Past life connection to Anunnaki

Q:        What are the Anunnaki? Who is **? Am I being influenced by them in any way?

JANU: The Anunnaki, as you have termed them, are a race of beings who have transcended and ascended to a state of being and presence in your universe that are akin to, in your understanding, the Eskimo tradition of spiritual understanding and culture and tradition, known as the Inuit. Although these are not the Inuit themselves, you see, but their understandings similar. The Anunnaki have bridged their thresholds of evolution and understanding so as to meet their chosen obligations in living and service by aligning with those hierarchies, those orders, that come at this time in your world of change, and yes, breakthroughs as seen by many. Their gift to you, dear one, is one of reinforcing and clarifying your traditional connection and lineage with not only sojourns of this world but of others as well, you see. For they have long lineage.

** would speak to you at this time. ** is as a patriarch for this tradition and this council of Anunnaki.

**:       Good morning, sister. I am ** speaking to you directly in this way of conveyance of communication through our brother and his companion and guide in spirit known as the beloved Janu. We would see your engagement with our tradition in this way at this time: you are sister of a tradition known as the Blue Elk. You have been Lakota. You have known and embraced and mastered, to varying degrees, the earlier native traditions of subtle realm mastery, you see.

You ask of influence by us at this time. The influence, dear one, is of your choosing. Your reachings and achievement of connection and assistance in the realms has precipitated this coming together, you see. You have not been sought out by us, but are of interest to us at this time. What we see for you at this time, dear one, is the opportunity and possibility to embrace the totality of your tradition of knowingness to connect with not only the Anukati but with the many tribes and cultures that have found the connection and common thread, if you will, in the journey of discovery and embrace called the patterns of living, the patterns of life if you will. This knowingness tradition has survived, even if it seems not so through the decimation of those tribes and cultures. There is a field or reality, if you will, of ongoingness that survives the physical episode, you see. You have sisters and brothers in this gathering whom you have known and know you, dear one.

The reference to the Inuit tribe understanding and tradition is offered as illustration that their capabilities in astral projection, in mind travel, in direct communication, in breathing life into and restoring and reinforcing natural forces, and their understanding of their origins in other worlds was not unknown by the North American, if you will, contingents of tribal tradition of the inner knowing of life. You are connected, dear one, more than you know. You have roots you have yet to discover. You have sojourned and visited many cultures of this understanding. You have left remaining you the discovery of your off-world connections which will bring larger scope of understanding, commitment and embrace to your capabilities of service in your world, you see.

One such world lies in a distant sector known as the Raptu or Raptee Sector, that are known for their focus of network building, if you will, between sectors, worlds, and cultures. They have this gift and this tradition and their success record is without question. We of the Anunnaki honor this tradition and are a contingent of this tradition in your sector. Your opportunity for remembrance, embrace, and connection and manifestation of this tradition comes through your contemplation, consideration, and inner exploration or linking up with this movement. The Earth at this time is stepping up to the plate, so to speak, to engage in more direct involvement in a networked way with the rest of life. It is time, dear one, for you to embrace a larger view and let go of any sense of inadequacy, avoidance, or preference for limited living or identification, you see.

We of the Anunnaki invite your awakening and activation into this tradition, or should we say, reactivation, dear one. This does not suggest this is your only history or tradition of involvement with the vast scope of life. It is important at this time and one you can manage with some ease, you see, for you are connected in this way. We will come to you directly without the need for this third party resourcing, you see, if you choose and if you are open to that that is available for you.

We will address your other inquiries at a later time. Good morning, sister and fellow traveler. You are the connected one in this tradition. Good morning.

JANU:            Greetings, brother. I am Janu once more speaking. An interesting opportunity and connection. One more example of the richness of life and its bounty. We trust this introduction is of some merit to you, sister, and encourage you to pick up your mantle, so to speak, with courage, conviction, and ownership. Good morning, dear one, until we meet again. Namaste.

May 1, 1997                                                       Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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