Meaning of Jesus for humanity

Q.  Please discuss where Jesus went after the “crucifixion” and all aspects surrounding it. Please also discuss the role of the one known as Mary Magdalene before, during and after the crucifixion.

JANU: This one (Jesus) crowned in glory. This one magnificent and beyond beauty. This one that became one with life itself. The path chosen here, you see, before the sojourn. This one known in and visited many star systems and many locales across the heavens. This one not originally of Earth, you see. Born of another reality, another locale. This sojourn you speak of was orchestrated from on high, so to speak.

Mary Magdalene coming in with a supporting role to demonstrate the range of consciousness and temptation in people in general, to help fill out the portrayal, so to speak. To cover the widest range of human experience in others. This scope not understood by her at this time, but her role fulfilled, nonetheless.

The journeys of this one magnified not only the possibilities for individuals but the plan for redemption as well. This one came at a time when a critical turning point occurred in the general direction of mass consciousness and specifically in those leaders at that time. The teachings of truth were not understood from before and manipulated and perverted. Understanding better achieved by seeing this episode, this sojourn, in a larger way, as a steering or redirecting activity for the mass consciousness as a whole. At times addressing more specifically those elements of influence on the human level, you see. This one’s love and compassion for humanity has been understated. This one was not alone in this venture. Support of many here. This one understood his role and the larger view for the most part. There were times of confusion and lack of clarity to some degree. But these were not dominant here.

There were those in incarnation at that time who understood portions of the overall plan of redemption of the path of consciousness for humanity. For humanity’s sake. Their role was a supportive one on the inner levels helping to clear the atmosphere, helping to influence in harmony with this thrust, you see. Some of those were aware to a degree that allowed them recognition of the entrance of this one into this realm of yours. They needed no news report, so to speak. Such it is in this time, dear friend. There are those aware of the coming events and the current changes and respond appropriately without coaxing or cajoling. They need no proof and no examination for they have direct knowing and faith based on intimate inner connection and awareness. Their love for life and their fellow man facilitates this and allows it to be so.

The resurrected body you inquire of remains in the inner life for his choosing the use of, at his call, so to speak. Displayed, made available or visible when appropriate, where appropriate for a purpose, you see. ‘Tis pattern more than substance and memory more than body here, you see. But through the transformation is now available and free to be adjusted and lowered, magnified, glorified at the moment of thought and will of this one.

Yes, indeed, dear one, this one did exist and does still. For was not the message to mankind the demonstration of the path open to us all, the path of return to the oneness of life? The victory of victories. Is not the master of mastery or mastership, one who is one with life itself? Still journeying, still expanding. Not the end, you see, of the adventures. More the beginning of the adventures from a larger view, you see.

One might do well to divert energies of concern for proof of existence of this one more in the direction of embracing the possibility for themselves. Accepting the gift of the reality of this expression of life. For the journey is not taken while waiting for proof. The proof is in the journey, you see, dear friend. Test the journey by taking it and see if this is not so. The journey taken by this one has been with you always for it is the nature and the heritage of the journey of life on which you all are. It is not a separate journey unique to anyone, restricted to anyone, owned exclusively by anyone. It is the natural and, for lack of terminology, inevitable path of life. The return to the source of being. For all creations return to their creator and we are creations, dear one, in the life and the being of the one. Return we must. It is the will and the nature of life. The richness of the journey lies with you. And the richness is without limit.

We salute your inquiry and support, as we may, your choices for your victory. The journey need not be understood fully in advance for one to begin the experience. The understanding comes through the journeying, you see. Simple faith founded in deep love for life is a wonderful vehicle for exploration and journeying.

We welcome you, brother, on this wondrous path. Come join us as we return to our creator. Namaste, brother. Be of good faith.
May 1, 1996            Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only.

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