The Order of Melchizedek

MELCHIZEDEK:      Good evening, children of the Light. We are here and eager to respond to your inquiries. The Order of Melchizedek lives in each of you and never was far away. It is in each heart and in the divine pattern of your being. We live in the exalted state of who you are. What are your inquiries this evening?

Q1: The question of what is the Order of Melchizedek and what does it have to do with each of us and our journeys and paths on this Earth, in this sojourn?

MELCHIZEDEK: Dear one, it is the pattern of your journey in life. It is a pinnacle, but not the only one. It is a summit to reach for another from. “A summit of what nature?” you may ask. The nature being a measure of realization of the true Godhead, and that is your journey. And realize this, dear one, there is much journey further still. We represent, for your lifestream, the Godhead realization in your being. We are the channel of that life and so are you. Our purpose is to hold that truth for you.

Q2:      You said the Order of Melchizedek is in each of us here? Could the same be true of all 5 billion or so human beings on the planet?

MELCHIZEDEK:      It is true because their nature is yours. The nature of the truth of your being is the same for all. The universality of your nature is patterned in the ideal of this Order.

Q2:      So all humans are part of the Order of Melchizedek?

MELCHIZEDEK:      By original design, dear one. Has always been thus.

Q2:      The Order has been described as being in various houses. I’m not sure how to put this in a question or statement. That each of us spends time in the different houses (not as in the Zodiac), learning the aspects of that house. Do you have any comments on that statement? Like maybe it’s not true at all?

MELCHIZEDEK:            Understand this. The pattern to which we refer and hold in ideal is for your entire life path. The zodiac, and other structures of life that describe your journey or set the stage for your enactment, are born of the truth of which we speak. They are true pattern and find parentage in that which we hold. All houses of metaphor and symbolism are structures for the path of return to the realization of the Godhead summit of which we hold ideal.

Q2:      Is there a difference, and if so, how would you explain it, to be “of the Order of Melchizedek” and a “priest of the Order of Melchizedek”?

MELCHIZEDEK:      Truth be known, dear one, “priest” is the path realization, the becoming of that pinnacle. And, in the universal truth, the all embracing reality of that reality of this Order, who is not such a priest? Cast not your gaze, your glance, at any other to describe one as priest and one as not. You miss the point of the journey if you do.

Q2:      I see patterns, an emanation from one direction, an emanation from another, emanation from another divided into different segments, one being Zodiac, other something houses, others experiences. These all interblend and intertwine creating many, many mansions, many houses within the mansions, many squares within the pattern. And that each of us, in our journey, takes time in the squares to learn the whole picture…

MELCHIZEDEK:      May we suggest that as you acknowledge and gain what benefit there is from any house or any structure of life, see not just that house or that structure, or you will miss the light of its purpose, which is your true being, the Godhead summit experience. That is what lights each house. That’s what gives it purpose. And that is what leads you successfully from the offering of each house into that which lies beyond. Without this connection, your house will become darkness. The journey, goal, and purpose is no house, dear one, but the journey through it, lit by the truth of the Godhead of your being.

The Order of Melchizedek is the divine pattern of the Godhead summit, held for all.

Q3:      How can we become more knowing in our own being that we are connected? I sometimes question whether I am connected to anything.

MELCHIZEDEK:      You, dear one, are more connected than you realize. The reason for the discrepancy in your perception is the depth of acceptance of your true capacity for love. Not of others, dear one, but of you. Love begins with the lover. Take that into your inner journey.

Q1:      I would like to ask about the experience enjoyed by the channel upon his introduction to your presence. That it was a very great, enlightening experience and the journey seemed much enlightened from then on. And I would ask if that is an experience that could be enjoyed by each of us as well?

MELCHIZEDEK:      That particular moment in this one’s journey was in no way unique or special. There are many yet to come for this one that will make that pale. Each one comes to the same Godhead, dear one. No one’s moment of awakening should challenge the validity of another’s dream. As this one experiences such a moment, that moment belongs to you. And yours to another. If one achieves a moment of light, see it as life’s promise of your own, for life has no favorites, no preferred ones. All are loved the same. And this love is how we love you all. Your peak experiences, of which there are many, shall we say in your vernacular, you can take to the bank.

With blessing to you all, we remain in your hearts, in your life, and one with your Godhead. Good evening.
December 21, 1998 B                                                  Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are a series of questions received from a group of individuals, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular group, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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