Council of Ages

Q:    Please give any information about the Council of 144.

JANU: This council you speak of, of 144, shall be known as the Council of the Ages. The 144, then, a key to the structure of understanding of the operation of this group, so to speak, you see, 144 an ancient or mystical symbol, the key to the path of return to the awakening of those multi-layered or -leveled twelve realities of being or consciousness. This council comes at a time when there is an urge to progress in the embrace of not only the larger view of life but the realities of its structure progression, purpose, opportunity, potential, the relational aspects of its many contingencies. The doughnut representation or symbol, torus or toroid, if you will, represents that relationship. The synergism and symmetry, the freedom of interplay yet connected reality of that experienced through this awakening, you see.

The concept of grid from a three dimensional mind or perspective is a very limited view. A grid can and is formed in what would appear to be a non-linear relationship to you but is balanced and symmetrical when perceived from and experienced from other realities, you see. The grid image you are used to and identified with in recognition would render you unable to recognize other grid realities. This is true of many of your perceptions; thus the awakening process, the service of this Council of the Ages, is needed at this time. Your frames of reference and patterns of recognition are about to be faced with the opportunity to expand and encompass more of the range of realities. This growth in recognition patterns of reality will allow your consciousness to expand and merge and be in harmony with, therefore rendering understanding and interaction with a fuller view and involvement with life. This council does not reveal all that it is at this time. This recognition of yours is but a selected example for your initial understanding and connection, you see.

Such as it is with many of Light who operate and live in realities that transcend your patterns of recognition and understanding that you have become used to in your world. That does not mean these larger perspectives are not available to you, dear one, but in truth your involvement with these and awareness of these will be a function of your willingness and capacity to expand your consciousness in what will seem to be new ways that, for some, would contradict their normal experience and would not understand any correlation. A point of reference for you in this expansion is the understanding and acceptance that creation holds many realities beyond your current grasp and do not negate your current reality. They are additional parts of creation. So, as you open to these possibilities, your beginning handhold or foothold, so to speak, into these enlarged experiences is the acceptance of their possibility and their uniqueness from your current point of view, you see. Your growth in experience in these areas will render you far more capable of understanding the nuances of the experiences of others in their current more limited perceptions of world reality and provide insight for the purpose of encouragement and upliftment and helping them begin to take a look at new perspectives.

The tachyon beads of your device are miniatures representing the pattern of the pathway of consciousness that transcends the limits of one reality moving through others in grasp and scope. This is their contribution in the proximity of others and yourself. Examine and experience their reality in that perspective as a taste of or reminder, a sample of your journey as you choose to grow in larger perception of life. The grid (link to post Grids) spoken of at the first meeting was this channel’s insight into grid reality and its widely used existence in so many ways. The tachyon beads represent nodes of transdimensional reality. The grid represents the ordered structure for uniform embrace and manipulation and monitoring of these realities, you see. A fitting instrument of inspiration for others to experience a moment or the beginnings of quickened awareness or perception of themselves and, of course, the rest of life of which they are a part and have created in the true sense of their being reality. Namaste.
August 21, 1996                                                            Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only.

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