Hall of Records

Q:    What is my connection to the Hall of Records, either during its inception or in the near future?

JANU: The Hall of Records, then, being one reality that embraces the knowingness of Life itself. These records, as you put them, are continuances of reality expression in the form of life impulses that do not decay with time or need upgrading, you see. Once patterned or set in motion, these impulses, records if you will, are self-sustained. But that is the nature of the pattern. Hall of Records is a misnomer of sorts. Hall lends familiarity of concept or perception to the human mind. Better understood as domain of ongoingness of vibrational pattern created through expression or adventure, you see.

Your relationship to this, dear one, is one of contributor, as is life itself. Life expressions. Your powers of observation would serve you well in the exploration of these records. We see you as investigator, as occasional visitor, as contributor and as record keeper. But only occasionally, dear one.

The Hall of Records was established for the purpose of continuation of life’s journeys. The Akasha is a record keeper as well, but is an automatic process. The Hall of Records is managed by archetypes of being with capacities for organized records of understanding or thought or pattern retention. Those who journey here are not the curiosity seekers but are with purpose and mission.

There is one who would speak from this domain. His name being Ashar, Ashar Tem, host of the Records of the Light, you see. He speaks of the eternal nature of his connection with this service and would encourage you to attune to this reality as a guest in harmony with its nature and purpose. He will meet with you there and discuss with you further. Your life pattern has connection as a visitor and occasional participant. Ashar Tem knows of your connection and history in this domain. Your future with this domain most likely will pattern after previous associations as one of the searcher and contributor.

This reality is, as you might see, parked in a domain of life vibrational pattern or frequency with avenues of connection across the range of dimensional realities. It is a domain that exists as an aspect of patterns of reality. The key to entrance is attunement to its nature. You have knocked at the door, so to speak, in this sojourn and your glimpses are peripheral. This experience is not one gained by accident, but by conscious desire and attunement or alignment. Understanding realities of this nature, in time frame you are familiar with, is irrelevant. The ongoingness of this reality, a counterpart to the fruits of time, is the depth and breadth of consciousness, the domain of the record. Even the term records has a connotation of something fixed, locked in place. Better understood as the domain of ongoingness, a living record. Would almost seem like a parallel universe of reality to the disconnected mind.

Generally speaking, this inquiry addresses the flow of understanding central to ongoingness of endeavor and expression. For what is the purpose of recording anything, dear one, but ongoingness? It is a method to continue an understanding, an experience. The story of life. The Hall of Records, as you put it, has such a purpose, you see. In the larger sense, it is your Hall of Records. It is your legacy for having lived and functioned as a creator.

The structure and order of this reality is such that access to or awareness of or being one with requires attunement and harmony. We will use your term “Hall of Records” for communication familiarity, you see. It is a concept based on form and structure from your world. More the reality here of an attunement in consciousness, an imprint, domain or region of reality, created with a purpose as described. So this is less a place to go to than a state to be in. More the embracing of the story of life. Not to change it or manipulate it but to facilitate the connectedness of memory. Another word for “record,” you see.

Ashar Tem does await you, dear one, and any of such inquiry and will honor your request as you honor this reality. Remembering the theme of creation: freedom to all in harmony with its natural order. The future of your connection with this reality is up to you. You have the freedom of unlimited possibility. It is not ordained to take one form or another. Understanding its potential is a wise choice, for wise decision and preparation. Our attempts at communication in this area are for the purpose of laying the beginning foundation of understanding, the order and access to this reality. Make of it what you will.

Those who spend time looking for the visual imagery of a hall filled with records will find such, for it is of their creating, you see, and yet do not understand the full implication of the reality that they are, in fact, creators and fulfillers of their desire. Can be confusing, knowing what is and what you have just created. And seeing them as having been before you arrived. For there is an isness to that as well, dear one. The nuance is lost to the unenlightened. We of the Brotherhood of Light honor both sides of this nuance, for that is in order as well and plays out.

Mastery, consciously, of your creative process is a wise path indeed. Discovering the subtleties and the gross aspects, with recognition for what they are, clears the pathways for greater understanding without coloration, for lack of a better term. Desire and struggle, when not founded in peace and harmony, color the path, so to speak, and make clear observation more difficult. For you create your anticipated outcome, outcome shaped by expectation. The traditions of thought in your world are not altogether free from colored anticipations and outcome yet many proceed in their path of discovery based on these, you see.

Examine closely, with love and patience, the full nature of your creative reality. Shed light on your motives and desires and the role they play in your experience, in your outcomes, in your success. Your victory in this area would be a nice addition to this so-called Hall of Records. For are you not, in reality, its field agent, so to speak? It is not separate from us, dear one. Life is connected.

We savor this moment of shared understanding and trust it provides a spark of recognition and knowingness within you. All of life is vast and all of it is available to you and, not only that, invites your engagement. Do so with an enlightened, child-like eye of wonder at its beauty, its magic, and its limitless capacity to express life.
May 19 & 21, 1996                                                                       Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light in two sessions. It is presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only.

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