Healing, past lives, Kuthumi

Q:        Have I been involved in healing in other lifetimes?

JANU: Many times, thirty three in number, as practitioner of the arts. Virtually every country or continent of significance and some not. This will be the thirty-fourth, dear one, but not in the same pattern as before. This one will be more in the mode of healing through consciousness, through presence and pattern, not so much the mechanical approach of the others. This will unfold in the coming years as your introduction proceeds to that which the one who guides you has outlined. The other healing lifetimes composed in such a way as to allow for this step up the ladder, if you will, in the art, for this new form for you allows for providing this kind of service at distance. Those whom you serve need not be present and your services can expand to group level. Also demonstrating to those served that true healing is of their own doing, not from a practitioner who facilitates, giving them their own sense of power and ownership, dear one. A more complete service.

Q:        For some time I’ve had the feeling that Jesus did not heal actually, that he looked into the mind of a person and projected a vision of perfection which allowed them to access their own power of healing. Is that anywhere close to being correct?

JANU: This one operated on many levels simultaneously, dear one, including the one you describe. The touch, the comfort of his presence, the engagement of his being and aura, as well as accommodation on the inner or subtler bodies as well. This was a multi-faceted, simultaneous, and complete balanced presentation, well suited to the needs of each one. He mastered this through a number of lifetimes and gained this understanding and perspective more completely in his journeys of instruction during his earlier years, primarily in India. The answer to your question is yes, dear one.

Q:        This morning in my meditation, I felt as though Jesus actually joined me. Is that possible?

JANU: Not only possible, dear one, but likely. His influence and touch extends around the world and always has. What draws his touch is a light of consciousness that provides opportunity for his embrace. This one through whom we speak refers to this as pattern matching. A bit technical for a reality that extends the warmth of love and compassion.

Q:        Since Jesus used a multi-faceted approach to healing, is it possible that he could use me or he could teach me how to do that so that I might also share these blessings with many people?

JANU: More so, in your case, assist you in remembering that capacity you have already achieved. See not yourself as new to this understanding and reality of service. More for you, in the times to come, the experience will be predominantly remembering and awakening to the capacities for service you have already earned and formed in your nature. See yourself, then, one as comfortable with, already in harmony with, a brother with the Master in the healing understanding.

Q:        What would be the most efficient method of my regaining the memory of these things that I’ve learned in past lifetimes, so that I may, as soon as possible, begin to practice and to utilize these talents and this knowledge?

JANU: This is the purpose of your recent connection with, contact with, the Ascended Master Kuthumi. He will bring to you, from within, opportunities and memory of such activity and opportunities to serve. They will not be theoretical. They will be opportunities in reality, where need exists throughout life. These opportunities and engagements on your part and his will be as catalyst for the memory of which you speak. This will be accomplished, dear one, through direct experience, guided by one who knows.

Q:        Is my partner an advanced soul, as I suspect? Have we been together in other lifetimes?

JANU: A relative term, dear one, that humans tend to use to measure each other and where they are on some imagined scale of enlightenment. Each of you are advanced or whatever you choose to call it. You are shining lights born of the truth of life from its origin or beginning. See each other never as one advanced more than another. It is an illusion of your plane and tends to separate rather than to unite and promote the equal honoring of each other in love and respect. You are equals, dear one, even as you and I are. Yes, dear one, you have been together in five such lifetimes, including this one.

Q:        Were my mother and I associated in another life?

JANU: You served her. She was a priestess in Egypt. Your sojourn was brief at that time. You succumbed to a minor plague situation, a disease. You were as servant and the experience or relationship cut short prematurely that would have developed into a greater fondness on her part. For although she knew of you, you reminded her of her desire for a child. That is all.

Q:        Were we ever associated in a situation where we may have been considered lovers?

JANU: There were several where this was experimented with. No one coming into focus of significance, dear one. This one is to be left alone by this source. Most unusual.

Q:        Is there a spiritual purpose for my present condition of impotence? Will it be permanent, or is it reversible?

JANU: You have long standing, in your memory of sojourns, an ideal that celibacy leads to freedom and enlightenment. This doctrine of the human religion or church does not serve the purpose so stated. This pattern you have accepted, not because you favor this but that you cherish so deeply the path to freedom that you gladly implanted or imprinted this in your being to help guarantee it. The resolution of this comes through the acceptance and love of self which includes all human function. Every part of the body, every cell, every nuance serves the path to freedom. See every part of you serving the path to freedom in its natural way. Each part of your body is divine. This is the direction to freeing the confusions of the past, born of human misinterpretation of the way of life. This is the beginning, dear one, of what you would call a correction.

Q:        Is what is known as the Ihaya technique, called ascension, is it one that will speed the process of enlightenment for many people who utilize it?

JANU: What we see here is a system of understanding or practice that has within it that ideal. Such practices traditionally, when employed successfully, not as the source of your freedom but as the reminder of it, leads one through this preparation to the acceptance of, in right time, the one who comes to lead you the rest of the way into the freedom of your true nature. We do not hold any one practice above another for, in truth, each must relinquish its role to a larger truth.

You are the answer to your quest, dear one, and always have been. All you seek to achieve has never left you. These practices serve momentarily to draw you to acceptance of what we have just described. You achieve enlightenment and ascension by virtue of the authority of who you are. No teacher or technique or system has this authority for you. Use them with wisdom. You are the authority for your victory. It is wise to regain this perspective.

Q:        I still feel as though there’s a barrier between me and the conscious awareness of what you speak of that is within me. And I still feel the need of something to dissolve or remove this barrier. Is there any technique or any method that you can suggest that would help me to get rid of this feeling or to access this knowledge that you say is within me on a conscious level.

JANU: Simple put, dear one, but profound in its nature and the true path towards what you seek. And that is: to acknowledge the barrier and love it with all your heart. Own the barrier, for in truth, dear one, it is of your own making. No part of life, in its truth, denies you access. None. Any denial or barrier is of your own making and for a purpose. Own the reason for it, and the experience of it, and love your way through it by resolving it in this way. This has always been the case and the truth for any seeming obstacle of your desire. Spend time with this, not in frustration, not in struggle, not in forced determination, but in your acceptance of love that barrier is a divine creation of yours. You had reason for this, dear one, as each does. Accept the purpose of it. Command it. And when you no longer have need of it, through the mastery of its wisdom, it will cease to be. This is the direction for mastering any such experience.

Once again we restate: no system of thought or practice can own your own creations. Only you can do this, dear one. It is a natural command of life. You commanded its beginning. By the same authority, as its creator, you command its resolution. This is mastership, dear one. And it is your path.

Q:        Is there a fairly large sum of money coming to me that I have no conscious knowledge of? And if not, why do I have this feeling of expectation?

JANU: There is a tendency, dear one, to confuse one level of need with another. In this particular case we suggest that the wealth on your doorstep need not be perceived or anticipated as only financial wealth. A greater wealth is on your doorstep, which can command the financial need far more successfully than, at this time, you have achieved. Expand your anticipation to include true wealth, not this temporary form only. The two are interlinked, in a divine way. You limit what comes without this. Set your sights a bit higher, dear one. The rest will always meet your needs. How can you say at one moment in time, “My needs are exactly thus” with certainty when the larger view of your life and its possibilities and opportunities might suggest something else entirely. Be in that flow and claim its power, which owns everything else. This is the direction, dear one.

Q:            Apropos of what you have just said, for a long time I have had the feeling that I was on the threshold of discovery, so to speak. And I thought it might have to do with something more mundane but, according to what you’ve just said, could this be that I am slated to, or I am capable of discovering a spiritual principle that I can utilize to use in healing or whatever way that I am meant to bless this world? Is this the thing that I have the feeling about? I’m about to have a breakthrough or discovery?

JANU: One moment, please. There is one who comes at this time to answer your question, for this speaks of the higher purpose of this sojourn for you. We are adjusting to his presence.

KUTHUMI:            Greetings, brother. I am the one who has been known as Kuthumi, although there are knowledges, awarenesses, of my identity and true nature beyond this title. I address you once more in this manner of communication to bring to your awareness that together, through our preparatory steps, we will engage upon a journey of service unlike any anticipated in your current awareness. There awaits before you opportunity for service on a scale that is needed in your world at this time. That includes all humanity, and even more than that, my brother.

A concern for financial well being is not your best focus at this time. The flow of life described by our brother is more powerful than most realize. There are systems of hierarchy and brotherhoods serving life in countless ways, since beyond time. The riches that await you are the traditions of these brotherhoods and hierarchies of life. Trust the words of our brother, through whom we speak, that his growing intimacy with this reality does serve. The structures of your society that define, that outline success and the medium for it are temporary and finite and managed effortlessly by the Brotherhoods of Light.

You are in position to return, and we emphasize ‘return’, to a tradition of life far beyond your current memory. See yourself in a larger way. Not as something to struggle or reach for outside of your grasp, but to return to that memory, that presence before the beginning of this sojourn. We are the Brotherhood of Light and we summon a brother home in consciousness, while still in your world, to carry on that which is needed in these times. The specifics of these, which you long for, will come in order of your memory return, through example, through experience, and according to the plan for your awakening. Let go of identifying as merely a human reaching for the truth. You are, dear one, the Truth being human. This must be your perspective.

I am one known as Kuthumi but much more. And we will return, dear one, to that which we have known together. I leave you at this time with this understanding and invite your acceptance. I remain with you. The connection has been established. The completion of it by your agreement. Do you agree, dear one?

Q:        Yes.

KUTHUMI:            You are accepted at this time. We shall proceed. I am from this moment with you directly always. Good morning, brother.

JANU: This is Janu once more, dear one, suggesting that we pause in this opportunity for your consideration. There is much for you to achieve through what has been established here today. We welcome your return with your questions, new or old. We honor what has been established and would serve this. You are on your way, dear one. All that remains is for you to allow it. See yourself, know yourself, in a more complete way. With patience and through understanding, your victory as you anticipate it is already achieved. On this note, dear one, we bid you good morning and namaste.

Dec. 24, 1998 A                                                              Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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