Spiritual purpose and ET connection

Q:   My spiritual work and purpose: how can I open to it more? What gifts or service should I develop and open more? I feel I have writing to do along the vein of very new deep info. How can I better prepare and bring it through…also artwork, music?

JANU: This stated interest in authorship of an insightful and profound nature comes with some baggage which we will address at this time. As with any new endeavor, preparation is in order, as you have suggested. Your particular preparation has to do with cementing or firming up your connection with, your relation to, your heart’s imperative or motive for such, envisioning a longer range view for outcome and the ongoingness of this, its purpose. A certainty within the being for this course or direction. The music and artwork of which you speak can play a role as well when so aligned in purpose and content.

We see some benefit here in artwork in the form of miniatures, as is termed, that can be easily incorporated into writings for illustration purposes, to bring points of understanding together into a coherent and cohesive picture of what is intended. Music designed with the intent of supporting the reverie in an individual that allows for insight, connection, and the flow of the encouragement that only life can offer.

As to your authorship, dear one, be aware that your compositions can address and include the needs of not only the larger view of life but of the nitty gritty of living, so to speak, those many elements that form the tapestry of one’s life.

Q:   Please expand on my extraterrestrial connections and reasons for being here–channeling energies from **** and the “ships” to earth–opening portals for new energies to enter in–Andromeda, Venus, and Arcturion connections. How I can better understand and better do what I am doing with the “space beings” and angels, and be more conscious of this work as it is happening–of what is actually happening on all levels? And the healing work with people and animals.

ARCTURIAN:   Greetings, sister. I am the Arcturian, **** if you choose this name for familiarity. The ships to Earth of which you speak are a vast armada placed along the corridors of travel across your universe and into others. I am the commander of three of these in your environs at this time. The name **** is an old one, from that which conveys the understanding Solar Technician or technical advisor or expert, if you will. We have oriented our craft in such a way as to bring about or facilitate a triangulation posture for the alignment or directing of communication and certain energies along this network of craft that operate in many sectors, you see.

Now, understand this, dear one, we are not corporeal as you might put it. At least, most of us are not. Your origins allow you to connect with us in our domain. You are capable of, and have strong within your makeup, the ability to float and hover through a range of vibrational realities, not limited to your physical connections, you see. Much as a sea creature can change buoyancy and hover at different depths, so can you manipulate your position through the vibrational spectrum. Begin this experience by seeing yourself, and allowing yourself to feel as if floating, not anchored and free to drift in any direction. In that state of equilibrium and state of freedom, your desire, your focus of attention for connection with us will make this possible. Our craft, as you might term them, maneuver and reposition themselves in this way. We connect ourselves with these adjustable vehicles in a similar fashion. The reason for them, for us, is that they offer a concentration or focus for us to marshal or gather our collective attention and consciousness to engage realities. A base of operations, if you will. Staging areas for larger networks of activity.

The triangulation of which we have spoken, for the three craft which I supervise, are at the periphery of your octave of experience. A current focus of my attention, thus the name, dear one, is your solar equivalent to the prime directive for our presence in your area. We invite you to join us or connect with us in this way, as described, and many of your questions will be answered as you begin to understand who you are and the many realities of service and ongoingness that exist. You come to us as liaison from the Andromedan sector known as “Pectora” or “Pectoris Major.” You serve as an anchor of sorts for that region’s contribution and connection to this vast network. We will explain further through direct connection, should you choose.

JANU: We trust that this will provide some foundation for initiating your deeper understanding of certain opportunities for you. We thank you for this opportunity to serve in this way of understanding. We are the Brotherhood of Light, wishing you well on your journey. Good morning and namaste.
May 27, 1997                                                     Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions rreceived from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. This individual asked a range of questions, split apart for ease of presentation. See also Toxicity . 

The response given here is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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