Discernment regarding “teachers”

Q:        Who is **** (a spiritual teacher in Seattle, WA) and–more to the point–what, if any, is his relation to the historical Jesus?

JANU: We have this one **** who comes with a knowing that precedes or supercedes many at this time. His pattern of being is one of co-joining with directed thought with a basis in turbulence resolution response. We see this one prolonging an effect that comes with harbingers of doom and gloom. This one casts a shadow, a long shadow, that many will see as prophecy and fear will ensue in noncompliance.

The Brotherhood of Light is aware of this one and observes closely. The pattern here is one of engulfment of consciousness in others. This one will be monitored from time to time and the effects of his shadow and his words evaluated as they play upon the minds of others. Efforts to prevent him from doing this will not be exercised at this time. It is a test as well, you see, for the strength of centering in those who listen. How else to know, with certainty, your resolve in your own belief structure and knowingness?

There will be many such tests, dear one. But these tests are not free to ply their trade without limit. The truth of anyone is best measured by the proven standards of acceptance within the self, within the heart and soul of each one. When this is accomplished, there is no power of deception that can confuse. For does not light reveal darkness for what it is?

Researchers of truth and understanding need be alert and careful that their identity does not shift to the research, you see. The range of understanding throughout all creation and life can seem, to the analytical mind, to be so overwhelmingly vast that it has appeal for being identified with. It is a no thing, dear one, compared to the reality of your true being. It is all there to serve your experience and your expansion in consciousness. It serves you.

It is useful to take a look at these many appearances on the scene, so to speak, of truth and guidance of different ways of understanding and discourse. These prove nothing to you, dear one. The proof will never lie in these outpourings for it lies only within your true nature. What, then, is all creation but a reflection of original consciousness? The proof is in the consciousness, you see, not in the creation. Beholding the beauty that has been from the consciousness is a marvel indeed and speaks well of that creative thrust, that source. But the beauty of the source is grander still.

Turbulences of confusion, of maskings of intent of original thrust of life must be seen for what they are. Their indirect beauty is the challenge to your clarity, you see. Let these confusions inspire you into greater clarity and ownership and identity that is true and eternal.

We are not against these so much as for the understanding of these and the growth in awareness that can ensue. These sources of flow of their understanding will seem convincing through their conviction in what they say. Their conviction, dear one, does not need to be yours. Your conviction that best serves is within you. The truth that unites and brings harmony and expansion will always survive anomalies and challenges. The challenges will come until they are no longer needed and find no opportunity to anchor in anyone’s perception. It is a part of life’s way, you see. The issue is not this one, our friend, the issue is you and always will be.

This relation to the historical Jesus, from your point of view, is not seen here. But the historical Jesus, understand this, had many challenges and the light that he was and is outlived them. Let your light outlive these as well.

There is a power of love so deep and pervasive in the true nature of your being that no other seems real or powerful that is not in harmony with this love. In this reality, dear one, one observes these challenges not as being against but as understanding them for what they are and their role for as long as they are needed. Love is and needs to be against no thing, for love is one with all life. There resides peace beyond any current understanding and meaning of the word. For this peace is powerful without limit in the sense of being undisturbed. Love never reacts, it only embraces and understands and supports life. The brothers within the Brotherhood not only understand this truth but are this truth. As you learn of their reality and your own, you will understand this as well.

Much to be learned here in the nature, the essence, and the interplays of life. We of the Brotherhood leave you in peace. Namaste, brother. One in love and understanding.
May 17, 1996                                                          Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

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