Conscious connection with your True Nature 

JANU:    Living in the world of your day, this day, it is possible to bring peace to human consciousness and, through this, a measure of greater peace to Earth and its creatures. This peace we speak of centers in and upon the True Natures of humanity and the awakening of humanity. What you are beginning to experience is a more conscious working relationship between the two.

The True Nature and the human experience have a destiny that includes a more conscious relationship. Achieving a measure of this in your own life serves this destiny of humanity. How can you be insightful and speak of and act energetically in this area without direct experience? So you see, a blessing for one becomes a blessing for many. This has been the process of awakening for the human experience. So the joy in awakening, our brother, becomes a joy that includes many.

So continue your interest and pursuit of such emerging, with a deeper understanding and embrace of its purpose. Achieve this guided by wisdom. Namaste.

Feb. 25, 2015 B                                                      Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross

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