Sensing change

JANU: We are summing up, if you will, this moment in flow of life. Change is the theme here. The politics of the world are constantly changing. This moment in this reality has some festering issues. Bringing peace to these will not resolve them, for their motivations are not listening. The ongoing patterns of survival and temporary power, personal gain, still dominate.

When taking the larger view, one can see many changes. Human consciousness is evolving and the True Natures are sensing opportunity to be listened to. There are many forms of awakening, but they are still awakening, you see. Manipulation is not the hallmark of an awakening consciousness in harmony with life. Inspiring the sovereignty in others and oneself is the theme that is grander. A true global consciousness reveals the possibilities, potentials, realities needed for leadership individually and collectively.

The so-called Internet can be useful but much discernment is needed for the Internet is corrupted in many ways, being created by humanity. Awakening inspires the journey of connecting, direct knowing, with a foundation of personal integrity. Perfection is not the goal here. Evolution in consciousness and the true connections of oneness are what will prevail.

Change is not a linear reality. It moves in clusters, undulations, from the smallest to the largest. One can choose to sense change and understand it. A constant theme in life, no matter the degree or pace. Namaste, our brother.
Jan. 19, 2018 B                                                                              Copyright © 2018 by Joshua Ross

This is a series exploring further aspects of awakening into the larger life. These are my experiences but it is hoped that these will inspire you to take your own journeys of awakening and exploration. Awakening into the Larger Life-Set 8 contains all prior attunements in this series.