Revelations and Earth’s transition

1)   Who or what is “the seventh angel” in the Bible (Revelations) and how does this being or concept relate to my particular incarnation at this time?

2)   Who is “Miradta”?

3)   All this ties into my purpose, can you help clarify this for me?

4) I would like to help the planet through this transformation. What can I do?

JANU: Let us take the “Miradta” first, if we may. This entity, this consciousness, is one that focuses primarily on the comings and goings of the Angelic Host. “Miradta” an acronym for the host of beings, myriad of beings, catering to the Earth at this time. This symbolizes the influx of influence through the collective and varied channeling opportunities serving at this time. “Miradta,” dear one, speaks more of the marriage or merging of consciousnesses than of a single entity. More a tradition, then, of communication or transference of consciousness, in this case into your world.

Now then, as to the seventh angel of Revelation, according to your Scripture, we would see it in this way of understanding. The Seventh Principle of the embrace of, or grasp of, the cycle of completion for the transition of the Earth and of humanity into the new opportunities, the new thresholds of awareness. This Seventh Principle is one of the joyous acceptance of the embrace of the new ways of understanding. Humanity is entering at this time into the transitional period whereby the letting go of the old and the familiar for the new, the uncertainty of change, interferes with the flow of joy through embrace of the new, more expanded understandings, you see. This will be your challenge as well, dear one, in these times to come. This seventh angel principle, when embraced, is as opportunity for leaving these things behind.

Let us suggest, at this point in this discourse, that there grow within you, on every level, the acceptance of, the merging with, the embrace of, the forward movement of all that you are into the new paradigm, if you will, of leaving behind anything that speaks of hesitancy, uncertainty, doubts and fears. What you have become used to in personality and thought process structures will become more and more challenged as you embrace more and more of the traditions of “Miradta.”

“Miradta” is a tradition of movement, of awakening from limited reality into freedom. The seventh angel principle of Revelation is the messenger of this movement. And is this transition, dear one, not well named as Revelation? This transformation of the Earth that you speak of has its correlation in its life form represented as the human species as well. To serve this transformational process in the Earth, dear one, achieve it in your own being.

There is a natural human tendency to reach for the new freedoms attempting to embrace and understand and assimilate them with limited points of view and preferences and emotional habits and structures, conditioned by the influence of the norms of society, religious upbringing, and economic conventions. Learning to swim or fly for the first time, dear one, challenges the conventions and the habits of the ground experience, do they not? How does one, then, make that transition from what is familiar to a greater freedom, a new experience? It is accomplished in large measure by a core faith and belief in the essential nature of true freedom.

You will become, through this transition, the tradition of “Miradta” and the understanding of this seventh principle of which you speak. This is how you serve the forward movement of the Earth and all of its life in these times to come. Acknowledge the truth, the reality, the vitality, the presence, and the ongoingness of your true nature, of your soul, if you will, of the Light that you are. This is your vehicle, your strength, and your centering, that carries you successfully through “Miradta.”

All of this, dear one, speaks of your transformation, what Scripture refers to as “translation.” It is the path into freedom, and the joy of oneness realized. This tradition is new for you, from this density, but is known to you through associations of previous journeys. It is as the reversing of the process of the lowering into your density, for your service to begin. The goal here, dear one, is one of seeing yourself, identifying yourself, in a new way.

“Miradta” is your journey of return into your fully awakened condition. “Mira” speaks of the mirroring of reality, conscious reality, experienced through the densities of the sojourns, you see. “Datum” or “Tada” is the call to return. Once you have mastered this path of return, assistance may be rendered by you to those answering this call. The joy in this forward movement begins at the onset, dear one, and encourages you along the way to continue. There are those who will assist, once the journey is begun, but not to distract you from the identification with, the faith in, and the trust in your true beingness, your true nature, your true identity. A mantrum for you, initiating this process, is “I am complete in the oneness of my true being.” “Sue-roe-om.” “Sueroum” is a toning pattern that corresponds to this mantrum, dear one. “At-ro-we-sagahotah-bin.”

We leave you with this, dear one, for your consideration. “How-et-tah-hey” and good morning.

January 6, 1997                                      Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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