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This individual had questions about her five children, two of whom were put up for adoption when she, the mother, was in late teens. Details were given about the lives of these two subsequently, but these were personal and not pertinent to a general audience. However, the second son (**) came in to talk with this individual, which may be of interest to others. The conversation picks up there.

Q:      Had we spent a lifetime together before this one?

**:   Several. One in Arkansas. We were brothers at that time and made a vow or pact to find each other if we should ever become separated. And we did.

We had another during a dark period. The year was 1617. You were a farmer and I was a hired hand, so to speak. I lived in a small hut on the farm and earned my keep through this arrangement. You succumbed to illness, a malaise at the time that took you suddenly and shocked your neighbors, for there was much fear at that time. For the remedies for disease were scarce. I subsequently moved to another engagement and fell due to an accident. I was crushed by a falling stone.

JANU: Your current physical condition of respiratory uncertainty is a carryover of the pattern of the malaise that took you at the time, dear one.

Q:      What can I do to cure it?

JANU: The residual pattern in you was a carryover of a fear of illness as overwhelming and being helpless in the face of, you see. Without support and remedy. Re-visit that pattern, dear one, and determine that you are more powerful.

Q:     How do I revisit that pattern?

JANU: The pattern is with you. Every time you feel the respiratory distress, it is your call to own its cause. It is your opportunity to connect and be the Master. Learning, understanding that remedy for illness does not always require outside intervention, you see. And when unavailable, leaves you feeling helpless. Complete the purpose of the pattern by making this shift, dear one, and the pattern will no longer be needed.

Q:       I thank you for bringing him through.

Now I have questions about my three sons that are now in bodies, here now. *1* is my oldest son and he is having trouble finding himself. I would like to assist, but I don’t want to be a meddler. So please give me some insights as to how I can assist or guide all of them or what?

JANU: With this son, dear one, invite his asking for clarity by exampling clarity in your own life. Seldom do people realize the power and the service that they offer others through ownership, mastership, centering in their own lives. His confidence to draw from you will be by your example. Your best service to him at this time is your success.

Q:      Thank you. *2* is my second son. He is going through difficult periods in his marriage and his working ability. I imagine it’s the same thing as with *1* It’s ownership, mastership, and success. But is there anything else that I can do to help *2*?

JANU: Yes, dear one. We see one here with heaviness in the heart, with the symbolic appearance of stooped shoulders, carrying much weight and burden. This is his perception of things. What he needs from you, dear one, is honoring through achievement, Self-esteem. See in him the power awakening and filling his heart and then his vision with confidence and conviction that he is larger than his burden. All many need at this time is consistent, gentle encouragement. Telling someone who is in despair simply “Everything will be alright.” performs miracles, dear one. Even though you may not see the path for outcome of success. It does not matter. The Path exists and will be revealed to this one as he embraces his own power. There is always a successful answer to every difficulty. Help him understand this and open himself to this.

Q:      Now *3* was my third child and all three of the boys are very sensitive but he is probably the most sensitive and the most concerned over his brother who we now know passed on. But what can I do to be of service to *3*?

JANU: This is one, dear one, who reaches with the umbilical of his connection to life and attaches it to others for connection and identity and support. This leads to giving others the power for his okness, for his worth.

Teach him the ways of the inner life, of his true inner voice. Help him and encourage him to experience the power within. Then his life moves from being the receiver of others, to the giver and the server to others. That is his freedom and his joy and his victory over uncertainty and identity, you see.

Q:      I have been trying to figure out exactly what I am supposed to be doing at this time in my life. And I have the massage therapy. I have taught yoga. And I have also applied for jobs. But I would like to have some feedback on what is my purpose at this time, outside of support for my family, and I must make financial support for myself. Can you give insight into this?

JANU: There are many levels of purpose in one’s life, dear one. Of course, survival is a purpose. But survival for what, dear one?

Q:       Well, I need–financial survival is one of my big concerns right now. I do not really–I am living with another family and they are very gracious, but I desire to have a home of my own. And for me to do that, I must make quite a financial sum to even make the down payment.

JANU: What we see for you on the horizon, dear one, should you choose to accept the opportunity, is a companionship with someone who needs your understanding. A live-in companionship and, without intent or condition on your part, your service to them will yield you the gift of love, on their part, of their home after their passing, you see. This is available to you if you are open to it.

Q:        I am open to it. How do I find these people, or will they find me?

JANU: A combination of the two. Your openness makes it possible, being alert to recognizing the opportunity when it presents itself. We see this in a year or two, becoming available. It will come to you through association with others who know of this person.

You will be a dear and trusted friend who shares, one on one, the intimacies, the concerns, and the joys of this other.   You are connected more than just this opportunity. This one’s spiritual self knows you. You have been sisters before.

Q:        How will I recognize this opportunity? I’m afraid I’ll blunder over it.

JANU: Eliminate that attitude. Have confidence that life knows how to present itself to you, dear one. You do not have to manage this. Just be open to it and you will know. Have the faith that this is so. Be full of integrity in your life, as you have been. The purpose of this opportunity is not to change you, dear one, but to reward you for your good works.

Q:        In this coming year, what do you see for me? Should I be a massage therapist? Should I be a yoga teacher? Or should I go clean houses for individuals?

JANU: We would suggest those opportunities that expand you, develop skills, connect you with others in healing and uplifting ways. These strengths in your character and experience contribute to your preparation for this opportunity yet to come. You have more to offer than house cleaning, dear one. This is not to suggest to ignore momentary opportunities for financial support, but not a career here, you see.

Q:        Was I a healer in past lives? The reason I ask is that my hands become so warm they make my back ache.

JANU: You were a physician in Greece.   In 1501, you were a traveling physician, moving from one small village to another. You were known and respected. You counted yourself fortunate for having so many who valued your skill. (She requested and received a name, which is not pertinent here.)

You would adapt your style or mode of administering the healing art, depending upon the village you were in, for there were norms or traditions of accepted healing practices that varied from one village to another. You were adept in a variety of these but had the wisdom to perform in such ways as those who observed found acceptable. For some it was nutrition or diet. For some a modest introduction of the understanding of herbs and potions and poultices. You understood, to some degree, some natural remedies to minimize infection and had some reputation for wound healing. That was not generally successful by reputation of others, you see.

Q:        Do you have any insight into why I kind of rebel at doing massages and working, touching people with my hands, as of right now? I don’t really understand what my block is on that.

JANU: The block, dear one, is you. Uncertainty in the honesty, the integrity of your connection with the source within you, your true nature, limiting your confidence that what you have to offer through your hands is clear and uncolored and contains the best you can offer another. These uncertainties find some root or cause in your questioning your validity when scanning your financial and other circumstance as being troublesome and, in your terms, unsuccessful. “How can I have success in this connection with others and a perception of difficulty in my own life?” There is a source within you, dear one, that brings both of these into clarity and connection, and unites them as both being who you are, and not two separate paths or concerns. There is confusion within the self, dear one, and uncertainty.

Your identity and your worth, dear one, are not rooted in your outer circumstance or this healing through touch or massage, as you put it. Your worth is established and has been established for all time. Your worth is not measured or achieved through these objects of involvement in your life. They are there mainly for experience by someone who is already worthy and whole and connected with the rest of life. This is the shift we speak of, dear one.

Q:        What is my service, then?


JANU: As with many, whatever you choose. Service does not need to be pigeonholed, so to speak, into one form or type. See service in a larger way of responding to the ongoingness of life that presents itself to you.

Q:        It is kind of a mystery to me, but I find that I am extremely comfortable with people who are in dire pain or dire mental pain. Like someone who is dealing with a death in their family. I am very comfortable with those people and I don’t know whether that’s what I am supposed to be doing or not. But I can just feel the pain they are feeling.

JANU: Understand this truth, dear one. That what life lays at your doorstep is your service. You need not look far and wide, experimenting with this possibility and that, to know your course. Only look at your feet and what life lays before you and find your service there. And know with a certainty it would not be so if you were not suited for it. Have no preference to what life lays before you. Accept each one as wise opportunity and engage it with the truth of your being. Do you understand this, dear one?

Q:        I guess I’m a little thick headed. I think I do, but I’m not sure. And this is real important to me. Can you rephrase it a little or…?

JANU: You mentioned earlier your comfortableness with those in the pain of emotion or circumstance of such. Is that not at your doorstep, dear one?

What we are suggesting here, dear one, is: as you meet these opportunities, do not insist that life only bring you these kinds of opportunities. Allow its wisdom to bring to you what you are prepared to meet. And it will not bring to you that which is not opportunity for you and those who are drawn to you. Have a little faith in the wisdom of the family of life.

When you ask, “How may I serve?” The answer is “What lies before you? What is the closest to you?” You will not even notice opportunities, dear one, that are not yours.

Q:        Would it be appropriate at this time for me to go ahead with cleaning houses–as I said, this is just for temporarily, to get myself financially stable–while looking for other opportunities?

JANU: What we would suggest here, dear one, is evaluate opportunities as they present themselves. If you have a goal that is larger than cleaning houses, that does not mean that cleaning houses cannot help you meet your goal. But remain clear in your reason for the cleaning of the houses is to help you fulfill the larger goal. And make sure that that engagement accomplishes that. Look for ways for it to do so.

Q:        One more thing. Is there any man in my life? I mean, I have my sons and my grandson, and I love them dearly. But are there any other males that I will have companionship with?

JANU: We do not see that at this time, dear one. Realize, of course, that choices are always yours to make. One moment, please, while we investigate.

There will be two or three males in your near future that you need to not confuse their presence with romantic entanglements, if you will, but more as those who will support and provide opportunity for you to reach your goals. This will begin in the fall of this year, dear one.

There is the need in you to allow yourself the time and opportunity to overcome these confusions about direction in your life, and your purpose and your worth and your identity.

Q: And to find my own identity, and to find my own worth, I just need to stay in my own integrity?

JANU: Yes, and allow that integrity to answer the opportunities that come your way. Meet life’s opportunities with the wholeness of your being. Invite the soul of you, the truth of you, to come to the fore and join you in shaping your relationship with and your perception of these opportunities. See yourself in a larger way. Declare to yourself that you choose to be more complete, more conscious, more connected within, than ever before. This reality, dear one, of accomplishment prepares you for the companionship you may seek of a more successful nature. The companionship you seek should not be seen as one to solve your problems, you see. Find solutions within you, on your own, if you will, and bring those solutions to share with another. You are capable of this. You have strength you’ve yet to tap.

Q:        Is meditation and looking within the road to take to this?

JANU: A beginning, dear one, but accept the possibility of: while in the midst of engagement of life’s opportunities, the conscious inflow is available to you without necessarily being in the “lotus posture,” if you will.

Q:        I really have not been able to find my own guides. I believe that I’m in contact with them but I’m kind of fuzzy about it.

JANU: There is one who has so volunteered and her name is ______.

Q:        Has she always been my guide?

JANU: She has been connected with you for such periods that may seem that way. She will introduce other guides to you, dear one.

Q:        I have had this desire lately to know how many bodies I have and how many souls I have.

JANU:  Understand our point of view as we respond to your question, dear one. Our concern at this time is the need for your healing of confusion and uncertainty. Although these questions have answers, we see this as having the possibility for diversion of focus. These will come in a helpful way that serves your purpose as you gain more control and unity with your true nature. We see this as being a distraction at this time, yet, however, understand that the truth of this inquiry is not denied you. You have more immediate issues for your attention, dear one, and the rest will come and be just right, so to speak, for you. Be patient.

Q:        You’re right. That was a distraction. I realized it as soon as I asked it.

There is one more question that I would like to ask. My little grandson is a concern with all of us, in that he is a very mentally sharp child and we do not want him to be misguided. Is there anything that I can do, outside of set a good example, for him?

JANU: Why do you anticipate misguidance, dear one?

Q:            Because he is like any thirty year old adult, walking around in a six year old body. And I’m not sure that his mother and father can handle him, can guide him in the way that he needs to be guided.

JANU: Understand this, dear one, that he choose them and there is wisdom in the choice, not only by their support possibilities but their challenge to him as well. Your best support for him is to support them. The arrangement is between him and them. There are reasons for this. Help them when they feel the challenge by the wisdom of this child and its needs. Help them have the strength to stay with it, you see.

Q:        One more quick question. I have been told by a psychic that she sees a ten year old, a 10 to 12 year old, blond haired, blue eyed boy with me, most of the time. And I do not really know who this child is. She says it’s very loving, and he just wants to hang around me. Could you give me any insight into who that is?

JANU: This being, who hovers from time to time, is attracted to you by your energy field or pattern of nurturing and motherhood. An ingredient in his experience that he misses deeply. You might suggest to this one that, although it is your nature to be so and he is welcome to benefit from it, there is a grander opportunity of even more than this that awaits him. And that he would do well, and gain much happiness and joy, in turning his attention to this opportunity. He will be receptive to the suggestion.

He finds happiness in your field, dear one, but it does not best serve his ongoingness. It is not a negative situation in any way, just a little misdirection here.

Q:        Yes. Well, I will take care of that. I thank you very much for answering my questions. I would like to tell you that you have given me insight into myself which I needed and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.
April 3, 1997 E Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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