Use and meaning of symbols

This individual asked for information regarding a specific symbol. While the response is specific to the symbol, which is no longer available for viewing, it is also representative of the potential spiritual use of any symbol and is presented in that light. The crop circles have a similar reality.

JANU: It is Argarian of a dynasty long since merged or blended into a distant coalition of dynasties or power groups, you see. There is no current frame of reference in your universe to define or describe location of this society or even time frame, you see.   This symbol heralded or represented for that dynasty a superior understanding of life for victory over darkness or ignorance. The PI looking figure in the lower right hand corner was a mathematical entrance or window into the dimensions of understanding. The circle is not a circle. It is a sphere and the symbols are not two dimensional but multi-dimensional. Your perception of them in this diagram does not reveal their full shape and character interrelationship, you see. This was an orb one could journey through in consciousness to achieve a different perspective based on the paths of structure within.

The symbol for you, dear one, the revealing of this, comes at a time when you need a key for journeying into your true picture of your plan and purpose, not only for sojourning but activating a “you” on the inner. Take the journey this offers for remembrance of your chosen interest and purpose for expression at this time. This orb you held in your consciousness or hand, if you will, at another time. You imprinted your memory of it and its key quality for you before sojourning, you see.

This Argarian culture was fairly advanced and could see into the dimensions. This orb was an opportunity for those to make the journey in training, so to speak. The knowledge base at your disposal is accessed through this key. This key was an initiation or test for those who would access these inner or larger realities. One would become one in consciousness with this orb and its structures and follow the contours and shifts in perspective for access to, or connection with, repositories of understanding and memory. In this manner, one needed not to travel with these repositories, you see. For some the orb was uniform in color and revealed outwardly no symbols or patterns. They were accessed on the inner. To the untrained eye, this appeared ordinary sphere, a mere bauble or ornament.

Yes, there are other such keys, if you will. This is not the only one. These beings were more formless than with form. The time frame of this reality is best described in eons. A millennia being a blink of the eye, so to speak, in comparison. But the memory remains, dear one. This was a way of sharing, transferring, moving, and preserving a record of cultural experience and wisdom.

Each time you are shown or perceive an object, be alert to any drawing or inspiration to become one with this object and see what it has to offer beyond what is apparent. This was your way, dear one, this you are used to. Few cultures understand or related to this method. A most ingenious one, you see. This symbol or orb you perceive is not the message, it is the key to, the access to an old record, a knowingness of reality.

We trust this whets your appetite, so to speak. It is intended to do so. Allow your consciousness to reveal to you a number of other structures, each with their mystery, their magic of access into a knowingness established long ago. The Argarians were journeyers and locations numerous spanning a great many parsecs (3.26 light years or 19.2 trillion miles) in your term of measure. Their experiences and wisdom vast. These orbs served similarly to your Internet, if you will, only far more sophisticated, for their interaction with life was on many levels.

We trust this is of some service and welcome your further inquiry. But the magic of the journey lies within you. Blessings, dear one. Claim your victory that lies within who you truly are. Awaken to this. It is true. Namaste.
June 12, 1996                          Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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