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Q:        Can you give me some clarity on my relationship that I just ended? We have had a 25 year relationship and I’ve moved away now and started a new life.

JANU: What we see here, dear one, is an element in your consciousness that is not prepared to release this connection with this one. What we see here is a residual of the original bond with this one. There is a marital bonding that is best described as an element of your desire or wish level that this one might have joined you in his own way on your journey in consciousness. Some disappointment that this not be so.

Your desire for a partner to share this walk through life with you‑‑not as your walk but in their own way‑‑sharing each one’s growing awakening and perceptions of life, to aid each other, was placed with this one for a time, and a part of you still embraces that longing. Though looking at this time for new opportunity, it is not completely disconnected from this one. The disappointment, you see. We would suggest at this time you see this one in a new light, finding his truth, finding his moment in the Light, in a perfect way for him. Releasing, then, your feeling of responsibility in any way for his journey, having placed in your perception his path into the Light.

We would modify this to include an agreement within you that you will be available should the time come to bring understanding to this one, when he has ears to hear, so to speak. Not the severing, then, of the loving link of one life to another, as you might have with anyone. The divorce, then, not contingent upon an isolation of this one from your spiritual journey, for the connection remains even though not maritally speaking, you see. This understanding is for your benefit, in the area of feeling the freedom to move on, knowing that you will serve him as you would any other, should the opportunity arise. Understanding that your responsibility is as it would be with anyone. Married or not to an individual changes this not. For service is the way of life, no matter who is involved.

Q:        There is another individual that I have been involved with and I’d like some clarity on that situation. He is in a marriage that he wants to get out of, but he’s having a hard time with. My feeling is that he’s not going to be able to do that and I need to move on with my life. And I’m wondering if there are Karmic ties between us. It’s really an incredibly strong tie that we have, that I’ve never felt with anyone before.

JANU: You have been married to this one before, dear one, and this is your remembrance. Not to confuse this, then, with your current situation. You have been bonded before. What you bring to this opportunity for this one is the gaining of clarity as to the removing of confusion of connections between past and present partners and that his issues for marital solutions are not with you, other than bringing understanding to his current situation, you see, for you have the wisdom to do so, and the experience, and should you choose to do so, the memory of who he is.

Q:        Why has he come into my life? Was he the catalyst to move me out of this relationship that was bad for me?

JANU: He is a reflection of this, dear one. A mirror. This pattern of seeming confusion, cycling intimacies, relationships, one with another, is not new to this lifetime of yours. Seven times in the past you have walked this journey, three times with the same person. But the issue is not that, but the nature of the journey. There is a confusion of understanding between the interpretation of relationship, both marital and spiritual, you see. There will come a time in your journeys where the spiritual relationship with another will fulfill you completely. It is for you to gain this understanding in this sojourn, preparing for yet another. These who come into your experience reflect to you the lack of resolution in this matter. Sharing journeys with another in a fulfilling manner does not always include marriage, you see.

Needless to say, this current situation is problematic. What we suggest, dear one, is you allow yourself the time and space needed for your own clarity. Stand back, as it were, and observe the intricacies of your current involvements, choosing possibly more wisely from a distance. The further you retreat, the more you see.

Please consider for a moment that your proximity in this relationship adds confusion to his decision making. It is an opportunity for each to gain clarity, dear one. And with the clarity, the choice may be to continue. But with greater clarity, you see.

Q:        I’d like to go back to my relationship with my husband that I just left. He is supposed to make some monthly payments, every month for two years, and I’ve been a bit concerned about that. He didn’t make the complete payment on the first month when I moved out. Can you see if there are any problems with that, that I need to be concerned about?

JANU: What we would suggest at this time is that you consider your understanding of your placement of financial support being only with this person, and the reasons for it. For, as long as this financial tie exists, you are connected with this one and he with you, for more is exchanging here than money. There are many resources in life. Understand your need for this one. We will not say further on this.

What we see for you at this time is the need for the privacy of life. These connections you have described are identifications with life that are not completely your own. Spend some time with you.

Q:        I’d like to ask about my career. I’m building a business here with nutrition and hypnotherapy and the potential seems good. I’m feeling like there’s a new element coming into my work, something perhaps parallel. Can you give me clarity on this?

JANU: What we see here is the beginning formation of a structure. We see a strong background here with a temple, in your past. This structure was not of this world. It existed for a time in another galaxy. It is of the lineage of Ra, the so‑called Egyptian God. This temple existed, as we put it, between realities.

You were what would be called here an energetic God, or a God of energy. You were a temple builder. Now, “temple” to be understood in this sense: that organization of reality that extends the principle of life or consciousness for that one creating. The reason for this reference from another reality is that it exists within you even at this time and would serve your concerns for what you would build here in what you call ‘career.’ The temple not necessarily to be built physically in this world but in your memory and in your alignment with the nature of your being and the journeys of your memory.

The organization of this structure, and its purpose and service, lends itself to the re‑ordering of the energetic structures of those you serve. So, your extension through this temple composite of your own nature and abilities assists in the restructuring, with temple purpose, of the elements of being or energetic reality of those you serve. This is something you accomplish of your own intent, as an extension of your service.

Your perception of the reality of another individual is along the lines of this original temple concept. They have yet to see this in themselves. There is an order to life that this temple demonstrates, through the extension of your concept of life. What this affords the individual you serve is a vehicle for the reconstruction, or realignment, of their energy vehicles. This temple of our original comment in every sense is you, dear one. And you project this reality for assistance to another. Your understanding of this temple construction relationship is the awakening of your own memory.

Q:        Can I call on RA for help with this?

JANU: Call on Ra in this way, dear one, by identifying as Ra. Not so much as a separate being but as that which lives within you, who you are. You are Ra. You are the temple. This larger understanding of the truth of your nature, and your consciousness and its history, will allow you to see these concerns of human relationships in a new way. The patterns of the past do not move well into the future, dear one.

We join with you in your quest, and in your victory, and in your remembering. Namaste.
March 15, 2001 CE                                                        Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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