Awakening to the Larger Life

Awakening to Larger LifeThese pages represent early journeys all relating to humanity’s current awakening in its awareness of the larger reality of life. Different aspects are explored, along with practical applications of the concept–what it means in the everyday world! Many posts on New Journeys are also related, in the category “Awakening into Larger Life.” As ‘awakening’ has become the basic premise of these journeys, there has been an evolutionary process. As a result, the journeys have been grouped over the years as Awakening and the Human Journey and The Awakening of Humanity. Since 2016, the exploration of ‘awakening’ has been extensive. See Awakening-a series, and Awakening II – Associations and Collaborations, and Awakening into the Larger Life-Set 9 as well as the most recent posts.

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