Vortexes and consciousness raising

This individual had a strong connection to a vortex near her and sought two attunements to clarify the issue for herself. They are combined here for ease of understanding.

Q:        I would like to have an understanding of what a vortex is.

JANU: A vortex, dear one, is a concentration of life, done so by the intent of living consciousness, or consciousnesses, that are united in desire and intent. The vortex reality across your entire universe is diverse indeed. Many see vortex reality only from the frame of reference of planetary existence and service. There are vortex equivalents in what you would call the vast reaches of space, as well as many other worlds. Vortexes can include entire regions of the universe as well as that you would call microscopic. Vortexes can be known through their movement. They can be free to migrate.

In this case of your vortex of interest, this is a compilation or composite of more than one, in what you call spirit, creating such by design and intent. Mother Mary was one of the architects. Her heart centers exist around the world, this being only one, you see. Your association with her on the inner draws you together in this way of focused attention for world service. Your past has been focused on, in recent lifetimes, Earth service. Your connection with other worlds, in the form of embodiments, has been interrupted by your series of embodiments in your world. But that is another story, which is available to you, dear one.

Now, to the matters at hand. What our brother has spoken to you is a truth that will serve you well. Join the vortex not so much as a thing, as a creation of life, but as a partnership with the idea, the design, the intent and desire of those who created it. So your partnership, dear one, is with a project of service, more than the focus of attention being the vortex. The vortex is not a living entity in the same way as you are, or its designers are. When the sun of your solar system is focused through a glass lens and becomes a bright spot, the spot is not the entity, the sun is. The lens being the consciousness and the intent of those who created, so to speak, a focus called vortex. So, you see, the beings are the sun, the agreement is the lens, the resulting focus is the vortex. You will, in time, through the alignment of your consciousness with those who have created this vortex, see yourself in a larger way and see yourself as something that is larger than any vortex, for you are a living consciousness that creates them.

Many whom you will serve through your discussion and presentation must be guided into understanding that they are the creators of life, quite the hurdle in understanding considering the traditions in understanding in Earth’s recent generations. For this to transpire in your presentations, you must grow in this as well, and exhibit to them your knowingness and confidence that this is so. Many of these vortex creations serve this purpose in your world at this time, to be used in such a way as to lift humanity’s consciousness into the full estate of their true being. For only in this way will mankind fulfill its destiny in the partnership of the evolution of this world.

A vortex can be disassociated as easily as it is created. The true being of you and your fellow beings cannot, for you are, in truth, together the creator of this universe. And, although little known to humanity, sentient consciousness across this universe, making up the totality of the Supreme Being, will in time create other universes. You must begin to see life and yourself from this perspective. The opportunities for the future, for humanity and other beings on other worlds, is so grand that this perspective of understanding must be embraced.

Vortexes do not exist to be worshipped, dear one. And neither do grand beings, your brothers and sisters in the truth of life, equals in the perception and the reality of the one life. And they know this to be true, and honor your knowingness that this is so. Only in this way of relating do you together fulfill your potential. Lift the hearts and the minds and the entire being of everyone you serve into this larger truth of life, no longer owned by circumstance, but the creators, the changers, the modifiers of such. In some ways, your Mother Earth is ahead of you in this way. It is time to catch up and awaken into the destiny of humanity.

Q:        I understand that the big picture of all of this is people realizing that they’re vortex, the vortex being consciousness. So at this time I’m somewhat confused as to what importance it is to have these twelve vortexes that I continue to hear about. Am I to carry the message of these twelve vortexes, or is it really just carrying the message of raising the consciousness within?

JANU: As we have said before, dear one, these vortexes represent the order of twelve of the Hierarchy of Life for your world. The vortexes are not the message. They are not the journey or the story. They are the anchoring points and the energetic facilitators and opportunities for the design and the service of the hierarchy of your world. Through them, by means of the presence of their energetic reality, people can sensitize to the nature of consciousness that creates them and holds the understanding for the movement of humanity and the evolution of the Earth. See them as an extended hand, so to speak, to grasp with your own and feel the embrace of the guiding consciousness that understands your life and the life of your world. The exchange of knowingness, presence, and energy, will be unmistakable, and will convince people within the hearts and physical bodies of their beings that this is real. That not only is there a larger truth to life but, in that moment, they felt the connection with it. Can you not see the importance of this experience for so many who have doubted anything other than that which has oppressed them their entire lives? For many, for the first time, they will experience hope in their heart and realize that the larger mysteries of life are not only not a fantasy, but within their grasp.

Does your confusion still exist, dear one?

Q:        I guess I see the picture as just traveling. It does not matter so much about the twelve vortexes.

JANU: It does, dear one, in the sense of available opportunities for those to achieve that grasp we have described, made available by the Great Ones of the Light for your world to connect with the truth within their being and the truth within the being of those who bring the opportunity. Physical presence in these locations serves those who are filled with doubt and have no memory of such an experience. Once established in their memory and in their knowingness, they can travel their lives around the world and reconnect at will without needing to be present again. It’s an initiation, dear one, for those who need it. These vortex locations are carefully chosen to facilitate availability, not only due to population densities but to the energy centers of the Earth, in harmony with its life and movements and desire for humanity’s awakening. Does this help, dear one?

Q:        So it sounds like speaking of these vortexes is somewhat of a tool to help connect people to the consciousness.

JANU: See them as a reaching of those in spirit, who guide your world, to touch in a real and physical way the hearts and minds and lives of those who choose to know the truth, not only of a larger life but of their own beingness, their own purpose. In a balanced and enlightened way, when one makes such contact, the understanding that the reverence and the regard for the lives of those who bring the vortex is no greater or smaller than their reverence and regard for the life they discover within themselves, for it is the same life, dear one. No one greater than the other. This is an important concept that must be planted as a seed in their knowingness.

Q:        I guess lately I have somewhat been confused also of all this talk of Earth change. I don’t feel that that is the message that I am to carry. I feel like I am to carry the message of remembering our perfection and holding the peace vibrations as the Earth does change.

JANU: The change that matters by far the most is the change within the hearts and the minds and the consciousness of all humanity. For they lead the way for the other orders of life to move into their destiny and their fullness. And the confusion that exists and lack of understanding in mankind today has left great confusion in the animal kingdoms and others in the Earth. For, without specific knowingness, they are influenced and guided into their future by the consciousness of humanity. Humanity has to move into its responsibility of service to the life of this world at this time. All that we have suggested to you this morning serves that, dear one. The Brothers of Life have created these vortex opportunities to, in yet another way, provide opportunity to open hearts and minds to the larger truth of the reality of humanity and its relation to all of the rest of life that is the Earth.

We would suggest at this time, dear one, that you consider in your own consciousness your response to what has been shared and consider carefully what has been said. And we welcome further inquiry at your choosing and convenience.

September 16, 1998                                     Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is the second session, requesting clarification and expansion of ideas presented earlier.   

Q:        I would appreciate what you can tell me about the traveling that I am to do in speaking about the vortex. I feel that I am to connect with the other vortexes and I just wondered if you had any input for this.

JANU: There are many layers or levels of opportunity for you in this adventure, not just for you but for those whom you address and touch the hearts of. We would have you understand at this time that these contacts for you will quicken your awakening into the larger role for you in this sojourn of yours.

At each vortex, look for a spokesperson in spirit for you as liaison for your adventure in that locale. In time, you will assemble an entourage of acquaintances, familiars, if you will, in spirit, that will become your gathering or council for implementation of not only the varied purposes of these vortex opportunities but for your mission in life as well. There will be those you encounter at each location in the physical world. Some are aware of these contacts and some are not, yet they remain your physical plane counterpart of this vortex family you will come to know. As we have counseled you earlier, the vortexes themselves are not the message and can easily become an obstacle to those who can find opportunity for personal awakening by virtue of the connection through these. It is vital, at this time, that you divert their attention to what lies beyond the vortex and its reason for being. Most, still centered in physical life, look for form structures to revere, to follow, and to symbolize their quest for their truth. This must be avoided at all cost, dear one. Your own entourage, who assist you even at this time, can act as liaison, preparing you for these introductions in these locations.

Now then, dear one, what as to the overall scope and purpose of this adventure of yours? We would have you understand that there will in time come into prominence in the role of humanity, in the experience of humanity, a thrust from those organizations in spirit and in your world at large to assist mankind collectively in the movement forward in these critical times. You will become, should you choose, aware of your role in this, which has been determined by you at an earlier time. There lies before you purpose in your life beyond these vortex experiences soon to come. The vortex activity of your choosing will prepare you for the further journey. So, as you proceed with commitment and engagement, do not see this as the primary focus for your life. That is yet to come. But this is necessary for you. For many connections will be made, and understandings, and much experience into the dynamics of the human adventure. You will become known in spirit for this service you render and looked upon as opportunity to serve with a number of other spiritual projects. No adventure that lies before you is the end of the road. It prepares you always for larger service.

There will be available to you one particular connection named, acting as, liaison to your understanding of the family of life through each of these vortices. Expect this and get to know them. You will learn, in time, to see those who come to learn through the eyes, through the consciousness, of those who serve these energy centers. You will become one, for a period of time, and their understanding will issue forth through you, by your agreement only. You will demonstrate to those beginning to awaken of the beauty of the marriage of consciousness and heart between and among children of the Light, of which you are one.

Q:        I guess, in this moment, I have some anxiety as to how this is to happen. If I am to travel just in this vortex area, or… I’d like to have some idea of how this is going to take place.

JANU:            Initially, dear one, set the pattern for engagement in the vortex in which you are involved at this time. Do this by establishing contact arrangement with your personal hierarchy and the liaison for this vortex, in your current location. Make it and determine it to be a pattern for engagement in the rest. Do your homework in this location, establishing a pattern for representation of the opportunities for awakening to those who come to this energy center. Do so by, through the integrity of your true being, establishing a history, a tradition of communication and understanding development with the truth available through this focus. Be clear in your inquiries as to building this model of understanding and engagement. Your opportunity is to provide service to many as cooperative representative of those who bring understanding to others through this vortex. You will gain confidence in the power that is available in understanding and the ability for hearts to open and lives to blossom into their true potential. This will give you the confidence to move to the next vortex, you see.

Begin where you are. Determine to build a process, a procedure, for a conscious relationship with the vortex, the consciousness moving through it, and the lives of those who come. Understand in time, as they will not initially, that the vortex is not their primary opportunity. They come to discover their primary focus, and it’s the truth within each one. The vortex opportunity only serves this discovery. It is not desirable for people to build a model in their perception that the vortex location is necessary for them to know the truth. It is an aid and it is temporary. And the source within each one is permanent. They must understand this, dear one. They do not come to serve the vortex. It is there to serve them. They are larger in consciousness and co-creative power than any vortex. Grow in clarity in your own perception of this truth.

Q:        Will I physically be doing this travel on my own?

JANU: On your own, dear one, in the sense of responsibility for it. Others may join you but the responsibility for your life, your journeys, and your commitments are yours. Now, having said this, understand that once the commitment is made, you are supported, guided, and encouraged by many on both sides of life. So, alone in one sense, dear one, but not alone in another.

Q:        I know that God is my source, or Creator is my source, so shall I have signs of where to go and when?

JANU: Most definitely, dear one, but they will not all look alike and that is part of adventure, learning the language of life and the language of those who assist you. Opportunities will not always be logical in sequence or a linear progression of events. Life is more fluid than that. There are many eddies or currents to life, interactions, and redirections.

So, the key to this understanding, dear one, lies within. You establishing a familiarity with, a recognition pattern within you, feeling the pull or call from deep within to respond at a particular time in a particular way to a particular location. Do not get into some rigid requirement of pattern recognition. Trust in and recognize and develop, through use and follow through, your inner knowingness, your sense of where the energy of life directs you. It is almost as if you were one pole of a magnet and the opportunity for you is the other, and you are drawn one to another. Allow yourself to feel life calling to life, and when you do, open to the understanding. Proceed in this way, dear one.

Q:        I have been receiving messages more often as to Earth changes taking place. I know that my purpose is to help people keep peace, but am I to speak the messages that I get about Earth changes?

JANU: Yes, dear one, because this is the truth and people will observe these changes around them and will hear many stories from many perspectives of others about them. Your opportunity to best serve these who come before you in this area of interest is to encourage in them, constantly, repeatedly, until they begin to believe it, that although they observe external forces and changes in their world, that they are, in fact and always have been, superior to these. For these changes are caused by consciousness. Consciousness first, then changes. They must understand that humanity has a collective global influence on your world. And they can, as they develop their opening, attune to the collective influence and see the correlation between what humanity has achieved in consciousness, whether so-called positive or negative, and the results in the physical world. They must come to understand that the faith, the consciousness, and the commitment, and the purity of heart of one individual can work miracles. The goal in this consciousness awakening is not to end or stop Earth changes but to make the changes needed in all of humanity. The Earth is the mirror to that, dear one. The work is not the mirror, but that which it reflects.

This will be a struggle for you, for very few have accepted deep within them the truth of their own being and their own power and their own divinity. They still see the physical world changes as more powerful than they are. You have your work before you, dear one, do you not agree?

Q:        Yeah!  An opportunity that has faced me ever since I have been doing the work, especially now with this travel in sight, is not knowing if it is to be given as a love offering and the source just provides? Am I to ask? This is something that I have not ever come to balance with.

JANU: Clearly your concerns are financial, dear one. As we have suggested in your recognizing the signals for where to go and what to do, so to speak, your opportunity for support and provision is fluid as well. We are not suggesting following the pattern of our brother GW exactly. That is his perception of his relationship with this area of need. But much can be learned of it in terms of trusting in life to provide opportunity, not just to serve but to be served in the journey. Your opportunity is to be alert to the promptings of life that direct you to, or open you to, these opportunities of support. They will arrive through individuals and circumstance, as times appearing to have nothing to do with your sense of your next calling. You must understand and accept that life is not limited to your particular perception. It is much larger, for it includes the perception of everyone.

Now this may seem vague but it is where the power is. The details, the structure, the mechanics, if you will, of the fulfilling of your needs is met in this way. And they will vary greatly. Have no preference for how life will provide, dear one. Have an open and humble heart, that knows the power of life, and that you are part of it. Expect miracles and beauty in the symphony of its works. At times, there will be circumstances that appear not to provide financial support for a movement in your journey. This can be understood at times as a change in plans, to sit tight, or to look in a different direction.

What we are saying here, dear one, is gain the power of being in the moment. The flow of life is with you constantly. You do not have to go looking for it. Do not limit yourself to other people’s frustrations, anxieties, and concerns about where the money will come from. Know in your heart that all of the resources of this world are under the authority of the life and the Family of Light of which you are a part and serve. Have no sense of lack or frustration on this subject, for that will limit the flow through you. Expect everything that is right and constructive to move through you. Stand in your truth, in your integrity, and in your power in that perception, and you will see the simple beauty of the flow of life.

This one understanding, dear one, is more powerful than you may realize at this time. Would that more in your world understood this and lived in this way. And there would be less hoarding of resources, limiting availability to the needs of many.

Q:        I guess I just feel like I’m kind of in an in between space, because I know that I manifested a very comfortable way of life. I was able to continue to do my work and I was provided for, through the man that I just had been caretaking the home. To be of integrity, now that I’m back out, away from salary and the whole bit, I’ve had more anxiety come in because there is no set pattern, no set rule and the bank account is very low!

JANU: If we may, dear one, that is human limited thinking. For who is the supplier in your recent environment? Life is. Do you see life as impotent and incapable of providing the next opportunity? It provided the last one, dear one. Put your faith there, and your trust, and, through that, your sensitivity, your powers of perception will be enhanced to recognize and be in the right place in the right time for the next one. The fact that you had this past positive experience is testimony to the next one, dear one. Never lose sight of this. Never regret the passing of a magic moment, worrying where is the next magic moment. It is the same life that provided the one before, and it will provide the next. Dwell in this understanding, dear one, for there you will find your freedom. Frustration will perpetuate the lacking, you see, for that is what you create through frustration and anxiety. You must decide which state of being you wish to reside in. No one can change that for you. Remember the beauty of the last opportunity. Be grateful to life for providing it.

And in the same gratitude, look forward to the next, for it will better serve your future journey than the last one, dear one, for that’s why the change has taken place. The last one would hold you back. The next one will support your movement forward. Look for it and expect life to provide it, for you have made an agreement, a contract, with life to serve it. Live this way, dear one. There will be no need for your anxiety.

Q:        I know that this is truth and I know that this is about the biggest step I have ever taken.

JANU: The biggest step you have ever taken, dear one, is your agreement to serve. The rest is incidental, by comparison. The rest is opportunity to put into practice your commitment. Can you not see this?

You are surrounded by those who see in a limited way, dear one, and have patterned their lives such. You must move beyond this, if you are to be an example and a teacher of others. The old ways must give way to the new. The limited understandings must give way to limitlessness, to freedom. This is your mission and this is your opportunity.

Q:        Is it just to take the step and get in the car and go out and listen, or am I to wait until…?

JANU: You achieve the answer to your question by engaging what we have described before. The knowingness and the magnetic pull within of the life energy between your being and opportunity, that is your signal to move, dear one. In the meantime, you connect constantly, whether here, in motion, or in another location, with the family of life that serves through the vortex. Build your relationships, gain harmony and familiarity with the many flows of understanding and truth from so many. The intent and purpose of life in these opportunities will slowly become your knowingness.

Traveling, yes. Reaching out to others, yes. But reaching out with what, dear one? Reach out with what you have gained in your adventure within with the rest of life, the Family of Light. The vortex being only a focus of attention for accessing this larger life. The traveling is only the the action part of your opportunity. Expand your inner life even now. As you sit at the vortex, whether physically or in consciousness, the focus for you is not the vortex but the life accessed through it. It is a window, dear one, a doorway to meet with those who know, and discover that you are one of those. It is no accident, your choosing, dear one. Your questions will be answered in this way.

Q:         When I started doing this work, there had been many messages about all the going within and living life from within as being a new religion. But I haven’t received any messages about that, so I wondered if that is still to be spoken, about the new religion?

JANU: The trouble with the word, dear one, is what it brings to so many in connotation. Life and its truth already is and always was. ‘Religion’ as a segment or separate understanding does not speak to or connect with this larger reality. What we endeavor here is to awaken people to a larger life that already is and a remembrance of their tradition of being within it. The movement in this direction might best be described as universal understanding. The understanding that embraces all paths, all journeys, never comparing one with another, to place amounts of value or importance one to another. Too many religions in your world have fallen into this human construction of comparison that divides and does not unify. Universal truth is just that, dear one, the truth of the universe. And the journey to a larger world within each person is a journey into the truth of the universe and their true being. This is the direction we see, dear one, for journeying.

So, you see, we do not say yes or no to this previous understanding of yours. Come to your own enlightened decision.

We would add this one point, dear one. No member of the tradition of the truth of life, Light itself, would ever require of you commitment to that which you do not understand and embrace within your own heart. Any that do, are reason for consideration before commitment, you see. For what can you give and inspire in another in your world, that you do not own in your understanding and in your heart and in your being? Let this be a guide for what you agree to, dear one, and what you speak to others.

October 8, 1998                                                   Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions asked by an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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