
January 4. 1997                                        Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from a couple, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular souple, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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