Grids and extraterrestial lives

  1. I see faint, thin lines or a gridwork over everything at times. A few times I’ve worked with enhancing or reconnecting these lines. Do I have other work to do with them?
  2. Can you tell me about my history on other planets and my path on this one?

This individual had several wide ranging questions. Janu elected to answer the others in separate sessions, but to respond to these together.

JANU:    The gridlines, dear one, relate to energy field structures that exist as part of the organization of life. Working with these, as you put it, is not that they need manipulation or restructuring. They are there by design. More appropriately, come to understand their reality and their connection with manifestation and maintenance process of creation. This grid network extends beyond the limits of your perception of this world in which you live. These patterns are not unique to your region and they exist in a wide variety of configuration, purpose and energy composition. Their functions vary. Even a thought process has a grid component, for it utilizes, configures for function, essential life energy which manifests through and is maintained in some way by organized structure, by patterns of symmetry in relationship. When attuned or developed in consciousness to certain degrees, you may be encouraged to participate in the support of these structures. All of creation is maintained, dear one. A planet does not just hang in space on its own, so to speak, with no support and maintenance structures in the fabric of creation. And neither do you.

Your journeys to and experiences in connection with other planets hold within them memory of this grid understanding and, of course, many others. We see one world, called “Ventana”, in a cluster or nebula with a ringlike characteristic in appearance, that is concealed from your view astronomically by the Horseshoe Crab Nebula. Your existence in relation to Ventana was one of atmosphere or air supervision and cloud formation technology. This was a maintained planet, overcoming certain instabilities in its region of existence. Many somewhat unstable forces at play on this world from its planetary neighbors, you see. Your understanding of grid technology played a role in managing this manifestation of atmosphere stability.

You also have memory of a more watery world. You were a water being there, and somewhat isolated, in your researches, from your societal contemporaries. This planet known as “Nodoola” in the Antaries region. Your researches there included understanding ecologies, underwater ecologies, and their possibilities for evolving into modified life form experience.

We see you as traveler at one time between worlds. A female then as well, you see, name of “Nora”, on a Bellian craft. This craft mapped or surveyed other worlds and systems for the benefit of its home world and system. You served nineteen of your system’s planetary years on this craft and were something of a botanist and biologist.

Your journey to this world, Earth, was part of a larger contingent of beings to explore the human condition as it relates to the world’s system of life. To study the correlation between the human interactive realities in a culture and their correlation, their similarity, their connection with the life of the planet. For you have observed and learned that indigenous life and the world on which it lives evolve as one.

We have enjoyed serving you through this series of discourses. And welcome assisting you further, should it be your desire. We anticipate fully your achieving this connection in your own way. Enjoy this journey you have chosen in this world Earth. You have many more ahead of you. Be more sensitive to the reality of others you have connection with through the taking on of this particular journey. It will help reveal your purpose.
Oct. 15, 1996                                                              Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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