Motivations and the Middle Way

JANU: We are surveying, if you will, the climate for aggressive behavior on the parts of individuals and nations. What we see here is a climate that reflects the struggle that is occurring in the consciousnesses of these between survival, in terms of power, and a global sense of community and service. The power struggle is individually motivated, oftentimes amassing others who align with this to further their cause, you see. Global motivation and identity does not glamorize the individual. The struggle between power and the illusion of power, you see—true power and apparent power—they have many faces. What is power, then, but an expression of the creative reality.

Co-creators create in different ways, you see, different motivations. Self-centered and self-less consciousness is the dichotomy. The Middle Way includes both and brings balance to any dichotomy. The Middle Way is not against the dichotomy, but unifies it into a larger truth, a truth that endures and evolves. Grand is the consciousness that can embrace a dichotomy in this way. An example is the destructive and creative nature of the universe. In the larger understanding, seen as recycling, re-creating, re-inventing, release and embrace.

This principle can be applied to an individual life or a sojourn. “Where are the examples?” you ask. They are those that live in peace yet embrace society and grow in their understanding and compassion for the countless life expressions, those who do not live in fear, and recognize the illusion of power and true power. A worthy study is motivation. A complex understanding, for many have a mixture of these and they change. The Middle Way is open to understanding all of these, beginning with your own. Namaste.
Jan. 15, 2018                                                                                  Copyright © 2018 by Joshua Ross

This is a series exploring further aspects of awakening into the larger life. These are my experiences but it is hoped that these will inspire you to take your own journeys of awakening and exploration. Awakening into the Larger Life-Set 8 contains all prior attunements in this series.