Fourth dimension & “high frequency energies”

Q:        One of the most important areas of concern for me is my spiritual growth. I am on a spiritual quest and have been for a long, long time. I want to find out who I am, what the years ahead have for me. I have a deep soul longing to evolve in consciousness from third dimension to fourth dimension. I’ve heard that that is a big possibility for us on the Earth plane at this time to do that and I want that with all my heart and soul.

JANU: We would caution you in this way, sister. Understand that those who choose to advantage themselves, from their perception, to this so‑called fourth dimension are to some degree a bit misguided one between the other. We would have you understand at this time that this concept of altered reality called the “fourth dimension” is that which lives within you at all times. You are not separate from this in the truer sense. You abide in this reality as an aspect of your own true nature, your own being. To advantage yourself with awareness and involvement and the resource of this reality, we would suggest that you open your heart to that aspect or element of your own being that already lives there, dear one, choosing then the conscious integration of your collective being into an awakened reality that best serves you in your quest or journeys in this current incarnation, you see.  (Ed. note: more on dimensions)

Q:        I wanted to ask you about the higher frequency energies that are supposedly being sent to Earth at this time to help people in raising their consciousness. I mean, that’s what I read in books and hear. I’m wondering if that is a truth and, if it is, I was wondering if that is part of what is making everyone seem so erratic at this time. The school children going to school with guns and …

JANU: We would alert you in this way of understanding. There are many sources of what you call higher frequencies entering this realm you call Earth at this time. The difficulty you cite as to the erratic behavior of certain individuals has naught to do directly with these energies of assistance from enlightened sources who serve in harmony with the destiny of your world and have nothing but the highest regard for serving life on the Earth. The difficulty with these erratic individuals is the incoming energies raise to the surface those patterns of their own creation within their own record that are challenges to what you would call harmonious civil behavior. Their inability to cope with these becomes problematic and therefore they need the assistance of those who are so enlightened to see the truth of these additions to your life in such a way as they may cope with these challenges. Not left to their own devices without the skills to cope, you see.

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