Soul purpose and Pure Being

Q: Who am I? And, what is my soul’s purpose for this lifetime? Should (how do) I integrate my spiritual work into my professional work/life?

JANU: We see here one who embraces the truth to a degree that common understanding is embellished in a positive way.

Perception of the truth, dear one, comes with a denial of the power of old established and limited points of view. It comes with a love for freedom and the embrace of the soul, of which you inquire. It comes with the faith and the courage to meet and embrace the truth of your being and your capacities to evolve into a grander relationship with the rest of life. Loving those aspects of your current consciousness and identifications allows you to be free of them, for in this mode there is not recrimination and no doubt and no reluctance to let them fall away, having served and fulfilled their potential.

As to who you are, you are many sojourns, many experiences, with a core Being enriched by them all. Many inquire in this way, looking for some other world or grander identification of being, which speaks in truth of another sojourn and another time. The grandest identity, the fullest response to your inquiry, is beyond all of these. It is useful to be aware of, from time to time, elements of your previous existences. They can explain many things that give you puzzlement and that nudge you in different directions, you see. But who is the true being, journeying through even those other adventures? What level of embrace moves you at this time: your experiences as a pure being or your pure beingness, dear one?

We would explore for you at this time one of your journeys as pure being, in an effort to reveal to you this relationship we speak of. You were, in another time, one who embraced the reality of life essence of a sun, a solar center in a system of worlds. You entered this consciousness to understand the potential for life through the creation of a system of worlds. You would have been considered as deity by those taking their journeys in that system. You came to this investigation from pure being and as pure being, choosing to lower into these unknown and mysterious possibilities of the densities of worlds. You were known, not by name as used in your world at this time, but by signature of Light, by the shape of your interest and curiosity and by your openness to assimilate or embrace possibilities and other focuses of reality or consciousness, you see. After much consideration, you decided to embark into the densities.

Soul purpose evolves and takes on many shadowings and colorings and configurations. Your purpose has been to explore and understand and evolve through these worlds. You have considered the possibility of stewardship within that system, you see. But you are not through with the journey into densities. In time, you will experience and master the path of return, at which time you will consider whether to move on or grow further in the direction of world or systemic embrace and responsibility.

Your component purpose at this time, in this sojourn, is to master, in part, the male/female identification and those dichotomies that exist in your culture, realizing that you are, in truth, not limited to either of these, but experience them for understanding of the dynamics of personal and cultural evolution of a species in a world. The polar opposites, the polarities, unique to these densities, you see.

As to your business or professional life, integrate this understanding through observation and insightfulness into how these dynamics play out in the relationships of others, whether business or not. You will find yourself able to make decisions with more universal outcome for all involved from this perspective, dear one.

And yes, Sol is the sun of your exploration. Your approach, through the journey of life, is interesting and somewhat unique. The approach you have taken was for the purpose of embracing the larger view as a base for exploration into the components or aspects of that reality, you see. You have found challenge in maintaining your pure being identity throughout these involvements. This will help you understand the position so many find themselves in at this time. Embrace your beingness in a balanced way, not to the degree of pulling you out of your journey, but to gain perspective and to perceive what you experience with depth and balanced understanding.

We would suggest at this time some exploration of this understanding and would welcome further inquiry, for your heritage is known even before entry into this system of worlds. But we would prefer to move along this course as partner in your choices for remembering who you are a few steps at a time, dear one. We greet you this morning with warmth and admiration for your journey. Until we speak with you once more, good day.
January 21, 1997                                                             Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

This response holds some similarity to another later response to someone else, having to do with sun deity connection.

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