Living the Awakening Life  

This conversation started with some discussion of what the individual saw as their role in life to assist others to develop spiritually. This remained a conversation, with Janu’s influence more in the background than direct attunement. Many of the Questioner’s comments have been deleted if they didn’t add to the substance of the communication or if they were very personal. Due to the length, the conversation has been sub-divided into topics, as follows:

Collective Consciousness

singularity experience

Identity shifting

Being in the flow

measuring success

Spirit guides

Being a facilitator of growth

Summary of True Nature

JR: There is a tendency for those who feel they’ve discovered insight into so-called New Age understanding to be building, even a little bit, a Messiah Complex of “I know all this stuff and you people need to hear it.” Some of their information is valid but some is filtered by the colors of their own glasses, how they see life.

What balances for me that tendency is not to see so much that you have something to share but see that in each person there’s genius they haven’t tapped. So it’s empowering. Your goal is for them to be empowered, not to hear what you have to say. Because what they have to say within, which they haven’t heard yet, is wiser for them than you could ever say.

But watch, go to the depth of your motivation and make sure that clarity travels deep within you. And it isn’t just lip service to an idea. So it governs, really, the energy, the consciousness, the vibration, everything that takes place when you involve other people. So the greatest service you can do for other people is not tell them anything. It’s to have them realize their own truth. To become conscious within.

The attitude is: you don’t need any strength from me. You need the strength you already have. And you don’t have to create it. It was always there. And you just allow it. Accept it. Let go of all these things you’ve been taught by the examples of other people who also don’t know so that you can. Don’t let what you’re used to get in the way of seeing what you are.

Q:        That’s exactly what I want to share with people.

JR:       But, the best way to do that first thing, is to know who you are. And then, because you awaken, which is becoming conscious as your True Nature, which isn’t this human existence. You‘re more than that. Conscious as your True Nature which is intimately connected with the rest of life. When you can see another person that way, you can see the genius in them.

Q:        I think that if I help them with dietary things it will be easier for them to feel positive and feel more connected with their soul‑selves. What’s the best way to support that in my life?

JR:       A healthier person has a healthy mind, and a healthy attitude and outlook and they are more at peace inside. And with that comes harmony. People can be generous with others when they are rich within. When they are starving within, it is hard to be generous with other people. Your true heart’s goal in life is to see everyone free in their way, not yours. What’s perfect for them.

Q:        And eating good food really helps you allow other people to do their thing. Your buttons…

JR:       But even there you’ve got to be careful because you get into “How are you going to decide what’s good or not good for someone else?” So it’s always got to be what’s best for them, not what you think is best for them. And where does this information come from? Them! There’s nothing to create. The genius is always in each person. And the genius doesn’t look like yours. It looks like theirs. And it takes all of us to have enough of the range of genius to be complete.


Collective Consciousness

There have been a number of attunements exploring the merits of being conscious as all of humanity as one life, one body, one life. And you can see and appreciate movement of a whole culture of a species when you see as one reality. Of course, it’s one with many, but if you can only see the many and can’t see the one, then you can’t see where that one’s going and what it’s potential is, what it’s strength is.

Janu’s talking more and more about the destiny of humanity as a single reality, as a one life, and what it’s path is, what it’s evolving into and eventually the larger picture shows humanity not even being what we call human anymore because there’s a collective of spiritual consciousnesses that are incarnated into the human vehicle, which is humanity socially in the third dimension. But, if you took away all the human bodies there’s still the collective consciousnesses and they’re in motion, with a destiny and so the physical expression of this consciousness can move from one species to another, can evolve into something doesn’t even look physically like humans do now, yet it’s on its path. It’s doing what it needs to do. And that’s a result of the movement in consciousness, the collective consciousness. So…it opens the door to thinking more, and seeing not just this thing, it’s actually being one with the reality of the one human body, the collective life of humanity, as a single reality. It’s a little bit larger thinking.

Q: Can you summarize what Janu has said about this destiny?

JR:       Well, he’s talked about when the human experiment began in the first place, what the purpose of it was. And as humanity evolves, it sets the stage for this. Part of it is: there are species scattered all over the universe that get stuck in their norms and lack the initiative to break out of the box and move on with their destiny. And one of humanity’s gifts to be mastered will serve jumpstarting other cultures, other species on other worlds, into moving on. See, humanity has an impulse, an imperative to explore, discover, move on, gain more, absorb, absorb, absorb and grow. And many species in the universe are not as strong in that. They’ll get to thresholds and stay there. But humanity hasn’t mastered it enough yet to be ready to serve that way.

Q:        I really appreciate what you said, because it is very much supporting my own awareness of where I am. People who I am meeting hold similar views of wanting to have all of it work together as one.


Singularity Experience

JR:       See, it’s the dichotomy, the paradox of many and one. A number of years ago on one of my journeys, I was given instruction on really the beginning of this understanding. And what it said was “Postulate or mock up any point in the universe. Any physical location, it doesn’t matter where. Any point. And resolve it until it becomes infinitesimally singular, until it is a singularity in your consciousness. And then approach it. And as you approach it, you see that it is a point of light. And as you get close to it, its light fills your whole view. And then he says: “Go right through it.” And as you travel through it and come out from what we would call ‘this’ side to the other side, you discover a truth, and that is: the collective, the source, of all life sees all creation, the entire universe, as one point. Yet from our side of the point, we see the universe as countless points. And both are true.

But from the Divine perspective of universal consciousness, there’s only one point, one reality. And that explains omnipresence. Because there is only one point. Not having to be present in a million different points because from that perspective there is only one point.

Now, if there’s only one point from the larger consciousness that means, from this side of the point, you can experience and connect with and be anywhere in the universe without any travel at all because, in the larger consciousness, it’s all one point. I can sit right here and travel anywhere in the universe, and do it. And I haven’t left the couch, from this point of view.

Q:        Yeah. Well, I’m waiting for the movies of that. So I can sit in the theater and watch it. On a big screen or on a big TV thing.

JR:       But the screen already exists. The movie already exists. It’s Life living itself. You don’t have to create anything. It’s already there. See, you’ve got to get out of the three‑D thinking. Get out of third‑dimensional thinking, duality consciousness. You got to get out of that, get used to being beyond that.

Q:        That’s what I want to share with people. Ways to get beyond it.

JR:       And how would you do that?

Q:        By being an example. So I want to know how to do it.



Identity Shifting

JR:       The most powerful thing you can do in that direction, for me, is ‘identity shifting.’ I don’t ever take a journey without acknowledging and embracing more fully my True Nature and doing what I call ‘identity shifting.’ Shift your identity from being male/female personality with a name and career and life experience and all that. That’s a limited identity. It’s only a tiny piece of what you are doing. It’s not who you are. You are not a gender and you are not your name. Those are what you are doing. But who’s doing the doing? Your True Nature. The totality of your consciousness and being. And that’s the identity shift, shifting to that identity.

And the more you shift to that identity, how you know you’re making it, is now you see more, you touch more, you’re more connected with life. You’re more awake; all your faculties are awake. And it just keeps going and going and going. And that True Nature is already connected with the rest of the universe. And, in that consciousness, there is no time and space; it’s all one. So you don’t travel. You’re already there. Where you are going is already here. You are just awakening to it. That’s how you do it. It already exists. You are not going to create anything. You are just awakening to what already exists. No effort at all.



Being in the flow

Q:        You know, I have a friend who is doing that already. He’s creating busloads of people coming in and buying all his crafts. Someone from Taiwan or China came in, some Russians came in, didn’t speak English, and bought a whole bunch of stuff. And he doesn’t go online and advertise.

JR:       For me, the path to that experience has been: Years ago when I left the Medical Center, retired so to speak, I had to change employers. And instead of working for any person or organization, I took on the employer called Life itself. Because this employer that I am working for owns everything. It owns me. It owns you, the air you breathe, it owns all the money, every organization, everything. It owns the planet. It owns the place in between them. There’ s nothing it doesn’t own, because all creation is made from this employer.

Q:        That’s very freeing, somehow.

JR:       So there’s never any sense of lack or want or deprivation because whatever I need, my employer can provide, because it owns it all! And that puts you in the flow. And the balance in the flow is to realize that…as one person was told once, who came for an attunement, who has‑‑we all have issues‑‑and one of this person’s issues was control, people call it ‘control freak’. You know, wants to control people and everything. And Janu’s beautiful phrase to this person was “Don’t hang on so tightly that what’s not for you can’t slip through your fingers.” Isn’t that a beautiful way to say it?

And why do people hang on tight? Because they’re in fear. They’re in fear of loss, of lack, of supply, of the flow of life into their lives. And they don’t realize how liberating it is to see the flow come into your life and then go right on out of your life to someone else. It’s heart to heart. It’s love to love. It’s life to life. My employer knows everything. Knows every single person’s need, knows every moment of life perfectly. And knows when there is a need and something that can resolve it or support it, and brings them together.

Q:        That’s a major thing I’ve been witness to and…

JR:       So you don’t get into a panic because “Oh, I don’t have any clients!”   Well, maybe you’re not ready for clients. Maybe you’ve got some growing to do to get ready for being of use, being helpful. And maybe you were helpful before but now it’s time for you to be helpful in a new way, or expand or grow or change or something. Because there is some need coming your way that you are not ready for yet. You were ready for these but you’re not ready for those. And so it’s time for you to move on. And so you take the quiet times as a sign that it’s time for personal growth. Because life already knows what that is, so you just go inside and know.

Q:        Yeah, I celebrate that time. But I have trouble with changing times with clients and them getting upset. They say I knew about some of the problems and should have said something. I did know, but I didn’t think about it in my mind, that I was going to logistically be in a difficult spot. And so, that’s something I need to learn, to be able to function on this plane. I mean we’re talking about being everywhere, but it’s almost as if I were more comfortable doing that.

JR:       You can be in the flow, and free, and liberated, and still have exquisite attention to detail. They’re not opposites. Wait a minute. They are giving me a little no on this. I need to clarify. What I’m hearing is: see the detail as your flow. Flow is the movement of details.

Your clients are not stuff in your way from your free spirit. They are the flow and they deserve your integrity. Because that’s all part of life. As you become more conscious, as you’re in midstride or as you’re talking to someone, it’ll pop in for a split second that you need to call that person. And you don’t pass it off. You don’t blow it off. You do it. That’s part of the flow. See, the flow comes in little hints that come and go. That’s it, but it was there. And it is what you do with it. And if you do…if you respond to it successfully, you keep the flow smooth, then you get more of them. If you don’t, then you may not see the next one.

Another thing that’s important, too, is as humans in the human culture we’re in, we tend to compare different parts of life, people, different activities, everything as having different value. Different values, different worth. It’s like a piece of gold or sand or a pebble on the beach. We see the gold as worth more. It’s not. They’re of equal worth.

Q:        Well, that didn’t help me clean out my garage!

JR:       It can! Well, when you clean out your garage, you say “Do I need this? Do I know I need this?” And if not, why do you keep it? Twice in my life, I’ve been guided to get rid of everything. Because I’m a collector. What I couldn’t sell, I gave away. Every single thing I owned. I did that I think twice.

What I realized from experiencing doing that is I didn’t miss any of it. And I had confidence that I owned the freedom to walk away from anything in life, when there was a calling to go somewhere or do something or leave something behind. I could do it without a second thought; without even looking back. I also realized that once you’re free in that and don’t need to learn that lesson, your life fills right back up again. See? The world is full of stuff. And you clear off a shelf and if you’re not careful, it will fill right back up again. But it doesn’t matter, as long as you own the freedom to leave the shelf behind if you need to. So that things don’t own you anymore. That’s how you clear out your garage.

Now, if you need the stuff and you don’t need the garage for something else, leave it in there! But there shouldn’t be anything in there that you can’t live without. What do you want? If you would just enjoy an empty garage more, then get the stuff and give it away. Sell it. Give it away. Find somebody that really needs something. Just give it away. Let life pass through your fingers, see?

You can just put this postulate in your consciousness and tell life “Please alert me in my travels when there is someone I meet or some circumstance that will benefit from something I have in my garage. Alert me. Let me know. I’ll feel the connection. And as soon as I see that person or hear about that thing, I’ll think of that thing in the garage.” That’s your sign to ship it to them, get it to them, whatever.

See, that’s life answering life. It’s need answering itself.

Q:        Yes. That’s nice. And I have direct experience of that on an emotional, personal level so…thank you for helping me move into the physical.



Measuring Success

So, I wanted clarity on this twelve week course on improving your business and functioning in the financial 3‑D world around money more, and not thinking money is bad, and allowing it to flow through me. If my goal is to help people understand their own power, I wanted guidance on what that looks like from a business perspective?

JANU: Yes, sister, we are here. I am Janu speaking and embracing that which you are yet unaware of, as to the beauty of your being. For we see it in this way and begin this understanding from this perspective, for this foundation is essential in your knowing, to embrace that which is to be imparted. One moment.

Your issues, your motivations, are born of a directive that exists in part due to your involvement at a time when the Earth was (and by “Earth” we mean civilization) moving towards the annihilation of greed and avarice. You were compelled to act upon, by your own desire, this movement in such a way that brought about‑‑or that would bring about from your perspective‑‑freedoms without entanglements. What you did not see at this time was that the entanglements were what gives life and purpose to the freedoms, you see. For life is a composite of the freedom to embrace its many realities. For in the natural movement of life, the cross connections of its elements can appear as entanglements and counterproductive to your current, at that time, perception of freedom. It is difficult at times to see the movement of destiny in the midst of the countless entanglements of life. This comes only through the purity of your motives, through the heart, dear one.

It is a position of strength to appreciate the many yet become the one, at the same time. Your life in this sojourn is such, you see. The business that you speak of will seem confusing without this perspective. The goal here, in this understanding, is for you to realize through beginning with acceptance, the reality that the purpose of life shines through all of the details of your business. It is not our ambition to structure your life or design your business but to bring clarity to your success. The success not measured by society, but by the truth within you. There is one here who would speak to you.



Spirit Guides

***:    Greetings, sister. I am known by you as ***, an ancient friend and colleague. We have walked this path before. I am with male influence, as opposed to gender, you see. I will feed to you, as you request, the understanding, the wisdom, the benefits of our experience in this thing you seek to achieve in your life, as you have described it. And we will be successful once more. Call on me as you will. I will always be your friend and confidant. Know with a certainty, sister, this goal of yours you have achieved before.

Q:        Is it helpful to have a clear idea of what my role looks like at the beginning?

***:     That will evolve and I will show you directly, through impression, insight. This introduction through our brother, Janu, is just that, that we might once again join.

JANU: Janu speaking once more. This is the reason for your visit at this time. And we conclude, bidding you namaste.

Q:        Thank you very much.

JR:       My first impression, this was a no nonsense, matter of fact, strong energy. He was making a point to say ‘he’ in terms of energy, not gender. This is not gender specific. Leave all that behind. This is energy. This is a pattern of consciousness, a style. But this is a consciousness that’s at one with, in harmony with the natural order of things, the movement of life, and service. Real service.

You get all that direct yourself. But now that you have a name connection…and remember, names aren’t names on that level. Names are pattern, recognition pattern, vibration for connection. I’ll get a lot of names for beings that Janu introduces me to, but I am cautioned that that same consciousness will give a different name to another person that’s communicating. And you can’t say “Well, it must be somebody else because this isn’t the same name.”   They don’t have names. They don’t need them. Because their beingness is their identity, because they are unique. It’s just like the life they radiate has its own pattern and that’s their name. But the name is just for human, 3‑D dimensional thinking people. Your way to return to that connection to that being, that thing you were engaged with, with that being, to continue it. It’s a single point of reference, because most people can’t see that countenance. So the name…the being gives you that pattern to get back to them with. So it’s not a name. It’s more like a password.

Q:         Exactly. And that’s what’s getting me about this project. In the world there are people who get like that still. And to do this kind of thing where you integrate your brain, it helps you get right down into the center of your being. And that’s what I’m teaching. And when I go out to teach that, it feels like ‘Ach, is that all you’re going to share with them?’ But it’s all inside them and this helps them get there. It’s like, what else do you want?



Being a Facilitator of Growth

JR:       It doesn’t matter how much you share with them. The only thing that matters is what happens in them with whatever you share. Learn to see what’s going on in people and to know from their own being, True Nature, “That was enough. I’ll take it and run with it.”

It doesn’t matter what you’re sharing or how much of it. What matters is: what’s the result? And result is not up to you to decide. It is up to the inside of them to say “This is the result we need at this time. Thank you very much. Now we are off doing our thing.”

See, we’re not teachers. Facilitators. You facilitate someone’s freedom. The teacher is in them. You’re not a teacher. You are helping their teacher teach them.

Q:        That’s why I use kinesiology, to talk to the teacher. I say I’m talking to their body, but it is really their teacher.

JR:      Because as long as you see yourself as teacher and them student, it’s your trip. It’s not empowering them. Because they are empowered when they find their own teacher within them. That’s enslavement, not freedom. They don’t need to look like you at all, the way you think, the way your respond to life. They don’t need to look like that at all to be successful. Because they have their unique contribution to life.

One thing that came to me some time ago is to open your mind to committing to projects in life that are longer than one lifetime. This is not who you are. This is what you are doing. Who’s the you that’s doing it? That’s who you are. Then you don’t get into a panic about cramming everything into this life. Wait a minute. This is going on for lifetimes. You do what you can. You do what occurs to you. You grow as you may. But life doesn’t set a timetable for you to do that. We do that.

That’s sort of what ‘eternal’ means, isn’t it? Then you find peace in those things. You find peace in that frame of mind. And with peace comes power, clarity, connection, intimacy.

For 3‑D thinkers, peace probably means quiet, no activity, nothing going on, no disturbance, just stillness. I allowed myself to take a journey in understanding peace: allow yourself to just float up in frequency forever, no end to it. And really float to infinite vibration, vibration so high that it’s unlimited vibration. That’s peace. Because within that peace, all the vibrations of all of creation exist at the same time. It’s so fast, it’s so high in frequency, it looks still. So, on the one hand it’s perfect stillness vibrating infinitely fast. And that infinite vibration contains all other vibration. See how powerful that is?

That’s what peace means to me. Not quiet. Not no thing going on. It’s everything.

All creation. All the worlds. Everything. Right to the source of life.

Q:        But what happens then? That’s beyond where you started earlier, talking about humanity being one.

JR:       That’s just part of it. But, behind all of it, individual humanity, collective humanity, is that one singularity of the peace that’s everything.

Q:        Yeah. That’s what passeth understanding.

JR:       Try not to let a day go by that you did some thinking that was larger than yesterday’s.

Q:        So, for ordinary people, who don’t have an intimate connection with Janu, what do you recommend, for thinking bigger every day.

JR:       Your nature, your own True Nature. I always begin there first. I never begin with Janu. Your greatest gift to the rest of life in relationships with other beings and other consciousnesses and spirit and all over, is being available as a conscious True Nature, not a human being. So before you engage a larger part of life, first reaffirm and expand your conscious awareness of the totality of who you are. First.

Q:        Well, does that go all the way up the high frequencies?

JR:       It goes everywhere. The central truth of all of life, the Source of life, is the source of your being. What do you think ‘oneness’ means? No separation that matters.

Q:        I was thinking in terms of just people, but I really like lifting it up to beyond that. I really like it. It’s almost easier for people to think about being one with a grain of sand….



Summary of True Nature

JR:       The larger your consciousness, the more it includes, the wiser your relationship with any part of reality. It doesn’t matter that someone can say “What has this got to do with that?” It doesn’t matter. Because you’ve got this, I can see this from that perspective. I can make wiser choices because I see more.   I can appreciate that person or that circumstance in ways I could never appreciate it before. That’s why you think bigger every day. Become aware of more. Starting with who you really are.

Q:        I’m totally ready, because you know what I’ve been noticing out there in the world? Whiny people. But I realize that was me, the old me, going like “Oh, I’m really kind of crippled. I really can’t step up and be the whole that I am.” It’s a little scary to think of moving forward.

JR:       That’s the victim consciousness. Never see yourself as a victim. You be the cause in every situation. Think about that. You be the cause of all your experience.   And you always were anyway.

Simple axiom: If you want 100% control of your life, you must accept 100% responsibility for every moment of it. Every experience, every encounter, every result, your condition, everything. You are 100% responsible for it. I give my power to nothing. I claim it all back and I own every moment of my life, because I created it.

Now, you may not understand how you created each moment, but the fact that you accept that you did, opens the door to understanding, because you claim your power of understanding.

Q:        The Kahunas use the H‑A sound ‘HAAAA’. The ‘ahh’ sound for the heart. Why is it so important to focus on the heart?

JR:            Because of its connection with the rest of life. It’s the active ingredient in thought. Thought creates the vessel but the vessel is lifeless. Heart fills it. Heart gives it life.

Q:        What about the spirit? This bigger me that I Am. Is that the point of connection?

JR:       The spirit you includes all that. These are elements within the True Nature.

Q:        So when your consciousness goes down here, and references decisions and everything, and checks things out from here, we’re much better off?

JR:            Another simple axiom from Janu, another of his pearls, when he said: “Freedom is realized when the Heart becomes the Master of what the Mind understands.”

Q:        Wow. You look at everything through the eyes of love and understanding.

JR:       Yeah. Understand as much as you can, but let the heart be the master of it. The mind will say, “Hey, we can do this!” and the heart will say, “But should we?”

Scientists are all intellect. We can do this. We can split the atom. We can do this. We can destroy and create and all this stuff. But the heart says “But should I? How does this impact the rest of life?” The mind doesn’t do that, the conscious mind, the intellect.   You need both. Let the heart in you be the master of what you come to know.

Q:        We talked about getting out of our bodies and taking journeys. It was about going beyond, getting outside our boxes.

JR:       Yeah, taking journeys in consciousness. And how you do it is by pattern matching. And what I mean by that is, if you want to say understand the answer to a question, decide to re-pattern your own energy field, your own being, to match the frequency of the thing that you want. Then you have a connection, you are in common, and then you can communicate. So you pattern match with whatever you want to be, whatever you want to do and know. Because everything has its own vibration. And you can assign part of your consciousness to be the same vibration. Then you have connection. So just pattern match. Decide to pattern match.

Q:        So, I decide to pattern match with the most exquisite expression of myself where I am in Atlanta, to reach the goal of assisting people in becoming sovereign within themselves. So what does that look like? First, to pattern match with my own self sovereignty, first.

JR:       Sure. Remember, you can’t give to another what you don’t own yourself. So your giving starts with you.

Q:        So matching my own sovereignty, getting in touch with the fact that I am all things…?

JR:       And shifting your identity that way. In other words, seeing who you are, not as a human being having a True Nature, but as a True Nature having a human experience.

Q:        Yeah. I got it. 180 degree shift. Wow, that’s exciting. And it seems very simple.

JR:       Why not? You’re already doing it. You are already a True Nature having a human experience. What’s so hard about that? You don’t have to create a thing. It’s already there.

Q:        I love it. And as soon as one takes that responsibility that I created this whole thing, it totally frees you up.

JR:       You are no longer the victim. You’re empowered. Because whatever I created, I can uncreate. And I can change, or discontinue, or continue the way it is. It is up to me.

Q:        So, the question that I have is, in sharing that kind of wisdom, in a way that’s to support people, say they’re stressed. I want to support people in getting out of stress, like their check bounced because they didn’t have money in the account to pay for it.

JR:       Maybe stress reduction in that scene is getting people to think larger. See that check thing looks like their whole world. But take a moment and see a larger world. That’s only a piece of it. This isn’t your whole life anymore. Then because I’m thinking larger, I can probably deal with that more successfully. Because the anxiety is gone. If that is your whole world, how do you find peace? You got to be larger.

Q:        And yet earlier you gave me an exercise of finding one point and going into that point.

JR:       So you can go into that singularity and go from finite to infinite. To one point.

Q:        So you could you use that bounced check…I mean, there’s a lot of emotion around it.

JR:       If you reduce it to a singularity. Take the check and reduce it to a single point. If it’s not a singularity, you’re still caught up in this side of life’s look at it. Reduce it to a single point and then go through the point and see what’s….

Q:        And go through the point and see what’s on the other side.

JR:       That way, you begin to see that the check, the only power it has is what you give it. If you give it no power, it has no power. Because you are the creator. It is a thing created. And a creator is always greater than the thing created. And all creations return to their creator.

Q:        Yes! That’s why I want to help people shift their emotional things quickly.

JR:       They have to, because they get their life from their creator. Where else can they go? And the reason they were created in the first place is they had a mission.   You gave it a mission. Let it bring it back, fulfill its mission, then you disassociate it.

Q:        It fritters away because there is no energy given to it.

December 9, 2004                      Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This conversation, facilitated by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, is presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only.

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