Questions about the ‘Dimensions’

Q:        How can I assist in the shift to the 5th Dimension?

JANU: We see one here dominated by a mind that seeks in many directions at once, what we would describe as universal interest. A challenge for those who inquire as to the nature of things in this way is to find a peace, a centering, and cohesiveness in the quest, for when trying to grasp the larger picture of things, you discover the picture is larger and larger still. So the anchor that serves through this quest is the true identity of the true being.

Now then, dear one, as to your first question, how best to assist into the fifth dimension. This is being accomplished by embracing the stage of the fourth dimension in the consciousness of the people. We have known for some time the challenges due to arrive for this transition and they are many. The journey into the fifth will be relatively smooth for some and for many a challenging grasp. There are teams on this side of life prepared for both fields of challenge. The best way to assist others is to be in cooperation with these teams, you see.

Not many look for detailed understandings of these realities in an attempt to embrace the change through understanding of their notion of details. We would have you understand this at this time: The movement into the larger life from one point of view is the letting go of aspects of consciousness that prevent you from experiencing it, this larger life. So, identifying limiting concepts and preferences for perceptions of life can be more revealing to the current moment of an individual’s human experience, for it is not enough to embrace a new understanding without letting go of limited old ones. For at once, when a new understanding is presented, the concrete mind begins the argument by comparison of the new with the old and finds ways to justify doubt and uncertainty.

And so, our sister, that is where we would begin. The journey into the ongoingness of life and its expansion is an extension of, and a reflection of, the journey of the true being. For from this perspective is understood the beauty of the current situation for each one. And understanding of the dynamics and the potential for current choices and experiences reveals the path to mastership of these and the completion of the journey choices of the true being. The human tendency is to describe themselves by their external journeys and experiences, the mechanics of life and life’s structures. This will always be a shadow truth of your true identity. The Fifth Dimension, in reality, dear one, is an element of life ‘origined’ by you as a complete being. You and many others. The example of it is its expression in the universe. The understanding of it and the ownership of it lies within you. What is a dimension, anyway, dear one, but a condition of life allowing for a range of experience that ultimately lays a foundation of consciousness for the next. These opportunities of life ongoingness is a process allowing for assimilation of the manifestation of potential called experience.

In the truest sense, dear one, you do not move into the fourth or the fifth reality as a place or a thing. But you own it as a range of understanding and experience within your own being. You are the creative force for this experience and your embrace of it is precipitated by your mastership of the ones that lead to it. In your quiet times, in the expansion of your inner knowingness, acknowledge the fifth reality within you. Welcome the opportunity for the cooperation of your entire being and the assistance of those in harmony with it to proceed in this way. For understand this, dear one, that new realities of potential for experience are so filled with wonders of freedom and new understandings that to compare one with another is almost an exercise in futility. We feel this is sufficient by way of introduction to this understanding.

Q:        Should I finish work as a midwife?

JANU:            Midwifery, dear one, offers interesting symbolism to an interest in assisting others into a new life that some call the next dimension. For at once the one you assist is both the parent and the child, aspects of the same being. To continue in the profession or not is a matter of choice for you, dear one. But what you have learned of its true nature can be expanded in principle and pattern to helping others come into new understanding and freedom. Continue your profession as long as it brings you joy and you continue to learn from it. That is as far as we would go with a suggestion at this time.

Q: If God is omnipotent, why does he need the experience of planet Earth and all the terrible things that happen?

JANU: You must understand, dear one, that the Creator of your universe is not limited in judgment and values and discernment to the human point of view. The actions of His progeny are seen neither as right or wrong, good or bad. They are the actions of His children–and by “His” we mean the Creative Principle of Life–free to experience all possibilities from the field of life that carries, for all practical purposes, infinite potential. The Earth, even with its so-called human failings, is seen by many in your universe as a rich opportunity to discover through experimentation the nature of life and its infinite possibilities. There is an overall movement and evolution of your world, including humanity, that is so grand in potential that you would not see these distractions, as you describe them, as anything more than steps along the way. For, understand, dear one, the beauty of the individual is not limited to the human expression. You all are Gods in the making in the realization of your true nature, and the life that creates this universe did not do so to find fault but to love all life into its full understanding with the freedom to be, that only that kind of love can allow. If all of humanity perished in this moment, the true beings of each one would continue without hesitation, help each other master their lives and fulfill the reach for experience of their divine nature. Observe and assist others without judgment but accurate and enlightened understanding to reflect to them only in love that which you observe. See your own life in this same light and you will find peace with your life and the lives of others.

Q:        Are the negative forces still in control?

JANU: We understand, dear one, that “negative” in the context of this question suggests a reality of life of a destructive nature that does not serve life’s ongoingness and the purpose of the Creator of life. The polarity of negative and the polarity of positive, as exhibited through the dimensions of duality, serve the ongoingness of life and the intent of the Creator. Those forces that you would perceive as destructive or subverting life are understood best when seen as creations within creations, allowed by the Source of Life, but never in control, dear one, in the sense that you suggest. They are allowed expression by the experience of sentient beings and would not exist, dear one, save for their creation by those beings. And you and humanity, and many others as well, have created them, from a certain point of understanding. Therefore, the solution to the seeming dilemma for many is the mastership of your own creative patterns. The creative patterns of others are as they have chosen. Life itself is larger than any of these. They are fields of experience within and through the allowance of the Source of Life. Service to others can be offered by demonstration through understanding and ownership of alternatives to their current patterns, which they may or may not chose to embrace.

Realize this, dear one, that in the symphony of life there are larger and larger understandings that take into account many things. You choose the level and pattern of life you wish to be in harmony with. The Earth as it is, in this very moment, is acceptable to the Source of Life, for it still exists, does it not? See everything you observe in your world as a part of process of discovery and ongoingness, with wisdom to be gained, service to be rendered, and love to be known and expressed. Live in the peace and its true power at the core of your true nature. Walk through life from that perspective and you will see the divine in everything and everyone.

Q:        When will the shift be completed?

JANU: The answer to your question, dear one, is that for many it is already complete. Collectively, as a world, completion is an ongoing process, for all of the phases and stages of life are in constant motion and progression. When the fourth level is achieved by an individual, the third does not cease to be. All of life is a symphony of change, never complete, always in motion. Even those who embrace more fully the fourth reality maintain some experience in the third and in the fifth, and possibly beyond in certain circumstances. And remember this, dear one, you are a composite reality. Your true nature being more inclusive than just a human being in a current third dimensional journey.

Humanity’s intellect tends to pigeonhole, if you will, dimensions and realities. This is a limited understanding. Changes are always changing. Dimensions are always in flux. Consciousness is always multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, And none of these are absolutes. Be and live in the moment of the essential nature of life and all of life is available to you. The nature of change, dear one, is you, not the objects of change in your outer life. They are the result and you are the cause. This shift in understanding propels you into the reality of being the cause of change, rather than waiting for it. Open your heart and your mind to this possibility and see what happens, dear one.

Q:        Who are you?

JANU: Who am I, indeed, dear one? In a more material sense, for the human mind’s gratification, I am one of many who move through life on many levels. I am, to this one whom we speak through, a guardian, so to speak, of the elements of consciousness development enabling his journey into the larger life. As I have stated earlier, to this channel, my roots lie in the constellation of Orion. I carry that pattern and heritage, having known many worlds. The centering of my consciousness and my associations is what has been called the Central Sun. I have known many realities you have yet to discover in your current awareness. I have visited your world, but never incarnated as you have, though my associations span your world and many others. I am a collective being, unified in what is termed the Brotherhood of Light, so even though I may speak as a unique consciousness, I also speak as collective being.

The issues, the questions, the needs of those who come for guidance are elevated to the truth of life that best serves them. They are always in cooperation with the true nature of the one who seeks. And, in truth, dear one, the individual’s true being orchestrates that which is given. These arrangements honor and are in harmony with ancient traditions of service connected to, and in cooperation with, the resources that are connected with all of life. Our goal in every service, dear one, is your freedom through the understanding of who you are and the place you have chosen in life. We would have it no other way, for, as you gain your freedom, all of life has gained that measure and the Source of Life moves on.

Q:        Is my father in true contact with me?

JANU: The short answer here, dear one, is yes. The longer is one that includes that which lives within his memory of having known you, that feels the desire of your heart. Many who move on maintain many associations with elements of their consciousness, for their caring, their compassion, does not end with transition, dear one. He says he plans to embody again soon and would have you know this. He is enjoying his freedom for the moment. And his return to the Earth, dear one, does not mean the end of your connection. Remember, he is a being of many life experiences and gender identifications, as are you. Get to know him in a larger way than as the memory of your father. He has much more to offer you than that. He has not chosen yet his next birthing opportunity but will soon. He is in the position to communicate with you in many areas of interest larger than your most recent relationship. He says he likes the name “Charles” and is considering that.

Thank you, dear one, for this opportunity to share a moment with you. Continue your quest and allow more and more of who you are to fill your sense of being. All of life awaits your discovery. Namaste, our sister.

September 28, 1998 A                                            Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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