White powder of gold & personal growth

Q:        I’ve tried many methods to get into a state of stillness, or where the mind is silent, or superconsciousness, and only occasionally do I get a satisfactory result. What can I do to accomplish this? Am I blocking it or what?

JANU: What we see best for you at this time, dear one, is a return to that which is known within you. And what we see here is, visually even more than symbolically, a point of light. Now this light, be understood that, is the composite or amalgamation, if you will, of the center of your true nature or being. Center in the sense of the connection point for the totality of your being. This representation, this image, connects you to all that you are and have known. It is a beginning point for return and we would have you, through suggestion, recall this in your meditations, if you will. This is the source of, and the light upon, all that you have sought. It is available. It is a returning home. And it has more power for you than you can imagine at this point.

One point, one reality, that embraces all else. It is you. It is within you. And it is yours for the returning to, you see. Visualize the point of light that you are. It is an important distinction. This is not a random point of light, as you may interpret. It is the living life presence of the connecting point of the rest of your being. It is the sum of all you have known and been and experienced. It is available to you at this moment.

Q:        I have a tendency to clench my teeth often and it’s unconscious. I’m suddenly aware that it’s happening. Is this anger, or fear, or something else?

JANU: It is a nervousness that comes from uncertainty, from the confusion of the reaching and the perception of lack of fulfillment in the search, you see. Relax into, be at peace into the nature of your being as we have described. Relax with the full confidence and knowing that it is yours, has always been yours, and it is not something for you to create or achieve. It is who you are.

Q:        The Israelites were supposedly given a process for converting gold to a white powder which apparently had magical powers. Is this true or is this just a myth? Has anyone in modern times accomplished this and, if so, is there a way for me to obtain some of this?

JANU: It is true, dear one. Three have accomplished this. Two of these sources have produced such material, some refer to as ‘Noble metal.’ We would caution that the processes or processes used have certain impurities. Not so in the original, you see, as you described, Egyptian in nature. The third source has the purest of the three.

However, the consequences of use are such that there would be disturbances in the path of evolution for an individual at this juncture in the human journey to partake of such a substance, by reason that it is no longer needed. The human consciousness is moving in a direction and has matured to a point that a shortcut, as you might call it, to enlightenment defeats the purpose of the journey, you see.

Q:            Recently, I would say in the last twelve months give or take a little, I seem to be getting a lot of guidance from what feels like a very high source. Is this accurate?

JANU: In a manner of speaking. We would counsel you at this time that this so‑called ‘high source,’ aside from the romantic notion of some grand being, is none other than yourself, dear one. For you are a many faceted being, co‑existing in many levels of reality and enlightenment and, more than you might realize, the seeker finds their truth in an element of their own nature.

Q:        I know that I’ve been involved in spiritual healing in other lifetimes, and at one time in this lifetime. Would it be a good thing, considering my goal in life, if I followed this path now?

JANU: We must tread carefully here. For your benefit, we do so. And tread carefully in the sense that the term ‘healing’ as perceived by so many can mean many things to different people and have different realities. It is not our wish or prerogative to design someone’s choices or life for them, you see. So, to ask such a question, one must be inquiring as to that nature of healing that is in your interest, before we proceed, you see.

Q:        Well, my goal in this lifetime is that I be the maximum benefit for the good of mankind that I am capable of at this time.

JANU: We would suggest in this way, dear one: the maximum benefit one can be to another is to love them without question, unconditionally with all of your being. As one achieves a greater measure of this ability in their consciousness and in their conduct and in their life, much is revealed peculiar to the moment for the one you would serve, or the group you would serve, or the nation you would serve, or the world you would serve. And in that moment, any nature of service through healing is revealed, for you become in that way a universal healer, if you will call it that, or servant.

Q:        I seem to have an affinity for denying myself the abundance that I am capable of. How can I overcome this? Or what is the problem?

JANU: Not identifying so much, dear one, with the limitations of others. So much of humanity’s limitations are based upon the condition of the world in which you live. As you achieve deeper and deeper connection and experience with the light nature of your being through the point we have suggested, the idea, the conditioning of doubt, of self‑limitation, fades in the light, you see. So the goal is not the diminishing of the attitudes of limitation. The goal is reconditioning to the light of unlimited being. The limitations cannot exist in the Light, dear one. That is your goal.

Q:        Is it true that the Hierarchy was given to man for the purpose of being an intermediary to God or the God Force, until they were capable of identifying with God themselves?

BROTHERHOOD OF THE LIGHT:            Dear brother, you have summoned and we are the Brotherhood of Light. And we radiate or share our light with you, as we have always done. The Hierarchy, or Brotherhood of Light, as you prefer, speaks with one voice, one central reality, and that is “We are One.” Humanity has yet to realize this and it has always been our mission and our goal to nurture humankind, that they, as brothers in the Light, whom they truly are, savor life, enrich it, and find a peace in the knowing that they are, in truth, the love they seek.   This is our answer, dear one.

Q:        After a lifetime of searching, I have not found material which gives me a satisfying description of the nature of God. Am I on the right track or is this just ego‑trickery?

JANU: The track you are on is a temporary one. It will lead you to three moments of insight that will reveal to you, when considered together, a knowingness of your being as so one with the Divine you seek to understand, that this track will be left behind. But, even more so, you will understand its place in a vastly more complete understanding of the nature of life. These three episodes will come to you, one being in a fortnight from this time. The second and third at the beginning of the revelations through the point of light of your being. And the third will seem as though you have made the transition from mortality. The timing of the second two is yours.

Understand this, our brother, the beauty, the magic, the richness, the joy,   and the wonder of achievement is through self‑discovery. Others may inspire and guide by example and through understanding, but wisdom will never take the place of your victory of your own quest. Be assured, our brother, the victory is there. Anticipate it and love it into being.

October 26, 2004 BE                                              Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions asked by an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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