Resolving challenges & conflicts with integrity and love

Q:        I wish to know how to proceed to remove the self-sabotage and the mis-creations that I can’t seem to see. What’s remaining that continues this anger cycle?

JANU: Let us begin in this way, if we may, dear one. The beginning efforts in realizing what you have described, are in the area of loving the self, in the sense of appreciating and acknowledging, accepting the worth of self, who you truly are in its magnificence, in its power, in its capacity for love and radiating or expressing that love. Not in human terms, but in much larger ways.

As to the anger, then, there can be many levels of this in nature of cause. Anger can be confused with frustration, for long searching and reaching without seeming result. Anger can be in the frustration of wishing to assist another yet without seeming success. Anger for the most part, dear one, is anger in/on the self, for many transferred or reflected in life around them as cause for blame, you see.

We would counsel you in this way of understanding. Confronting anger as a thing, as a reality of having its own life and substance, is a futile battle. For in that scenario one is attempting to combat anger with more anger. We would suggest at this time our earlier remark or perspective. The power of love that you are and that exists in your being is so vast and eternal in nature that all else is resolved and revealed for what it is in that presence and in that point of view. Allow yourself the experience of this love that already is your nature. And as this grows in you, observe and appreciate these other elements that you struggle with as obstacles to your truth.

Complex techniques can get in the way, as well, dear one. This capacity for resolution of the truth of the love within you is far beyond any technique. The techniques are entertainment and busywork for the mind, and perpetuate the ongoingness of the need for struggle against that which you say limits or blocks your view.

We are examining, if you will, previous lives, sojourns of yours for clarification in this area. Yes, we see one in the Sinai Peninsula, around the turn of the century of that numbered the eighteenth. We see a Bedouin type existence, somewhat nomadic in nature. Female at that time as well, dear one. The obstacles in that sojourn were of the conflict of the demands of family demands, tradition, and culture, as somewhat strict and restrictive out of the perceived necessity for survival and the challenges to survival of the geography and the climate, and the conflicts with other tribes, if you will. Leaving little time for the richer pursuits. Your reaching at this time far exceeds that at that time. But the anger at that time, and frustration, touched your core emotions. We see you forming these patterns early in the life at that time, a young lady. Confused about, unable to depart from the normally expected pattern of the young females’ training for familyhood and parenting and the service of the male, you see. But eventually succumbing to the pressures to do so. Vowing, at one point, to break free. In some ways, you feel as though your vow is being completed in this lifetime, although not with the success you had imagined. As you may well appreciate, the cultures are not the same at this time and the opportunities are greater to realize the fullness of your vow.

At this time, dear one, entertain the possibility that the conflict you envision between the family requirements and your reaching for freedom in your spirit are not necessarily mutually exclusive, as they were at that time. We did not say that this was an easy course.

Q:        What are some suggestions as to how to actualize my searching, complete my vow?

JANU: By finding the truth and the freedom you seek in those that surround you, in those you have given a chance in this life to find freedom. Your freedom that you seek is not separate in any way, in the larger truth of life, from the freedom of everyone else. Individuality and uniqueness, in the limited view of today, perpetuates the perception that freedom is realized alone. Your freedom, that is true and that will serve you in the fullest way, is that freedom that is understood in the freedom of your children and those you care for. Does this make any sense to you, dear one?

Q:        Yes. Is it in my misperceptions that I still feel so bound or strangled to where it seems like my family and my seeking seem rubbing against each other, instead of being…I know that it is all one…?

JANU: Part of the difficulty, dear one, is that perception that the family is an obstacle. Perceive differently. Begin with the love of self that we spoke of earlier. Touch the freedom that lives within you. Choose to see your family through those eyes and touch the freedom that lives within them. You will share as one the exhilaration and the thrill throughout your being of the mutual freedom experience. This family unit and these opportunities for shared enlightenment, discovery of the true self, is a pattern that exemplifies the reality of the universal connectedness of us all. See it in this way, even though those in your family may not yet do so. You are a leader, here, in the family. So lead, dear one. Honoring the challenges and the make ups and the things they brought in with them, their so-called obstacles. Helping them through them, dear one. Use your gained insight through direct access with your true being to help them do so. You will be shown, you will be given scenarios and glimpses of their causal patterns. Help them understand them and reach their truth as you are doing, as well.

This is mastery, dear one. This is not for the idle and those who seek amusement and entertainment in life. Or are treading water, if you will. There is assistance for you and for your loved ones on many levels. Ask them for it. Do not hesitate. All of life benefits from your victory, dear one, not just your children. Not even just those who know you.

Q:        I’ve been tending to hold back certain expressions because of–I’m still clenching about well, they are going to get offended, or maybe that’s too much light for them and I don’t want to cause them to stumble prematurely. And I’m just so tired of that. I just want to be me.

JANU: Do this is love, dear one. Love is not careful. Love has no need to be careful.

Each one has within them safety valves, if you will, control measures, if you will, automatic response systems to what you term “too much light.” They have protective mechanisms but when your light is offered in genuine love that allows everyone their freedom, no harm will be done, dear one.

This measure of love of which you speak, this light, has been offered to you as well from your dear ones and not always perceived in its fullness by you, for you have your safety mechanisms as well. Consider this possibility.

Q:        This business that I have been working on at the request of my husband. It’s outstanding. I feel like fun, but I am not into just having a business. My heart and soul and everything in me is in a whole different direction. It’s in seeking and learning and loving. I’m having a conflict with this and I’m trying to figure out if I’m just being a ‘wienie’ about it or if I’m being forced into doing something that really isn’t mine to do.

JANU: As we have counseled others before, dear one, the opportunities for the realization and manifestation of understanding and joy and love in this world take on many forms. Not just sitting under the Bodhi tree, contemplating the navel, but engagements with the business of life and assisting others in their ventures. Examine if you will opportunities, and if you can perceive within them an opportunity for joy to expand within you and if you find the magic is there, continue. This recognition pattern is valid for any who ask the question “What is my purpose? Should I do this or do that?” And we say, does this or that touch your heart, bring you a spark of joy, trigger the release of the creative flow within you, connect with your soul? Even if there are elements of the involvement that you do not particularly attract to, but there is an element that you do. You are a living reality of that which answers your question “What should I do?” Touch your possibilities and see how they feel. If there is no support from within, then touch something else. This applies to relationships, as well, dear one.

Q:        The desire and inner vision, if you will, to a great deal of property and natural environment, to have a resting place, an enlightened place for those to come in out of their environment, learn, seek, find, expand, and go on. How am I to know if this is just an expression that I am moving through or whether I am to actually physically manifest and be a part of this?

JANU: These opportunities in the outer, dear one, serve what purpose, other than to reflect back to you possibilities within you. The quest by so many to embrace nature without the troublesome compromises of humanity speaks of what but the desire for the true peace within. The natural order in the life of their true being. One complements the other but the outer expression is not a substitute for the realization within. It is a mirror, a reflection, and can serve greatly in this way if you have the vision to understand this relationship. It is not an escape, although can be seen as one. Another obstacle to the truth, is it not?

Touch the reality of this natural setting within your being and that is the authority, the fountain, if you will, of support and growth in truth for the encounter in the outer. Making the outer rich beyond its apparent natural bounty. An opportunity if you wish, dear one. It is your choice.

Q:        At one time, I would say it was a need that I thought would fulfill, and that’s how it started. But as my process and seeking and learning what real love is continued I then knew …..because everything that I need I knew is from within. It’s a longing desire I have, to be able to provide for those who are still walking through their process also and needing to get away and relate to something quiet so that they can find what’s inside of them, and realize that it is from within that they need to touch this and find this.

JANU: Many have to discover the truth within them in this way, through this circuitous route, and who is to say it is not a valid one. The greater wisdom is that it is a circuit and not the end of discovery, this bounty of nature. The one who can express this larger truth can be of great service to those who begin their route in this way of nature. However, if they embark on this journey and the leader of this experience does not own the nature within themselves, what is for them to see but an endless reaching for their true nature?

Q:        Which brings my point as to why I tend to wonder about this to begin with is that my husband still really does not have any interest, or see this whatsoever, and I don’t know…then it goes back to the commitment to my family versus me and my expression inside and the seeming conflict.

JANU:  Honoring his path, dear one, is part of the journey into truth, is it not? This does not necessarily mean the end of your journey into the natural setting as example and inspiration for others. Who knows, at some time it may inspire him as well? Be true to your path and your heart and your capabilities to serve. Know with a certainty that life is filled with endless solutions to the so-called challenges on the path. Take no apparent obstacle as the final word. Be unlimited being. And your unlimitedness need not manifest a challenge to another’s truth. That is their situation, dear one, of choice. And who is to say that their choice is wrong or right. Penetrate into your clearer, fuller understanding of any perception, direction you choose.

Q:        Even if I perceive that it would seem to offend others and shatter their idea of family?

JANU:  Acknowledge and open to the idea that the solutions of life can shed light on the entire situation. Life has gone on for some time, dear one, accommodating diverse needs, opinions, and supposed conflicts in creation. It will continue to do so.

Q:        With everything changing here, the new modality of family and relationships, are people in general going to be able to accept and let go of old traditional ways of seeing relationship, or is this going to be a hard transition for people and society?

JANU: All of the above, dear one. Some will vacillate in their change. Much gnashing of teeth, as has been said. Some will have seemingly miraculous breakthroughs in understanding and see their life in new ways and move forward rapidly. Others will choose to remain for the pain of letting go of old ways in the face of the flow of change is too great. Be an example of your truth. Lift whom you may. Love those who choose to stay.

Q:        I guess just when I feel like I’ve really stretched beyond and pinched a lot of people’s understanding, I can feel this welling up to just stretch even further and it’s just–whew. But I can tell its time to just continue, to just keep making my strides, no matter how far out there it seems to be for those in my circle.

JANU: There is merit, dear one, in never relinquishing your reach for the truth and, at the same time, honoring each one for their reach. There is what has been called the Messiah complex. No one is alone in their service to others. When it is time for you to reach further still, diverting your attention and your position in the light from the levels of before, realize there are many others continuing the process at the previous level. We are neither alone in our service or in our reaching and the levels, if you will, for lack of a better term, are many. Reach ever as high as you may. Lift all who are within your grasp of reaching and there are others reaching for those who are not in your grasp, dear one. Find peace in this, in the order of the progression of life and its unlimited capacity to remain at one with every part of it.

Q:        Is there any light which you can shed on the three children that I have, the slight tug of war with the family they came from?

JANU: To a degree, the measure, the situational differences vary somewhat between each. For the complexities of current experience in each vary somewhat. We would suggest at this time that your perception of handhold or grasp of the support, the guidance, and the encouragement of these three be gentle, not too tight. Allow them to grow into a satisfying and fulfilling appreciation of what you have to offer and their life with you and who they are and their other connections. You will find a greater ease and comfort in doing this as you find wholeness and peace and fullness in the truth of your being on your path, dear one. The complex human motivations and emotions of identity, guilt, responsibility, authority, ownership, and influence become less important. Loving them as you do, you cannot fail in the fullness of life’s understanding, dear one. How it all unfolds, the choices they make will be made. For are they not more than children, but ancient ones? Love them each day. Nurse their bumps and their wounds, wipe their tears, and let them feel your love. This they will carry with them, with added measure of their own true nature, in the so-called challenges you describe. To so-called protect one from life is an illusion, dear one. To help one embrace it, is yet another story.

Q:        What is possible for us in this transition that we are making, concerning physical health, taking care of the body? Are we coming to the place where, although we take responsibility for what goes into the body and what we do, in a sense, that also giving magic thoughts to things, saying we have to do this, in order for the body to do that. Isn’t that also a perception that we create? Is it something to give a lot of energy to?

JANU: There are many at this time who give great attention to techniques for management of the well-being of the body as a vehicle and temple, with little conscious awareness of the intelligence of the body itself. There is innate and built into this so-called physical body, which is so much more than what you consider physical, that you would do well to learn of and communicate with. The intent of the design of this structure was such that one would be free of those concerns when properly and fully engaged in the reason for its existence in the first place, that of embracing life, co-creating, and feeding back through your own true nature the experience of life to the source of it all. It was not intended that the physical body be the object of this pursuit. It has become so, for its mission has been compromised by the distortions and the perversions of the human journey.

What then to do in the face of this, dear one? Honor it as a working, supportive reality and partner in your experience in this world. Communicate with it, honoring its intelligence, learning of its sense of purpose. Not your purpose separate from it, for its purpose is to serve your journey, to make possible your interface with this world. The so-called illnesses and maladies that it demonstrates are its attempt to create what you are creating and it does it perfectly. So, if you wish perfection in this physical opportunity for expression, reach for perfection or truth, in your endeavors in this world. The body is intended as a silent partner in your attention on the opportunities of living, not the focus of your every waking moment, to survive.

Q:        And some simple examples to help the children understand that? Do you have them?

JANU: Yes, as you expose these children to wonderful experiences provided through the undemanding support of the physical vehicle, encourage them to thank this vehicle and appreciate it for its service. In time they will appreciate the link, the connection, between the opportunity to experience the joys of living and what the body offers in that direction. For without it, where is the experience, dear one?

The greatest service to your body is to honor life in your outreaches. And to appreciate it in return. It asks for nothing more. It’s a sustenance far beyond the significance of what you call food matter, is this flow of service and appreciation, for that is the fulfillment of its purpose. It is made of this world in which you embody and enjoys being part of it, for it is its nature. It understands the needs of the Earth, possibly more than the host who uses it. The position here, dear one, is the perspective of harmonious co-exister, co-operator with the elements of life.

Q:        Is there any insight you can give me concerning a permanent home and property? I have a desire to settle, to finally get that out of my mind, once and for all, and to have a place to give these children a permanence in a natural setting.

JANU:  Understand clearly, dear one, your motives for such. Visualize this clearly in your consciousness. Co-create with nature, releasing it to thus, clearly and with confidence in an honorable motivation or pursuit. Have no doubt that life at this moment is fulfilling that creation. Be open to moving with that flow.

Now, the problem comes, dear one, when the opportunity presents itself and there are elements that go along with it that may seem somewhat challenging. However, in the light of the truth of being of which we have counseled you thus far, see the truth in those perceptions as obstacles, that they hold within them growth opportunities, adding richness to this choice and are perfect in their way. For the movement into this so-called ideal setting is not the end of the journey, dear one. It is filled with what you call challenges, which are, in fact, rich opportunities.
February 11, 1997                                                                  Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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