Galactic Night and Photon Band explained

Q:  Can you explain what the Galactic Night is and what really is the Photon Band? Is this important for my understanding now?

JANU: The Galactic Night, as you term it, is that transitional period when adjustments are made to what some might call the integrity of the fabric of the universe, galaxy if you will, that comes about with the characteristic spin throughout the system of rotational phenomenon. Not only shifts in these pattern and rates in individual worlds and vortexes and energy clusters but for that system as a whole, you see. This rotational phenomenon, clockwise or counterclockwise from your point of view, would seem to shift linear progression of understanding in such a way as to bring the perception of time turned on itself, if you will. This influence functions as a pattern builder of coordinating relationships through the many realities and the components of that creation, you see. Why then the term “Galactic Night?” Whenever a shift is made in consciousness of a magnitude that leaves one with the perception that continuity is disrupted, there is this phenomenon called the “Dark Night,” you see. This is a perceptual characteristic. Much of this transpires in the individual at this time, bringing moments of confusion and uncertainty of life turning on itself, you see.

This Photon Belt or Band so many describe and make reference to coalesces as a result of this rotational phenomenon, bringing uniformity from its perspective and interference from that of the creation, you see. These realities best embraced with a vision toward a new day and a new understanding in the life and in the consciousness, you see. If your world and your attention is fixed solely upon the creations of the past and current continuations of these, all you will perceive is disturbance and challenge and seeming breaking down of traditions in which you find comfort and stability.

The future does not look like the past, or even the present. Yet the future is yours and greets you. Are you ready for it? Not so much in the detailed understanding of that potential but in the embrace of it, you see. New identities, new perceptions, new understandings, new capabilities, new strengths, expanded connectivity, and expanded ownership of your place and your command in the patterns of life. What is it you possess this day that is worth foregoing this promise? Even the nature and the rhythms of your physical being must change, for they will not embrace these new expanded realities in its current pattern and function. The sandbox of your youth must be left behind, dear one. Your pail and your shovel serve only there, and even the sand was designed for that box.

The Photon Belt, or Band as you term it, is the vital life link for the delivery system for this new wave, produced by this rotational phenomenon. It leads you to that which lies beyond the sandbox of your youth. Develop your ability to interpret, read, and assimilate what this delivery system brings to your doorstep. The pain so many hang on to through past association and identification will become irrelevant to the one willing to step into a larger life.

We speak of this in this manner, dear one, not to assuage but to reveal before you the forward movement of life, which in some ways is your design and your agreement. Journey with us, then, into this new world and encourage and support your physical interface to progress as well. This exploration, this journey of examination, is worthy of revisiting many times as this process unfolds. We trust this will be of some service to you and wish you every success. Namaste.
May 4, 1997                                                                    Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

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