Past lives, healing, & familial relationships

Q:        In the course of this lifetime, I’ve manifested a so-called disorder in this body, specifically in my immune system. And I have been working quite diligently on the issues before me in this lifetime in order to be able to understand what has been presented and I’d like guidance on that. I wonder what I’ve carried forth from prior lifetimes that I’m not exactly conscious of that would help me in balancing this body’s systems.

JANU: This is what we would have you understand at this time, dear one. The immune system is a symbolic reflection of the seeming discord by incarnating, in this current world reality, from one that exhibits so much freedom and flow and nuance and diversity of expression into one that does not embrace or support such freedom. You have demonstrated physically an immunity to the rigidness and the closedness of the Earth’s experience. The challenge for you is to address the inner relationship with this world and your life in it, finding the resolve and the balance to exist here in the freedom of your former estate as centering of reality, finding ways to maintain that and function here. It has been difficult for you, for the contrast is great and the physical vehicle has outpictured this for you. It is a feeling of foreignness and immunity to that which seems to deny the beauty and the freedom of that which you know. The examination of the physical body from a physical, medical standpoint would reveal much but would not change this core reality.

Q:        I believe it is not essential for me to do the work that I need to do to remain in this body. I want to accomplish as much karmic clearing and as much as I can while this lifetime still goes on. And I believe I’ve turned back and I’ve accepted this embodiment more than once in the course of this lifetime. It feels appropriate to concentrate less on healing the body and more on the service. Is this correct focus?

JANU: They are inextricably entwined, dear one. To deny one is to deny the other. The reason for this is the reality that all realms of expression, including the third dimension, are part of the connection of life from, through, and return to the source of life. To deny any reality is to deny life itself and its course of realization through the many realms and diverse creations. To see the divinity and beauty and purpose and the presence of the source of life itself and your true being in every aspect of your journey, including the physical, brings unity of consciousness and purpose to the scheme of life. One cannot be denied to embrace the other. This is a core fundamental understanding that brings resolution to the seeming conflict of engaging in various realities, one being this dimension and, in some people’s perception, as opposed to spiritual reality. One must overcome this seeming dichotomy of existence and find the reality that all is the one life. Then comes the peace and the flow of life through all of its forms and expressions into meaning and purpose. The connection takes place. This is the direction of oneness, dear one, and oneness is not achieved to the exclusion of any part of life. Do you understand this?

Q:        I do, thank you. And I’ll continue to work on as many levels as I can and I believe there are limitless possibilities.

In this lifetime, I’ve been able to take away pain from the bodies of others but have then manifested that pain in my own body. And I wonder what I am missing here. Perhaps I got the answer as I was asking the question. I was about to say perhaps this is a skill that would be useful in helping others, but perhaps it is more so that I am getting in the way of their journey by alleviating their pain and that is why I feel it, in its inappropriateness.

JANU: We couldn’t have said it better, dear one.

Q:        There is a subconscious fear that I’ve been whittling away since childhood, that I haven’t yet finished with. It will occur when my body is in a laying down position, an overwhelming sense of terror, though it has decreased with my working on it. I still can’t recognize it consciously, but it manifests in a sensation of overwhelming terror. Something to do with being held down, trapped, or something in some way pushing down on me. I believe I need to recognize what this fear is connected to as part of my healing process.

JANU: You’ve experienced, in another life, the sarcophagus experience, dear one. It, in its legend and tradition, is that initiation to the initiate into the larger life, the mastership of being and worlds and realities, to master the physical body. And in this experience, the initiate is laid in a sealed sarcophagus and must demonstrate the ability to transcend the body and survive. This was a challenge for you at that time and you lost the body in that initiation. The fear remains from that pattern. You can revisit this and recover your composure spiritually and understand that you did not perish. Only the body was left behind. No need for fear here, you see. This was an ancient tradition but the fear of loss of body, through identification with it, got in the way.

Q:        Thank you. Is that memory one that I need to release from my consciousness on the path to healing the body that I inhabit now?

JANU: It is in the sense of the pattern of failure to succeed that was left in that experience. For you held the self-examination perception that you failed. And you did not fail. That is not the only form or method for demonstrating mastership, dear one. This can be accomplished in a moment, without that seeming extreme scenario. That was their understanding at that time. You did not fail. Stand on a hilltop in the clear sun of day and own all of life and love it, and yourself, into unlimited freedom. And you achieve even more than those who supposedly succeeded in the sarcophagus.

Q:        In these current times on Earth, I feel compelled to establish a sanctuary for myself but mostly for those who’ll be left after me to be able to do their work from and I wonder is this a role that I’ve played in prior lifetimes, for one thing? And I also wonder if this is an appropriate action for me to take?

JANU: What sanctuary, dear one, is greater or more fulfilling or more connected with the fullness of life than that which is the reality of each one? The sanctuary experience in part calls upon memory pattern from another time, on another world. This world being blue to green in hue. You were involved in a sanctuary of the valley between two peaks in a world with color hues not known in your current sojourn. This sanctuary was visited by many from other worlds. You were, in human terms, priestess.

What was not realized by many who came, and by you at first, was no sanctuary of form is as complete, diverse, and full of life and possibilities as the true being of each one. They came to know this through your encouragement and presence. And what you bring to Earth at this time is that memory and opportunity, the greater understanding that the beauty of their own being was grander still. Any sanctuary to be constructed in this world must have that purpose, for the course for humanity and this planet you call Earth no longer reveres structures over the individual. But many during the transition into new understanding have some resistance to seeing themselves in this way. The old patterns die with difficulty. And is needed, those who see into the future and the grander truth that has always been there. This world of yours, at this other time, remains still as does your sanctuary. Many have, in your terms, graduated from this experience and returned to their worlds to facilitate their new age.

The choice is yours, dear one, what you wish to do with this.

Q:        There is a sound or a name that has come to me in this lifetime and that sound seems to be *** and my question has to do with the background of that sound. Is that a name or…?

JANU: It is ushered from the one who serves you, dear one, as a pattern on the breath beckoning you home. It is to touch your heart and being with pattern. Not home in the sense of place, but home in the sense of the heritage and the fullness of all you have been and all that you are, all you have known and all who have known you, the family of life. It is ushered as a spiritual breath.

Q:        I have some confusion in this present experience with some of those who have embodied at this time with me and one of those is my sister through my family of birth in this incarnation. I want to help her in any way I can in this journey and it has been very difficult for me. Contact with her manifests in my body a very difficult experience and I seek guidance on how to help this one.

JANU:            Recognize, dear one, that the paths for everyone are quite different. She does not, and may not in this lifetime, understand the core, the soul, and the heart of your journey. It is important that you do. She must meet her own truths.

Her path, her course is connected with the sun, the solar presence in this system. Yours has much tradition in not only the angelic realms but others of the freedoms of the flows of life. Hers is more in the realms of the order of life, the structures, the systems. In time, consciously, the two of you will find merging through greater understanding and recapture of your true natures, for all paths are part of the symphony of life. This will take some time but is facilitated by each one gaining their truth. In the meantime, dear one, it serves this return to fullness to make a pact to allow each other the elements of their path of return. Honor them and wish each one well on that journey to full awakening. Resolution will come but not seem so when examined only from the perspective of the elements of the journey, for they look too dissimilar. You must have a larger eye here, and she will come into that in her own course. Be at peace in your differences as well as in your oneness, you see. Many would do well to see life in this way.

Q:        At this seeming stage in my lifetime, I seek the support of a partner in my life. A husband as we call it here, but I find that’s not quite big enough in my experience of a word. I seek a partner to support my being, me to support his being, and to establish a sanctuary. And I ask for guidance in this matter.

JANU: This one who is drawn to you through previous pattern and similar thrust of interest already is involved with such an establishment. Acknowledge the power, the vitality, and the presence of life to fulfill your heart’s desire. Make this connection with gratitude and expectancy that, in a perfect way, it will come to be. Leave behind all impatience and frustration. Take the time in between the realization to grow in such a way as to make this the best opportunity for your partner in life, through your changes and growth and ownership of your being. This will come to pass, dear one, in this way of engagement. Never underestimate the omnipresence, the wisdom, and the capacity to create of life itself. For in this reality the two of you are already connected. The rest is preparation and timing. Let it be this way, dear one.

Q:        Thank you. I would like clarification on one statement there that I felt in a crossroads with. In my having come in contact with this partner, is it someone I now know by name? Or is it someone I now recognize by a name in my lifetime?

JANU: The answer to your question is a bit more complex. The answer is: It can be, dear one. But what we have seen is beyond this association. The choice will remain yours, whether to pause here and fulfill its potential or to move on. And we will leave it at that.

Q:        Thank you. I understand and I recognize that in my highest good I will move on. I understand.

I would like to understand more of what becomes of the consciousness of those that we recognize here as animals, when they leave their embodiment. This question is especially precipitated by my recent experience of an animal companion leaving this plane. And I’ve been working on so many of the issues and coming closer and closer to recognition of oneness as a result of that dear, dear being, both when she was here and upon her leaving.

JANU: She is here, dear one. Now, understand in this way. The animal consciousness experience through transition is much similar to humanity but not completely the same. There are elements of consciousness that remain through the desire of that animal consciousness and the interest and desire of the accompanying human, or humans. And, as well, other animals of their association. But, they do not remain in entirety. The larger measure of their consciousness returns to a field of life that supports this species’ involvement for the journey of experience into larger understanding and engagement of life, which includes the human association, you see. For understand that even humans have association with consciousnesses that exist in larger realities even as the animals do with the humans.

Now, the element of consciousness of your pet still communicates with that complete consciousness of that one, even though the presence is an element, or elemental if you prefer. The love is the same. The pattern is the same. All the memories are there. Any heart expression and love and support you may express returns to the full consciousness through the present elemental. She, in the current presence, holds for you the memory of close embrace. What some would call the cuddling experience, being held. And returns to you at this time all that you have given her, all. The joy and the love you have shared, she gives to many others in her realm to share through their lives yet to come. She is well and moving forward with her life, and thanks you for being. That is all, dear one.

Understand, her impressions are not in words but in knowingness.

Q:        Thank you. In the way that the animal’s consciousness is different from that which incarnates as human, it is my understanding that their higher level is not as cohesive as that which is in human form. If that is so, what I wonder is if in some way some piece of her in embodiment, or exactly her…she was perfect as she was and is…if she can return to me at the appropriate time in yet another embodiment?

JANU: What we hear, dear one, is she will not in your lifetime return as another animal species. But her pattern and memory and all that she gained is shared with many others in her species and she is currently experiencing a physical life again. And her location is in Tibet. She is a smallish, long haired, black dog, and has a propensity for licking the face of children. And she is happy and well. That is all.
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These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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